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Balanced Tube design to upgrade tube amp, Woo Audio 22?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by sp wild, Jun 22, 2010.
  1. SP Wild
    Any suggestions - value added of course.
  2. XXII Contributor
    Why only balanced? Balanced is overrated IMO.
    If you're set on balanced, I believe your only choices are the Woo22, Eddie Current Balancing Act and TTVJPinnacle 
  3. SP Wild
    Balanced solid state, how about that?
  4. SP Wild
    It must have a remote control.  My only prerequisite.  I don't mid if SS or tube.
  5. XXII Contributor
    Not including DIY, I believe the only balanced amp which comes with a remote is the Audio-gd Phoenix.
    Seems like DIY may be your best option: get someone to build a balanced Beta22 / EHHA etc. with a motorized pot (or similar).
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  6. musicman59
    Since I have SS balanced amplifiers and headphones I was goin ghte same direction. I listen to the WA22 at CanJam with my own Zeus recabled T1 and the sound very good until I try them with the WA5-LE.
    Even using a XLR to TRS adaptor (made of the same Zeus wire) the WA5-LE smoked the WA22. I have never had heard such a wounderful sound out of headphones in my life. I fell in love with the WA5-LE to the point that I got home sold my GS-1, sold my Apache (kept my RP010B and V200) and sold a pair of W11JPN to help finance the maxed out WA5-LE that I am ordering this week. I am spending double the list price but even at stock version IMO the WA5-LE sigle ended kills the WA22 balanced.
  7. Ypoknons Contributor
    I'm pretty sure Firestone makes a remote controlled passive volume control... yep, it's called the Mass Preamp. Doesn't do balanced interconnects, though. 
  8. dmac03
    Nobody mentioned the Sonett? I don't have this amp, but have been eyeing it (along with the WA 22). I know the Sonett has been highly regarded by many ppl. Just a heads up, it has balanced outputs but not inputs.
  9. SP Wild
    Audio GD Phoenix - fullfils my requirements for the time being.  Now if I can get a balanced tube buffer into the chain?  Or is this really unnecessary - I wanna roll these tubes.  Just gimme a godamn remote!
    Can I request the internals to be made of solid core silver? I will always pay more for solid core copper, more again if the copper was replaced by the most electrically conducive material as known by modern science.
  10. nikongod

  11. SP Wild
    Mass Preamp.  Is this confirmed active or passive attenuation?

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