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Auzede LCD-2 vs. Audio Technica W5000

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by eyal1983, Aug 9, 2011.
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  1. eyal1983
    I have the W5000 (f5005 mod.) -will the LCD-2 give me better SQ? i'm into new-age stuff. and refinement is a must...
  2. eyal1983
    Anybody? there must be someone who heard both the W5000 and the LCD-2
  3. MacedonianHero Contributor


    Ok...let's try it this way....the W5000s were FAR from my favourite headphones and the LCD-2s are my favourite headphones.[​IMG]
    Or maybe this way:
    W5000: [​IMG]
    LCD-2s: [​IMG]
    EDIT: Just realized that Headroom finally loaded up their LCD-2 (rev. 2) FR graph, so this kinda tells the whole picture between these two cans:
  4. wind016
    I heard both. The LCD 2, without a doubt, is the better headphone. The W5000 actually sounds very similar to the Grado RS1 and IMO is its real competitor. The W5000 sounded a bit better (even unmodded and with a bad fit with major bass leak) than the RS1 but I would still prefer the LCD2.
  5. BrucYSN
    Don't think it's a competitive match. LCD-2 just simply one of the best and W5000 on the other hand is just one of Audio-technica experiment after L3000 and W11R lol. It's good hps but no match with LCD-2. Their particular recessed mids and the way they handle treble... uh... let's say it's unique. I am actually trying to find one used, since I've part my last one long long time ago. 
  6. BrucYSN


    Hey have you used the W11R with a tube amp, any experience of tube rolling i can borrow? 
  7. wind016

    I was using it with my Woo Audio 6SE for a long time initially. I rolled some tubes. There were better results with the low gain tubes of course but in the end, I opted to go solid state with a straight forward setup right to my Anedio D1 DAC. Solid states are just more detailed than tube amps, especially if the tube amps cut corners. I definitely felt my WA6SE had smeared details no matter how good the tubes are and I bought the best possible tubes I could find for the WA6SE. I haven't heard the WA22, which is probably no doubt better than the WA6SE.
  8. BrucYSN
    hmmm what tube set you find the best with the W11R it's vocal it's just so good that i think it's a tad better than on LCD-2, probably due to its in ur head kinda sound. Although I don't really mind the smear lol 
  9. wind016

    Definitely [​IMG] That's why I haven't sold my W11R. The mids of the W11R combined with its closed design just makes vocals sound so personal and intimate. <3    
    I can't really comment on the tubes though. I used the EML 5U4G, Sophia Princess, and one really warm Brimar rectifier. I was really unsatisfied with the lack of resolution from an amp that costed me over a thousand dollars so I sold it. Using top notch mastering equalizers through a clean solid state gave me the sound I wanted and with much higher resolution than the WA6SE could possibly reproduce. Spending some time to learn how audio engineers equalize their equipment can be really beneficial.
  10. BrucYSN
    I do find the W11R a lot less transparent than the LCD-2 : (  I really wonder about the magic of SS lol, it's time to find a Beta 22 or V200 for myself, and there goes my wallet lol 
  11. wind016

    The W11R isn't that difficult to power though they'd benefit. I'm extremely straight forward about their system and I didn't dedicate any amplifier for them. With the W11R through the Anedio, in comparison to the Stax O2 mk1, I don't find many details on the Stax that I didn't hear on the W11R. The Stax O2 has better layer separation capability, but it's not that major. The W11R is more detailed than many headphones I've heard and the Stax is more so, but the details are extremely subtle details. The Stax are definitely less congested and less fatiguing though so those are the main reasons I haven't really been listening to the W11R lately.
  12. Xymordos
    I have the W5000 and had a long time listening to the LCD2 on a full sized rig. The LCD 2 just made me feel soft all over. A very warm and emotional headphone which is worth well over its cost. But at times I do wish to hear the detailed treble as well as the unmatched female vocals that are found on the W5000. They're two very different phones.
  13. Amarphael
    The W5000 is much more alive sounding than the LCD-2 IMO, Heard both on dedicated setups (W5000 with a HA5000, LCD2 off a custom-made SET tube amp). W5000's vocal reproduction is the best i heard aside from the O2, and they do wind instruments, violins and guitars also extremly well among others. So defintley better choice for atmospheric New-Age to my taste.
    To the guy said they have recessed mids, how on earth are we taliking about the same phones is beyond me. And the part about the L3000 sidekick is also very amusing... must be a very long exprement, well over half a decade long already. [​IMG]
  14. Yes.  Yes, the LCD-2 will give you better everything.
    There should be some Israelis with LCD-2's, might want to ask them if you can audition with them.  Although I've rarely heard of users having buyer's remorse over purchasing an LCD-2.
  15. wind016

    Definitely, the mids on the W5000 are very upfront. My dislike towards the W5000 is most likely due to the terrible fit and I have a feeling the W5000 had a bad fit on the Headroom dummy too. The top edges of the headphones were far from sealed when I had them and I could not get them to seal.
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