1. Nickan

    Want buy an $1000 tube headphone amp, which one should I buy?

    Hi everyone I want buy a tube amp for my headphone, can everyone please recommend which one should I buy? Nomarly I listen some pop music and jazz a litte bit,I really like the midband more detail and nice. Sorry everyone my English is so bad!
  2. Jackula

    Headphone vs Speakers

    Greetings, after all the crawling through threads here for the past couple of weeks, I'm ready to ask my first question. First of all, I don't consider myself an audiophile, but just someone who understands some technical stuff and am looking for the ultimate sound setup.    In the past I've...
  3. bassgroove

    Addicted to Bass?!

    When I was a kid, about 30 years ago, I had an uncle we went to see, he lived far away and died young so I only ever saw him once.  He had some large wooden speakers, a large stack of hifi separates and while the adults talked about stuff in the kitchen he put some music on for me.   It is...
  4. Appless

    Breaking into the world of HiFi

    Let me start off by saying this will be the first time that i am able to spend a fair chunk of change on audio gear. I have very little experience or knowledge in this field but am very keen on learning. I'm constantly doing research on everything I feel I should know and want to be sure that...
  5. hmorneau

    Best tube amp for LCD-3

    I just got the LCD-3 that I'm running off the Vali at the moment, it sound great, but what is the best tube amp or SS for the LCD-3 I should buy?   I like to listen to classic, jazz, vocal mostly.    At the store I had the opportunity to try the Woo 6, but I felt that the bass was a bit...
  6. 1974

    K Works Bravissimo mini-review.

    I just wanted to leave my impressions regarding this amazing little headphone amp after recently dropping in on fellow head-fier and Brilliant Zen Audio owner Mike Mossey. Mike has a partnership with K Works wizard Igor Kuznetsoff, who recently developed the pint sized powerhouse Bravissimo...
  7. BEASTly

    Audeze LCD-XC and WOO WA6 SE

    Would these be a good match? The WA6 SE has the highest output of WOO dynamic amps if I'm not mistaken? If not a substitute would b appreciated! Thx, BEAST
  8. Themorganlett85

    Schiit Valhalla Vs. Woo WA6SE.

    The name says it all, I'm torn between the two amps for my first tube amp. I know Schiit is pretty reasonable in price and I hear a lot of good things about it but I also hear a lot of good things about the WA6SE. I've tried to find any kind of comparison between the two before I started this...
  9. Orcin

    Review: Woo Audio WA6 vs. WA6SE (stock units)

    My recent quest for a new amplifier eventually led to an exploration of tube amps under $1,000. As any experienced Head-Fi’er knows, “under $1,000” means $1,200 plus shipping. The Houston Head-Fi Meet was going to provide plenty of good amps to audition in the solid-state camp along with a few...
  10. K

    Schiit Mjolnir/Gungnir vs Woo WA6-SE/Bifrost

    Hey guys,   Anyone care to lend their opinion on these two configuration, they cost about the same.  I have Audeze LCD2 and Beyerdynamic DT880 250Ohm at the moment, and listens to vocal alot, with some classical in the mix.  Also I enjoy watching movies with the LCD2.  I want an amp/dac combo...
  11. Dubstep Girl

    Dubstep Girl's Massive 5AR4/5R4/5U4G Rectifier Review/Comparison! (Rectifer Tube Rolling thread)

    Dubstep Girl's Massive 5AR4/5R4/5U4G Rectifier Review/Comparison! I have been wanting to create this thread for quite some time now, since I often receive PM's and questions asking for advice on tube rolling. I also have noticed that a general 5U4G/Rectifer tube rolling thread...
  12. goldendarko

    Amp for LCD-2

    Can anyone recommend me a good amp for the Audeze LCD-2's? Im currently considering: -ALO Audio Pan Am -Schiit Mjolnir/Gungnir -Woo Audio WA6-SE -Burson Conductor Or also using my Peachtree Audio NovaPre's headphone output which puts out 1 watt @ 32 ohms. Anyone have any good suggestions for...
  13. bpandbass

    Woo Audio WA6 vs. Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies

    I want to eventually get a Woo Audio amp to use with my AKGs, and maybe some orthodynamics in the future, and I was looking at getting the Woo Audio WA6, and source my own RCA cables and DAC separately (something like the 100 dollar Schiit Audio Modi). So the total would be about 850 dollars...
  14. AgainstTheGrain

    WA3 or WA6 for HD 700?

    Hello fellow head-fiers, I'm ordering a pair of HD700 in a few weeks and I'm looking for an amp to pair with them. I'm stuck between the wa3 and wa6. Ideally I would want the wa7 but that is out of my budget. I plan to also get a Schiit bifrost down the line but an amp is more pressing at the...
  15. bpandbass

    Schiit Audio Lyr or Woo Audio WA6?

    Hey all. I was deciding whether I would want to get the Schiit Audio Lyr, or the Woo Audio WA6. I heard the Lyr has a little more treble sparkle and is cheaper to roll tubes with, whereas the WA6 is darker and is more expensive to roll tubes on. My headphone taste is mostly comprised of AKG...
  16. satan4u

    woo wa6 weird sound until tubes warm up

    a while ago my wa6 started making a fuzzy sound it only lasts until the tubes warm up like 5-10 seconds then it stops completely I have replaced the rectifier with a lewis and kaufman 5R4WGB thinking it was that but it still does it could it be the the 2 RCA 6DR7 tubes that came with the unit...
  17. fario

    HD800 and WA6 full upgrade againt DNA Sonett

    hi   to everyone   I'm wondering which is the best amp between those two ?   Someone has made this comparaison ?   i need some advices   best
  18. fario

    WA6 - WA6 SE or WA2

    Who has choseen betwen this 3 amp to drive a HD 800 ?
  19. DutchGFX

    WA6 (or other) for He-5LE

    Any of you using the WA6 + HE-5 or HE-5LE? I paired it with the K702 at the meet and it blew my Lyr out of the water entirely! So if it's a good pair for the HiFiMAN's too, I think I'll have to buy a WA6. Other than the Lyr, what amps would you recomend for the HE5LE? The WA6 looks promising if...
  20. Aeolus Kratos

    Woo Audio WA6/WA3 or Burson HA-160 for HD650???

    Hi there everyone,   After hours researched the forum, I finally came up with these 3 options for my beloved Senn HD650: The Woo Audio WA3 and WA6 and Burson HA-160. They're in the same price range.   I have read a lot of recommendations about the 650's pair with tubes amp. But I'm...
  21. dotandvir

    Help a beginner

    Hi,   I have liked headphones for most of my life but always had cheap models. I finally got my taste of good earphones a few months ago with an entry level Grado and B&W P5. I have now decided to invest in an amplifier and a DAC . currently using NuForce portable USB amp.   Problem is -...
  22. redmagic

    Tube Amp Reccomendations for HE-500s and DT-880s

    I am looking for a new tube amp to go with my HE-500s and my DT-880s (600 ohms). I have owned a tube amp before, so I know and quite like what "tube sound" is. I currently have a budget of around $1200, though I can go a bit higher if need be. I will be using this with a Schiit Bifrost DAC, if...
  23. 2

    What is the chance of....

    Hi! I would like to know what is the chance of audeze lcd2 diaphragm to be blown out by a WA6SE?   Currently, I do a short on-off-on cycle due to tube noises (changing the tubes), suddenly, I heard deep (but not loud) sound. I am afraid that the relay fail to operate due to this short...
  24. bumblingbooby

    DNA Sonett, WA6 SE or MAD Ear+HD for Grado?

    Hi,   I'm considering buying one of these amps for the Grado PS1000. Has anyone heard or compared them with the PS1000, GS1000 or HF2? Does any one of these amps sound more "tubey" with Grado's than the other? I mention this because an overly "warm", "lush", "thick", "syrupy", "tubey" sound...
  25. baka1969

    The Woo WA6SE and beta22/sigma22 amps face off. (Review Posted)

    I've had the Woo WA6SE for about 10 weeks now. I've had the b22/s22 amp for about 6 months, however, I sent it out to have it redone, upgraded and had some issues dealt with. Now it's "back and better than ever". I've had the beta in it's current configuration for about a month now. I've...