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Feedback for Radio_head

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This is a thread where people can give their raw, unadulterated feedback about their dealings with me.  I will not edit any of it so please do not hold back if you feel I wronged you.

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I had an excellent transaction with Radio_head!  Fast shipping and a killer deal on 6.5 pairs of Sennheiser HD700s (he sent me an extra driver for no charge!)!!  Disgusting man with questionable morals (likely pedophile), but excellent head-fier!!! Please see below for more detail...


A word of caution, please make sure you are clear with him on your intentions.  We got to talking after the transaction.  He wanted to know why I wanted so many HD700s.  I explained to him that I was making a fallout shelter in preparation for the apocalypse and needed to make sure I had a solid supply of the ultimate headphones to pair with my supply of Mytek 192 dac/amp's. We continued to chat and I couldn't believe it when he told me that he was a Child lover.  What were the odds that such a great man was as large of a fan of Julia Child as I was.


Fast forward a week and the HD700s are in my possession.  As I pull out the last pair of HD700s from the extremely well packed box, I see an external hard drive sitting at the bottom of the box with a note on top:


                 From one child lover to another...enjoy!



I couldn't believe my luck, he had sent me a collection of Julia Child recipe's!!


Before I had the chance to look at the recipe's, the door bursts open and 12 mounties charge in and arrest me for possession and distribution of illicit materials.  It turns out that child lover doesn't mean a fan of the great Julia Child!  The hard drive contained 12,000 unsavory pictures.  My package had been flagged for illegal content at Canadian customs as my headphones came across the border.  That was three months ago. 


I am writing this from a federal penitentiary where I am being held in advance of my trial.  I am hopeful that I will be acquitted.  I should be more upset at Radio_head's disgusting behavior and questionable morals...however, over the last three months I have never slept as soundly as I do now.  Just knowing that after the apocalypse I will never be without excellent tunes has provided me with a real inner peace.  That is all thanks to Radio_head!!  Would definitely transact with again!!!  Thanks Radio_head!!!!!!

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I actually knew Radio_head from long before audio. We've shared a love of yodeling, plastic surgery, pickled emu, oil wrestling and, well, mostly oil wrestling. But, it was Julia Child that really let me know his true character, although you'd think the days and hours we spent lovingly exploring the drag co-efficient of naked, oiled-up skin together would...but I digress.


It turns out that Julia Child had known Radio_head the whole time Radio_head and I had been in WOWF (World Oil Wrestling Federation), he as The Slick Puppy and I, as his nemesis, and former lover (on stage, I mean), The Krisco Kid. Oh, you should have seen him in those days! The bronzed, toned muscles! The ever-erect and never flaccid--man, it would stay up for hours and hours no matter the beating it took--handlebar mustache he sported in those days! What an adonis! And Juila evidently thought so, too. And there's the rub, shall we say, the spot that wasn't a smooth, shiny, slickness in our story. She must have been about 93 in those days. Man, Radio_head likes 'em that way! I've never seen him with a woman who didn't require oxygen and a bedpan. Her skin was so dry, it must have just drank all the oil right off him; but here I am torturing myself in my imagination. Julia called me and gave me the hard news. She was so decrepit then she must have been irresistible to him.


Oh, beat softly and would that you were still extra-virgin, my heart.


So, while some of us may love Julia Child, only Radio_head has truly loved Julia Child and been loved by her.



And that is why you should never buy an HD700 from him.

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We transacted.


I still weep.
























A+++ Would do business again.

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Naked Tuesdays.  Need I say more? 



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