1. fuzzybear

    Headphones Stand Besides Woo Audio??

    Does anyone know of any other headphone stands besides woo audio? Im looking for a good stand and searched the site and it seems the two most common answers are get woo audio or make a banana stand. I really like the woo stands but id like to compare them to something else (maybe a little...
  2. tiga3mata

    Woo Wes or BHSE

    Hi, I just bought a Stax O2 Mk1. I have zero knowledge and experience about electrostats and their power requirements. I have limited opportunities to audition system combinations. I don't have the time or the patience for a slow upgrade route. I just like to buy a combo that produces very...
  3. WSH33

    WooAudio 2 and Denon AH-D5000

      Do you guys think that the WooAudio 2 would be a good amp for my Denon AH-D5000? This will be the first amp I buy and don't mind a lot of money to get the most out of my headphones. The help would really be appreciated.
  4. brad1

    What is the ***BEST*** pair of headphones available today?

    So my boyfriend is celebrating his 28th birthday in a few weeks (three to be exact) and we're both in our 20's and we love music, especially him. So instead of getting him what people traditionally get music lovers (set of drums, guitar, etc), I've decided I wanted to go a different route and...
  5. lolo

    Emmeline HR-2 vs WooAudio 2

    Has anyone actually heard/used both of these amps.  Any helpful thoughts?  I know one is tubed, the other SS.  Markl reviewed the HR-2 a while ago and thought it was not a harsh SS.  Please feel free to be as detailed as you are able. Thanks for your time..........Lori
  6. jim1174

    Can you recomend a good quality headphone stand ?

    Can you recomend a good quality headphone stand ?
  7. jdegg79

    Can I do this?

    I'm wondering if this is a solution or is there a better way.  I'm ordering a Woo Audio amp for the HD800's.  Can I run my pc to Denon AVR-2311CI via HDMI and then hook the Woo amp to the Denon?  What way would this be done?  Thanks for any advice.
  8. Lan647

    ok, amp!

    I would like some help deciding what amp to buy. I'm strongly leaning towards the Burson Audio ha-160 (perhaps the d-version, not sure yet!), but there are also tube amps out there that may synergize better with my HD 800s. About $1000 is what I can pay, and I'm interested in the woo audio...
  9. BrucYSN

    A little help on WA22

    Hi guys             MY wa22 is on the way now, so I need some tubes to play with for LCD-2 and HD800   Jack told me the Sophi 274B +  CV181 + Sly 7236 are good combo, How ever it seems like these are the upgrade tubes listed on his website. How ever I wanna know if there other 6080/6AS7...
  10. Chefguru

    What's a good cheap speaker amp for the WOO WEE?

    Would getting a cheap speaker amp + the woo WEE be a better choice then going with a Stax offered amp (say the 727) or the Woo Ges for the stax omega II? If so what would be a decent cheap speaker amp I might find on audiogon... Thanks!
  11. WooAudio

    New Product - Universal Teflon Tube Adapter

    We are offering a series of Universal Teflon tube adapter for the Woo Audio amplifiers. This adapter use the highest quality parts, made to last for the best sonic performance. High grade Teflon socket and base Easy to rewire in any pin layout Gold plated oxygen free copper pins and...
  12. MangoMonkey

    Little Dot MK IV or WooAudio

    Just wondering what Woo Audio amp would be in the same category as the Little Dot MK IV ($350). The WooAudio 3 ($500) or the WooAudio 6 ($600)?
  13. EngineerMan

    $500-$600 U.S.A. Tube Amp for HD650's?

    Hello fellow Head-fi'ers.  I am at it again.  I bought a pair of HD650's (on a thread here somewhere) a month ago that are currently paired with a Maverick Audio D1 DAC/AMP with an upgraded preamp tube (looking into upgrading the OP-AMP) and I'm looking to go with tubes this time around.  I'm...
  14. DjAmTraX

    Cary Audio or Woo Audio for HD800? Which is KING?

    I loved the Woo Audio sound when I heard it with the HD800 at the Head-Fi meet. However, I also like Cary Audio products since I already own a few. Which Cary is BEST for the HD800 and does it beat the Woo Audio?
  15. DjAmTraX

    Sound signature of Woo Audio?

    How would you describe the Woo Audio amp you own? Please include the model number and headphones used. I am seeking a fast, but sweet sound. Woo Audio and Cary Audio Xciter are on my short list.
  16. mackat

    Like my new Head-Desk?

    I think it's pretty cool, and it works really well!   The chair is a Realspace Brainsby, $129, Office Depot. By far the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in! I also have one of those mesh back things, and that makes it even MORE comfortable!   The desk is made by Z-line. Around...
  17. WooAudio

    News Release: Stax SR-009

    The SR-009 is the new Top Model in the STAX earspeaker line up and STAX will start shipping April 20th.     Diaphragm Newly developed sound element adopts in the SR-009 is a new high polymer ultra-thin film material called super engineering plastics, that is reinforced and much...
  18. boomy3555

    Grados GS1000 "Solid State" or "Tube" Amp

    I know I may be opening up a big'ol can of worms here but I just bought some "gently used" GS1000's and I was wondering if I should stick with the old standby Grado RA-1 amp or would the Grados prefer a nice warm Tube amp. OR none at all. My music tastes run from classical, to soundtracks, to...
  19. Currawong

    A Tale of Two Tube Amps - The Woo Audio WA7 and ALO Audio PanAm

    A Tale of Two Tube Amps Woo Audio WA7 and ALO Audio PanAm         My normal gear preference and choice for many years has been solid state. I have held a curiosity, however, in tube-based audio gear and the possibilities and presentation that comes from it. It might be considered ironic...
  20. Speederlander

    WA22 internal pictures?

    Anyone have some shots of the guts of their WA22 they would share? Thanks.
  21. mrbigsby

    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    Picking up my WA7 tomorrow morning, stay tuned...Impressions to come!!!   Unboxing Day 1 All my cans tested on all genres Day 3 32 bit Mac native (cool!) DAC only tests. Day 7 lasting impressions   When my other 3 sets of tubes arrive - rolling guide.   30 day revisit, whats...
  22. WooAudio

    New WA7d Fireflies with Two Digital Inputs

    We are thrilled to introduce WA7d Fireflies (Duo), the new version of the WA7. The WA7d accepts both Optical and USB inputs while remaining the same sound and build quality as the original WA7 Fireflies. Pricing and order date for WA7d will be announced shortly.     Increase your source...
  23. LAmitchell


    for the last 3 months since i've owned the WA2, i have often used its PREAMP function on my AUDIOENGINE2 speakers....     mainly because i have alot to do around my house and i can't sit around and listen to my HEADPHONES for a long period of time...       about a week ago, i...
  24. WooAudio

    Publication: Woo Audio Amplifier Comparisons

    Here is a comprehensive comparison chart for all current Woo Audio amplifiers. We hope you will find it helpful in choosing the right amp.   http://www.wooaudio.com/docs/wooaudio_amplifier_comparisons.pdf   All the best, Jack
  25. tosehee

    Woo Audio Owners. How many delays??

    Hello all Woo Audio owners. How many weeks/days of delays did you have to go through before getting your own amps? Did the amp shipped the day it was scheduled/promised, or was delayed and for how long?