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Little Dot MK VI+

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by [overdrive], Jul 26, 2011.
  1. [OverDrive]
  2. Max598
    I take it english isnt your first language?  I dont really know what youre asking but I love my littledot mk3, so I assume this is an improvement.
  3. [OverDrive]
    No, the English is not my language :frowning2:
  4. zenpunk
    I am also not sure why it isn't more hyped on here as quite few people suggested it was similar or even better sounding than a WA22.... for a third of the cost.
  5. qawsedrf
    Overdrive is just mentioning a little about Little Dot MK VI+'s specs, and why has it not been actively talked about of discussed (presumingly over head-fi). :)
  6. Dogmatrix
    Ordered my Mk vi+ two weeks ago so it should arrive within the next couple of weeks. My order email was responded to within the hour with very polite and perfect english, so no customer service worries.
    There have been some noise problems reported in the past, loud fans, transformer hum and noise in the SE circuit, however I understand Little Dot have solved these issues.
    I am in full agreement with Overdrive the Mk vi+ appears to be a bargain, it is an obvious entry level into balanced tubes. All will be revealed soon, stay tuned for a full report.
  7. Dogmatrix
    Received a confirmation of shipping email this morning from David. Exactly three weeks from my order date so that's in the short end of the advertised build time of three to four weeks. I expect one to two weeks in transit.
    Tune in next week for the another thrilling installment
    Will the Mk vi survive its perilous journey ?
  8. [OverDrive]


    I attend!
  9. Dogmatrix
    Well the mark vi+ arrived in very good time three days in transit . No damage was evident to the packaging and everything inside was present and in good order. After unpacking everything I noticed that one of the alloy rings at the base of the tubes was very loose, not a functional issue but a sign of poor quality control. Set up was a simple matter of fitting the tubes and cables no problem although the tubes were very tight. Hit the power and my first thought was those fans will have to go, the fan noise is far too high for this type of product ,they were clearly audible from the next room. Then silence, the fuse had blown so I checked all the connections replaced the fuse and tried again the valves began warming then as the right hand meter started to light pft the fuse blew again. After an email to David who advised the problem was probably a bad tube I spent some time in reflection. Since the amp was brand new I had not had time to collect any spare tubes and so could not test the bad tube diagnosis. A combination of disappointment and shock led to a decision to return the Mk vi+ and seek a refund, probably an over-reaction I admit. On receiving the Mk vi+ David confirmed the problem was a bad tube then without fuss or further comment issued a refund including my return shipping cost.
    To conclude this chapter I cannot comment on the sound quality of the Mk vi+ as it never functioned, I can say the fans are a problem and were a large part of my decision to return the Mk vi+, I can also say that the customer service from Little Dot is outstanding and David will go beyond the letter of his already excellent warranty to ensure your satisfaction. 
  10. zenpunk
    I also received my Little Dot last week and was a bit more lucky than Dogmatrix as mine worked perfectly and sounds superb but I received a black one instead of the silver I ordered. It didn't bother me too much as both look very good.The fans noise only get annoying if you listen to open cans or when you take you headphone off your head. Anyway, I replaced the fans with slow 800rpm/ 9db ones and the MKVI+ is absolutely silent now. My JVC DX1000 never sounded so good and I have some HE-6 on the way.
  11. [OverDrive]
    A photo of the substitution of the fans?
  12. zenpunk
    I didn't take picture while doing it  but will take one when I reopen the case to change the gain when I receive my HE-6.  I used two Coolink SWiF2-800 in the same configuration (in serie)
  13. [OverDrive]
    I wanted to see where they have put the fans in the amplifier. Mine has not arrived yet...
  14. zenpunk
    They are on the bottom panel, underneath the tubes. 
  15. john57
    It is a bit of a bummer that there is some quality issues plus not getting the exact color choice with this model. I was under the impression that the fans were switched to a more quiet version in the VI+.

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