1. Redge78

    Little Dot MK8SE / MK6 Super Mods (All verified mods are on first page)

    If you're a beginner in electronics or, better yet, don't know *** about it, stay at the first page where all verified mods are explained in a newbie friendly fashion. If you read the thread backwards things can get very confusing.    ...
  2. coinmaster

    Do expensive hybrid amps exist? Do I need one?

    Hi! I'm looking for an amp with will give my HD800s soul with female vocals and electronic dance music. I've been looking at the MKVI+ amp because it's supposed to far outperform it's price range but I've been told that since my music is a mix of classical, vocal, and electronic/house/dance...
  3. Mr Rick

    Schiit Mjolnir Vs Little Dot MK6 VI+

    I'm investigating moving up to balanced cables on some of my cans and as the egg must come before the chicken I am also trying to find an amp in the $1000.00 range to accommodate balanced outputs. I'll admit to being a Schiit 'fanboy' but I really like the fact that the Little Dot has balanced...
  4. coinmaster

    Little dot MK VI+ and Woo Audio WDS-1?

    I heard that the Little dot MK VI+ and the Woo Audio WDS-1 are both neutral sounding equipment. Does anyone here think they would be a good combo together? Just fyi I will be listening to a lot of EDM/Female vocals/classical Thanks
  5. Ekul61

    Whats a good move up from a asgard 2

    With a fiio x5 and hifiman 400 cans? Also what could a better would amp do. Thx
  6. Androb

    Littledot site is down?

    Hey! I'm wondering if the littledot site is working for you guys? I were going to order an amp from them in jan - feb but it's worrying me abit that it's down.
  7. PTom

    Head Fi's Favourite Amp for the Audeze LCD 2: $200-$1000 [POLL]

    Votes for Other Amps    - ALO Audio Pan Am: 3  - Bottlehead S.E.X.: 1 - Darkvoice 336SE: 1 - Schiit Asgard 2: 1 - Woo Audio WA7: 1   -----------------------------   I thought it would be fun/informative to see which amps are the most loved among the Head Fi community for driving the...
  8. SBranson

    Balanced amp for Beyerdynamic T1s

    I've been out of audio for quite a while so coming back I was amazed how many choices are out there.  I've through a few sets of headphones looking for my "sound" and now have Beyerdynamic T1s/   I was looking at this all from a portable perspective as I wear these while working at home and...
  9. SBranson

    Balanced amp for Beyerdynamic T1

    I've been out of audio for quite a while so coming back I was amazed how many choices are out there.  I've through a few sets of headphones looking for my "sound" and now have Beyerdynamic T1s/   I was looking at this all from a portable perspective as I wear these while working at home and...
  10. cafe zeenuts

    LD MK VI Tube Rolling!!!

    Before I get to tube rolling, some housekeeping for the LD MK VI. In order to take full advantage of MK VI here are the following things that are must be done; 1.Replace stock fan to a silent Fan type eg. Noctua 80mm if they’re sounding like an Boeing 747 engine. Fan direction is blowing...
  11. novasound

    Little dot MK6+

    Hello, I create that thread because I need some help. I bought a beyerdynamic T1, but the headamp choose is very confused. I wanted to take the Woo audio WA2 or Decware CSP2+, because these headamps sounds to make a nice combo with the T1. but I live in france, so buy a new WA2 or CSP2...
  12. hkimo

    Amp for HD800 and sㄐㄜ

    Dear all:   I just got my Stereo 192 DSD DAC and want to buy the amp for HD800 Because I don't have enough space for too many Gear. So I will like to buy the amp which can driver the HD800 well and small desk speaker. My budget is about USD$1000.   Some people advise Beta22 however...
  13. mayanez

    Upgrading my current system

    Hi,   I have a LD DAC I and LD MKIII with 6J1P-V=EF95 tubes, along with my HD650. My setup has done me well for the past 2 years but I think its time to upgrade to the next step. The weakest part in my setup is definitely my amp so I figured upgrading that would be better before shelling out...
  14. LiqTenExp

    Audio-gd NFB-10SE Thread

    Hey,   I just received my Audio-gd NFB-10SE today in the mail.  It arrived via DHL safely and without a scratch.  Build quality is better than my NFB-12.  It is a nice looking, well put together piece of equipment.   Here are some pictures:   Device Driver Installation    ...
  15. glitch39

    Yet another Little Dot MkVI amp review ....

    So I took the plunge…. I was very happy with my Extreme but I could just not get the thought of going balanced out of my head. My cans are HD650, which everyone says respond nicely to balanced configuration. My DAC already has true balanced output. So I figured “why not?”…. First a quick...
  16. [OverDrive]

    Little Dot MK VI+   Why anybody does it name it? Connections RCA and XLR, gone out bonnets Jack and XLR 4 poles, ago from PRE and it is valvolare. Powers in game tall, 5W to 120 Ohms, allow to pilot every bonnet to in...
  17. moodyrn

    Little Dot MKI or MKI+

    I'm upgrading from my lyrix, so I've narrowed it down to these. I like that you can roll the opamps in the MKI, and judging from the specs, the MKI seems to be more powerful. On the other hand the MKI+ offers improved battery life and a newer design. It is more expensive though. It would be...
  18. nspindel

    Looking for a balanced tube headamp/preamp

    Looking for some amps to research, hoping for some advice on models to look at.   I currently have a Little Dot MKVI.  This amp is functionally very much what I'm looking for, but I'm curious about what I could be hearing if I step it up in cost/quality.  I do like the the LD, but compared...
  19. BeyerMonster

    Matched Pair Russian Military Tubes

    Looking to sell matched pair of NOS Voshkod Russian Military Tubes. I only used them for < 10s to verify that they work (can play the Windows test tone).   For use with ALO Pan Am or any other amp compatible with the following tube types: Analogs: E95F, EF95, EF905, 6F32 "Tesla", 6AK7, 5654...
  20. Tilpo

    Balanced amp for HD 650's at 500~800$

    Hi! Finally my first post after lurking for a long month :) I currently have a HD650 hooked up to a LD MKIV SE (I ordered a regular one but David gave me a SE because he ran out of the tubes for the regular one. THANK YOU DAVID!), and a Asus ST as source, which I find a great combination. But...
  21. stuckonsound

    Little Dot MK VI+ with HE orthos?

    Has anyone tried the VI+ with any of the hifiman orthos? It doesn't list power specs around 50ohms, but with 5 watts per channel at 120 ohm it should have ample power. I been itching to put that 4 pin connector to good use. Any thoughts?
  22. amcananey

    The List: Balanced amps under $1,000 (aka Amps NOT to buy)

    I have been looking for a list of "budget" balanced amps. I say "budget", because it seems that balanced amps that cost less than $1,000 are few and far between. Even those that exist generally cost around $800. I wasn't able to find a list of balanced amps, much less a list of budget balanced...
  23. rattesp

    T1 + SS amp ? Any good match ?

    I really like my T1 paired with tube amps (Little Dot MKVI+ and Mapletree Ear+HD). But I think that deep down inside, I'm a SS guy (for convenience) ! Is there any SS amp that can drive the T1 with the same "umphhhh" than tubes ? I tried the Phoenix and I think it's a very boring combo. I have a...
  24. Swingdoctor

    Headphone amp for AKG702

    I've just purchased a 702 and am looking for a headphone amp to go with it. I like the reviews members have given here about the Burson Audio HA-160, and honestly am leaning heavily in this direction, I am happy though to hear opinions about other amps though that would be a good match.  ...
  25. musico

    Buying Tubes

    Hi all,   I am wondering about buying tubes for a Little Dot Mk VI, and read about people getting 'matched pairs', and was wondering what this means and why?   The Mk VI needs 4 power and 2 driver tubes, and was wondering...   Does this mean that for the 4 power tubes, that a matched...