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WooAudio 2 and Denon AH-D5000

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wsh33, Aug 3, 2011.
  1. WSH33
    Do you guys think that the WooAudio 2 would be a good amp for my Denon AH-D5000? This will be the first amp I buy and don't mind a lot of money to get the most out of my headphones. The help would really be appreciated.
  2. Graphicism Contributor
    I haven't heard the combo so others might better respond, but the WA2 is OTL which is better reserved for more demanding phones. I would suggest looking at the WA6, WA6 SE and WA22 if you plan to go balanced.
    I should also add I had the Denon D2000 which didn't respond very much to amping after a point. I had a solid-state Meier Headfive and Singlepower PPX3 SLAM and couldn't differentiate the two completely different amps with the D2000.
  3. WSH33
    Thank you so much for the info! Really helped a lot. So far it seems that I lm gonna get the WA22.
  4. Graphicism Contributor
    No problem. IMO the WA22 seems like a lot of amp for the D5000, maybe you should consider a balanced D7000? And while you're at it you're going to need a good source to go with that beautiful amp, have you started looking for a DAC yet? [​IMG]
  5. MacedonianHero Contributor

    Having owned the WA2 and currently owning the WA22 (with a few low impedance dynamic headphones), I completely agree with this as well. :smile:
  6. WSH33
    You're probably right but the reason why I would want the WA22 is because I know that I will eventually upgrade headphones and I'm sure it worth to get a really good amp now instead of having to upgrade my amp as well later on. As far as a DAC goes i've been looking at the Cambridge DACmagic because i can easily get it where I live and I don't want to spend a whole lot on the DAC.
  7. SkinnyPuppy


    the dacmagic is supposed to be mediocre.
  8. MacedonianHero Contributor

    For under $500, it is hard to beat IMO. :smile:
  9. Graphicism Contributor

    DLIII can be had for $500 used. Also the new Schiit Bitfrost is fully discrete, should be decent for $350.
  10. SkinnyPuppy
  11. MacedonianHero Contributor
  12. Dubstep Girl
    i recommend getting a digital link III as well, its what i use and i love it. the digital link iii is more musical while the dacmagic is more neutral and analytical sounding.
    as for the amp, wa2, wa22, and the wa6se (which i own and use with the digital link iii), are all great amps. 

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