1. Monsterzero

    Headphones Recommendations for Woo WA2

    Hi all,   I have a WA2+Beyer T1+Senn 600s....I love my T1s but I find myself searching for more bass response. Someone else recommended Audeze LCD2s.Luckily my HiFi dealer had a pair that he loaned me. Before I go on a rant,let me preface by saying the LCD2s were completely brand new,zero...
  2. LugBug1

    What's the greatest set up you have owned so far??

    Thought it might be fun to rave about the best rigs that we have owned so far. Obviously most of these will be our current set ups, but there may have been times when you have sold stuff in the past in a rash desicion to buy something you thought was gonna be better... And wasn't..    ...
  3. tuliphd650

    Amps for both HD650 and T1

    Hi,   I am really a new one in this forum. It is my first post here .    I am finding an amp for my HD650. I know that normally most people will chose an amp for HD650 not more than $600. (just for normal case). Firstly I have the same opinion. But after I tried T1 once, I thought I will buy...
  4. GoldfishX

    Amps good for driving both dynamic and orthos with no compromise to either?

    I am doing my research on various amps and I keep having the same question: Is there an amp (preferably a tube amp) that can drive both Dynamic headphones (primarily HD600/800) and orthos (primarily Hifiman and the Mr Speakers headphones) equally well?   I have read that SET/OTL amps (ex Woo...
  5. dany111777

    Replacing Wooaudio WA2 for HD800

    Greetings,   My current system is a Meridian CD Player, HD800 and Burson HA160. I'm looking to purchase a Wooaudio WA 2, yet I have some doubts. Since I live in Europe, the cost would be 1190 $ + 150 $ (transport) + VAT + duties, which is somewhere around 1700-1800$, without extra tubes.I...
  6. OldSkool

    Legendary synergy?

    In your opinion, what amp/headphone pairing typically has excellent synergy?   I have read about the Woo2/T1 and MAD Ear+HD/RS1 pairings. Any others come to mind?
  7. tvolpe1600

    Forthcoming High End Amp/Preamp Combos? (Similar to WA2 or RSA Apache?)

    I've decided to make a move on a high end headphone amp and preamp combo, for a number of reasons. The combo makes it easier to justify a price tag of 1-3K for a unit that forms the bedrock of a full system. I am trying to decide between a WA2 and Ray Samuels Audio "The Apache". The Little Dot...
  8. magiccabbage


    I have a WA2 and T1 combo. I think it is safe to say that they have a special synergy, but I was wondering for other amps what are the special pairings. I know that there will be no straight answer, but it might be fun to see what people think. The following amps are the one's that I am...
  9. W

    Beyerdynamic T1 DAC to Headphone OR Preamp/amp to Headphone

    Ladies and gentleman, new owner of Beyerdynamic T1, please bear with me, I have 2 questions (newbee here oldbee everywhere else!)   My current equipment includes an awesome DAC (maybe at any price), a Weiss DAC 202 that has an headphone out jack and a dedicated built-in headphone amp...
  10. Bloodflowerz

    Headphone and Amplifier Synergy - The best pairings....

    Hello All   I thought it may be beneficial to have a thread dedicated to the best full size headphone and desktop amp pairings. It can be either open or closed back.   An amplifier can have quite some impact on the final sound signature of a headphone. It would great to have a list of...
  11. alwaysec

    amp for T1 and HD650

    sorry new here. if i do something wrong, pls let me know :P   i own T1 and HD650, am looking for an amp and dac which will match both pretty well.    currently, i have a tiny and lovely Fiio E17. it is mainly for my iems, but does help a lot to power hd650.    i asked the same...
  12. walls

    NEW WOO!!!!

    Got my new WA2 today!!! Makes the LD2++ seem like a toy. Lol. How do I get the photos from my iPad to this forum ? Lol.
  13. Greed

    Help me decide on a dac

    Hello All,   I'm starting this post because for the past two months I have been scouring these forums for the best dac for my setup. I currently am using the Schiit Bifrost coupled with the Woo Audio WA2. I listen to three different headphones right now, Beyer T1's, DT 990s 600ohm, and the...
  14. HPiper

    Tube Warm Up

    I was wondering how long you normally let your amp warm up before you start listening to music. How long does it actually take the tubes to get going like they are supposed to do. I had been waiting 3-5 mins but I am starting to think that may not be long enough, as the sound seems to keep...
  15. clasam

    Good "tubey" sounding amps for low impedance phones

    Was looking Woo WA2, but that doesn't look so ideal for low impedance phones like Mad Dogs, ESW9, etc.  WA6se, Ray Samuels, Eddie Current seem to, based on other posts, be more "SS sounding".   So the question is...what are some good tubey sounding amps for low impedance phones (<$2000)?  ...
  16. walls

    Solid state amps that are on par with the WA2?

    I got an Asgard 2 about a week ago to compliment my WA2 figuring I would have the benefit of tubes and solid state amplification at my disposal. Well my initial impressions of the Asgard were that it was faster then my WA2 and maybe a bit more "clinical" but after finally getting to have some...
  17. Archerious

    Decware CSP2+ vs WA2/WA3 vs Bottlehead Crack OTL w/ Speedball for Beyer T1

    As the title says, which will have more synergy and sound better for Jazz and electronica with some J pop and classical rock. I'll be using a Audio-gd NFB-10ES2 DAC, if that matters :D. Thanks, Thomas
  18. Sahara

    Comparison HD800 / SR-009

    Hello everyone: I currently have a Sennheiser HD800 associated with a Woo Audio 2 OTL.The set is simply fantastic. Now I have bought a Stax SR-009 and look for a good amplifier for them - I think  Woo Audio GES or Liquid Ligtning are my preferred candidates- In reference of Sennheiser...
  19. avrosse

    Best Headphones/Amp Combo for Classical Music (especially Opera); Budget: $2000-2500

    Hi folks, I'd love to expand my stereo speaker system to include headphones. My current system looks like this: Densen B-410 cd player / Oppo BDP-95 blu-ray player -> Densen B-110 integrated amplifier -> Verity Rienzi loudspeakers As mentioned in the title, I'm looking for a...
  20. Altair49

    Need help reaching the next level with my set up.

    Hello all!   New guy here, do not consider myself an audiophile by any means,  but I have always lusted after a high end system and I have the means to purchase one right now. My current setup consists of Shure earphones and a Fiio E17 with dock that I run my iPod through, as a first step...
  21. Altair49

    Upgrading myheadphones and amp, need help getting the cleanest sound to them.

    HI,   I am new to hi fi and posted in the other summit-fi forum but was told my question would be better answered here. I would really apreciate any help please.   My current set up is a pair of Shure earphones and a Fiio E17 and E9k, I just bought a pair oh Sennheiser HD700s and about...
  22. BaileyAblaze

    Best Amp/DAC Combo with HD800

    So I am considering getting the Sennheiser HD800, and I was wondering which amps/DAC's go best with it for under $1500 total. I've heard that the Burson Audio HA-160D is a very good combo, but I'm also wondering about amps like the Woo-Audio WA2 and Apex Arete. What are your thoughts on the...
  23. novasound

    Little dot MK6+

    Hello, I create that thread because I need some help. I bought a beyerdynamic T1, but the headamp choose is very confused. I wanted to take the Woo audio WA2 or Decware CSP2+, because these headamps sounds to make a nice combo with the T1. but I live in france, so buy a new WA2 or CSP2...
  24. Houbi

    WA2 or WA22 for Beyerdynamic T1?

    hi guys i'm in the building process of my first high-end headphone rig. My target is to beat my Speaker Setup in every way. It's a 40k+ US$ system, so listening to music is already on a certain level (this is the speakers rig: http://houbi.heimkino.info ) What i have so far is a ton of...
  25. Punchy71

    Noob question on entry level tube amplifier

      I'm a complete Audiophile noob. I was wanting to know what the lowest prices might be for an entry level tube amplifier for headphones? Also, what differentiates one tube amp from another? What should I look for and what should I avoid? Which ones sound the best and which ones sound the worst...