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What's the greatest set up you have owned so far??

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lugbug1, Mar 9, 2013.
  1. LugBug1
    Thought it might be fun to rave about the best rigs that we have owned so far. Obviously most of these will be our current set ups, but there may have been times when you have sold stuff in the past in a rash desicion to buy something you thought was gonna be better... And wasn't..  
    Anyways, these are the rules :
    1 Source
    1 Amp
    1 Headphone
    Mine is
    Arcam Rdac - Audio GD C2.2 - LCD2.2
    Cheers :)
  2. Andrew_WOT

    HiFace2 -> Chord DAC64 -> GS-1 (Dynalo+ Modules) -> ATH-W5000/HD800
  3. obobskivich
    PC -> Koss E/90 -> Koss ESP/950. :cool:
  4. philo50
    Audiophilleo2>Metrum Octave>Soloist>HD-800/HE-500
  5. nieveulv
    Centrance dacmini -> woo audio wa2 (tungsol 7236s, siemens e88cc platinum) -> beyer T1
  6. Sound Quest
    Windows XP>Fiio E9>MDR-V55

  7. vid
    Any source -> AKG K 314.
    Best overall.
  8. tdockweiler
    Schiit Modi > Headroom Micro Amp > Koss Pro DJ 100 (TBSE version)
  9. disastermouse
    2011 iMac

    Music Streamer II+

    G-snake RCA cables

    Schiit Magni

  10. NamelessPFG
    X-Fi Titanium HD -> (Onkyo TX-SV515PRO + Stax SRD-7/SB) -> Stax SR-Lambda (Normal bias).
    Nothing else I've heard does midrange and vocals quite like it (not even the SRM-212 + SR-202 combo, which is surprising given that it's a Lambda descendant), or is so comfortable that I tend to forget I'm wearing headphones in the first place (the redesigned headband/arc introduced with the Lambda Nova line clamps harder and is thus more uncomfortable over the long run).

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