1. Noahjaws

    Would You consider the Mad Dogs Neutral?

    Are these cans considered neutral?   What do they compare to?
  2. gamerich

    Sub-$200 Gaming Headsets with Mic

    What would be a nice gaming headset for under $200?   I'm looking for one with a good mic.   Surround-sound would be nice, but not necessary and I prefer wired to wireless.
  3. LugBug1

    What's the greatest set up you have owned so far??

    Thought it might be fun to rave about the best rigs that we have owned so far. Obviously most of these will be our current set ups, but there may have been times when you have sold stuff in the past in a rash desicion to buy something you thought was gonna be better... And wasn't..    ...
  4. AyeVeeN

    Headphones with Westone-like house signature

    Hello. I've been on this forum for awhile and have been through quite an amount of headphones considering my age aka the amount, or lack thereof, of money I have. I've found what I presume to be my perfect portable CIEM, the Westone ES3X (and the ES5 I presume due to it technically being an...
  5. takato14

    Help me choose my next headphone!

    Mainly looking for simple suggestions for my home rig. Final cost being $800 or less.   Currently in consideration are the following:   --KOSS ESP/950 --Fostex TH600 --HiFiMAN HE-500 --Sennheiser HD600   I also have the opportunity to get a Sansui SS-100 if someone will vouch...
  6. bigbargain

    Koss ESP-9 + /E.9 Energizer restore.

    I recently got some of the above phones off Craigslist. Got a pretty good price as they have problems. The original ower died and his sister was selling off his stuff. Needless to say, any problems I will find could range from simple to fatal. Who knows. I will try to document the restoration...
  7. Taowolf51

    Koss ESP-9 electrostats, worth it?

    How are they? How would you compare them to modern headphones (like the ones in my sig)? I may have an opportunity to pick these up with their energizer for $200, and the allure of my first electrostats is tempting. So has anyone heard them?
  8. sugi123

    Is headphone "break-in" an actual phenomenon?

    I have always pondered if there is such thing as "break-in" for headphones, IEMs, Speakers, etc or if it is just our ears and brain getting used to the new sound signature???
  9. Allanmarcus

    Koss ESP-950 Electrostatic Stereophone $699

    Right now the Koss ESP-950 Electrostatic Stereophone is $699 at amazon, if you are interested. http://www.amazon.com/Koss-160416-ESP-950-Electrostatic-Stereophone/dp/B000056ULH
  10. mudihan

    Stax SRS-2170 vs Koss ESP-950

    They are comparable in price. Are they comparable in performance (not necessarily sound signature)?   I listen to all kinds of music and simply want the most accurate phones -- I can always micro-tune the phones to suit my musical taste, but if the drivers are not capable of producing all...
  11. 3X0

    Are there any affordable "reference" electrostatic amplifiers?

    I would first like to mention that I subscribe to an objectivist mindset when it comes to dynamic transducer amplification. I would be comfortable running any of my headphones out of something like a Magni+Modi or O2/ODAC and have little-to-no interest in upgrading.   However, I have almost...
  12. jpelg

    Official/ New York Spring Meet Sat April 5 2014 - Impressions Thread

    Please post your impressions, comments, & pics here!
  13. Neophyte

    KOSS ESP.9 Electrostatic Headphones From EBAY

    Wondering if anyone here saw these or have ever tried them? I did not bid on them but it looked interesting: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ory=40137&rd=1
  14. bthall

    Most Comfortable full sized Headphones

    It would be interesting for everyone to list their THREE most comfortable cans they've ever worn.... BarryT
  15. Headdie

    Something new with the Koss ESP950

    I'm considering this toy, but can't find any fresh information about it. Do you know if something has changed with this model over recent years? Or, is it exactly the same thing as it was 10 years ago... If so, would you consider it anyway, knowing that you can have the Hifiman HE-4 for a little...
  16. mjock3

    Looking to re-cable Koss ESP 950

    Wondering if anyone has done a re-cable job on the Koss ESP 950's? I would like to do it with Stax cable and was wondering which Stax cable works the best for fit?   Thanks
  17. sennheiserhd485

    Koss ESP-950 amp suggestions?

    Hi all,   I am seriously considering the Koss ESP-950 system. I know that most people don't use the energizer that comes with it. Are there any cheap Stax amps that will work with the Koss? I would also love for someone to find a place where I could buy ONLY the Koss headphone, without the...
  18. fzman

    Koss 950s vs. Vintage Stax Lambdas

    I know the energizers matter, but am curious about how these would compare sonically - which is warmer?  more dynamic?  more coherent? which is brighter?  which has better bottom-end weight and authority.  In other words, what would be the least "culture-shock" coming from sealed dynamics like...
  19. Andolink

    Koss ESP-950 vs. HiFiMan HE-500 for Classical music

    I own the HE-500 but was intrigued reading the thread about the Koss electrostatic HP as to its suitability for listening to acoustic music, especially classical.  The HE-500 seems a perfect fit for this kind of music.   Any opinions?
  20. DivergeUnify

    Hifiman HE500 vs Koss-ESP 950: Looking for comparisons!

    Hey everybody.  There doesn't seem to be too much information out there comparing these two headphones.  I've heard the Koss about a year ago and loved them.  I'm wondering how the HE500 compares in terms of FR, and quality.   I really liked everything about the Koss.  I thought they were flat...
  21. kartik

    Koss ESP-950 review

    The Koss ESP-950 Firstly, it’s great to be back after a self imposed sabbatical from Headfi. When I was last here, I was starting to tire of my Grado SR-325s after listening to Jimmy’s RS-1s and Lan’s K1000s. Just as I was getting ready to jump ship, a drastic career change sent me...
  22. XzifT

    ESP 950 with Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro?

    I'm a happy owner of the ESP 950 electrostatic headphones, but have read around that the sound will be so much better using a Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro instead? So how can I get my hands on a converter cable from ESP 950 to Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro?
  23. SBranson

    Could use help - selling my LCD2s to get??

    I just bought the LCD-2 rev.1 in the exchange and I guess they're not for me.   Maybe my high frequency hearing is damaged from work and being in my 40's but the LCD2s are just a little to warm for me. I find the soundstage a little to intimate, too much of what I'm hearing feels right...
  24. atistatic

    I want Spend 1000U$S

    Hello, How are you, im for joining almost "High End" Headphones the story is going like that, I have as DAC a Xonar ST + LD MK IV SE, i know this is a poor source for a High End but worht it spend 1000 U$S in Headphones if is so, i had in my mind HE-500, GS1, GS1ki, or Alessandro MS pro. Or may...
  25. charliex

    Advice needed on a 'final' TOTL Electrostatic amp within $2k price range.

    Alright, it’s time for an electrostatic amplifier upgrade, enough with issues from aging tube electrostatics or DIY’s done by others.  I’m thinking of finally purchasing something brand new from a reputable dealer that will not only have some kind of warranty, but longevity in the long run...