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    Local gas station
    Vintage headphones
    Competitive Smash Bros.
    Headphone Inventory:

    Own; In use:

    --Fostex T50-II (DIY Project) (!!!)
    --Sansui SS-100 (modified) (!!!)
    --Sennheiser HD800 SuperDupont Resonator

    Own; in storage:

    --AKG K270 Playback (!)
    --AKG K270 Studio
    --BEYER DT48S 5 ohm (gift from DeepFunk)
    --Hitachi HD-S9 Gathered Edge (!!!)
    --KOSS K/6X Plus (First headphones)
    --KOSS PRO/4AAA (modified)
    --Pioneer Monitor 10-II (modified) (!!!)
    --Sony DR-Z7 (!!!)
    --Sony MDR-605 (modded) (!)

    Own; broken:

    x-AKG K1000 (!!!) (project headphone)
    x-Audatron SH-608R x2 (both scrapped for parts)
    x-Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (old version) (pile of parts, but complete)
    x-BEYER DT48A 5 ohm (currently in pieces, another gift from DeepFunk, project headphone)
    x-KOSS K/6A (shattered to pieces and scattered across existence)
    x-Pioneer Monitor 10 (missing earpads, cable, and screws)
    x-Pioneer Monitor 10-II #2 (shorted cable) (scrapped for parts)
    x-Sony DR-9 (scrapped for parts)
    x-Sony DR-M5 (driver mismatch)
    x-Sony DR-Z5 (driver mismatch)
    x-Sony DR-Z6 x3 (clearly this headphone is cursed)



    --AKG K240 Studio
    --Audatron SH-608R
    --Audez'e LCD-1 (!!!)
    --Audio-Technica ATH-5/Signet TK22
    --Audio-Technica ATH-6D (modded)
    --Audio-Technica ATH-8/Signet TK33
    --Apple EarPods
    --Apple iBuds
    --Bang & Olufsen U70 (modded) (bought for a friend)
    --Beyerdynamic DT1350 x2 (one good, one *****)
    --Dingoo A320 earbuds (lost)
    --Echo TDS-16 (Smela version)
    --Fostex T50RP (bought for friend)
    --Fostex TH600 (christmas gift) (ew)
    --HiFiMAN HE-6 (modified) (good)
    --KOSS PortaPro (good)
    --KOSS PRO/4AAA Series 2 (!!!) (modified) (good)
    --Monoprice 8320 IEMs (lost)
    --NAD RP18 Mylar (Fostex T50v1 OEM) (!!!)
    --Numark HV-215v (ew)
    --Philips N6330 (AKG K240 Sextett OEM) (NOS) (ew)
    --Pioneer SE-6 (ew)
    --"Pioneer SE-700RP", T50RP drivers in an SE-700 shell
    --Pioneer SE-300
    --Pioneer Monitor 10-II #3 (NOS) (traded)
    --Sansui SS-20
    --Sansui SS-35
    --Sennheiser HD250 Linear II (headset version)
    --Sony DR-S7 (ew)
    --Sony DR-Z5 (!)
    --Sony DR-Z6 (broke) (!)
    --Sony DR-Z7 (NOS) (!!!)
    --Sony MDR-CD280 (given away)
    --Sony MDR-CD180 (given away)
    --Sony MDR-D77 Eggo (!!!)
    --Sony MDR-SA3000 (ew)
    --Stanton Dynaphase Sixty
    --STAX SR-X MKIII (bought for a friend for Christmas)
    --Sterling TE-400
    --Toshiba HR-810 (!!!) (mint w/ original case)
    --Yamaha YH-1 (stock)
    --Yamaha YHD-1 (stock)


    Heard (all-inclusive ranked list) (last updated 4/29/15):

    --Good ones--

    ?: Sennheiser HD800 (need to relisten)

    1: Sansui SS-100
    2: Sony DR-Z7
    3: Pioneer Monitor 10-II (modded)
    4: Audez'e LCD-1
    5: Sony MDR-605 (modded)
    6: NAD RP18 Mylar (Fostex T50v1 OEM) (with TH600 pads)
    7: Sony MDR-D77
    8: AKG Q701
    9: Pioneer Monitor 10 (modded)
    10: Sennheiser HD250 Linear II
    11: Audio-Technica ATH-8/Signet TK33
    12: Pioneer SE-500 (modded)
    13: KOSS PortaPro
    14: Audio-Technica ATH-6D (modded)
    15: Audio-Technica ATH-5
    16: Sony DR-Z6

    --Not-so-good ones--

    17: STAX SR-X MKIII (DISREGARD: defective energizer)
    18: Phillips N6330 (AKG K240 Sextett OEM)
    19: AKG K812
    20: Fostex TH600
    21: Sansui SS-35
    22: BEYER DT48 S (5 ohm)
    23: Echo TDS-16 Smela
    24: Oppo PM-2
    25: Sony MDR-CD1700
    26: Yamaha YH-1 (stock)
    27: Sony MDR-Z7
    28: KOSS PRO/4AAA (modded)
    29: Grado RS2i
    30: KOSS PRO/DJ200
    31: Pioneer HDJ2000
    32: Pioneer SE-300 (modded)
    33: Sennheiser HD600
    34: KOSS PRO/4AAAT
    35: Pioneer SE-6
    36: Pioneer SE-300 (stock)
    37: Sony DR-M5
    38: V-MODA M-80
    39: KOSS PRO/4AAA (stock)
    40: KOSS Reference One
    41: Audio Technica ATH-6D (stock)
    42: Skullcandy Aviators
    43: Sony MDR-X10
    44: Klipsch Image ONE
    45: Sony DR-Z5
    46: Beyerdynamic DT1350
    47: Pioneer SE-700
    48: Sansui SS-20
    49: Pioneer SE-500 (stock)
    50: KOSS PRO/3AAT
    51: Monoprice 8320 IEMs
    52: Sony MDR-CD280
    53: Sony MDR-CD180
    54: Sennheiser HD380 Pro
    55: KOSS PRO/4AAA Plus
    56: KOSS K/6x Plus
    57: Sennheiser HD280 Pro
    58: Apple Earpods
    59: Beats Pro == Beats Mixr
    60: AIAIAI TMA-1
    61: Fostex T50RP (stock)
    62: Skullcandy Hesh
    63: AKG K240 Studio
    64: Audatron SH-608R (modded)
    65: Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (old version)
    66: Numark HV-215v
    67: Sony MDR-605 (stock)
    68: Sony MDR-XB500
    69: Sony MDR-SA3000
    70: Skullcandy Fix
    71: Skullcandy Skullcrushers
    72: Apple iBuds
    73: Audio-Technica ATH-6
    74: All other models of Beats
    75: Bang & Olufsen U70 (again, bought for a friend)
    76: Audatron SH-608R (stock)
    77: KOSS K/6A
    78: Beats Tour


    //--Source Equipment--//

    Own; In use:

    --LH Labs Geek Out 450


    --Gustard H10
    --JDS Labs Special Edition Objective 2 (rear power, ODAC, 1/4" TRS, upgraded PSU)
    --Schiit Asgard v1 (ew)

    Headphone Amp Inventory:



    --FiiO E7
    --Gustard H10 High Current Amplifier (modified)
    --Objective2/ODAC combo (JDS Labs Special Edition + Upgraded PSU)
    --STAX SRD-7SB
    --Schitt Asgard v1
    Source Inventory:

    --FiiO D03k (not used)
    --LH Labs Geek Out 450


    --AudioQuest Dragonfly
    --ODAC Rev. 1
    Cable Inventory:
    Grado Mini Adapter Cable (x3, one lost :< )
    Other Audio Equipment:

    --Klipsch Quintet IV in 2.1 operation
    Music Preferences:
    Virtually all genres. Classical, Jazz, Swing, Soul, Orchestral, EBM, EDM, Hip-Hop, Eurobeat, Hardstyle, Breakcore, Metal, Melodic Metal, Rock, Techno, Electronica, Ambient, Industrial, Dark Electro, Glitch Hop, Harsh, Psytrance, Darkwave, Video game, Dubstep...

    --i7-4790K @ 4.0GHz
    --ASUS Z97-E
    --Intel 730 Series 240GB
    --1TB WD Blue
    --EVGA GTX-1070 FTW
    --Crucial Ballistix Tactical 32GB
    --Eizo Foris FS2434BK
    --DAS 4 Ultimate
    --Logitech G502
    --Corsair MM600


    --Lenovo X230T
    --i5-3350M @ 2.4GHz
    --Intel 730 480GB
    Caustic bombastic furfag


    Headphones: Sansui SS-100 (mods) | HiFiMAN HE-6 (mods) | Pioneer Monitor 10-II (mods)
    Home Rig: Lenovo X230T -> GeekOut 450 
    Portable Rig: Open Pandora -> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Personal enjoyment is the only goal in this hobby.
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