Show us your vintage headphones!
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Sep 17, 2007
i have an interest in older headphones and have picked up several from here and ebay. so lets post up some pics and a few comments for fun and info..

Sonic pro 90
got these off ebay. small on ear design. zero info, tho i found a clone by realistic (german brochure on Faust's wikiphonia site). 2 speakers in each cup, 20-22k. 1983 ish. the sound is very bassy, ok mids, surprisingly better than expected, not comfy

Realistic proIIa
another ebay find. i think this is a koss pro4aaa (triple a) rebadge. early 80s. 10-22k , 100 ohms. sound pretty much like a modern dj headphone, bass thump, some highs
(this pair has new earpads from a koss mv1)
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realistic pro 60. 15-35k, 100 ohms. early 80s. a koss hv/1a rebadge. very bassy for an open phone, smooth sound, supposed to be top of the line for its time
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The sonic pro also appears under the Alaric brand as well. I have seen it in wood and metal. Is that plastic?

its plastic. the speaker caps and yokes are metal. i have seen a similar 3-speaker pickering on ebay
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AKG K160
got them from ebay, early 70's, not much bass but very happy with mids. I've not had them long but they are already my fav's for a long session because they are sooo comfy.

I found this (unclassified!) ministry of defence document...
that lists them as being used by submarine sonar operators.
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Originally Posted by DefectiveAudioComponent /img/forum/go_quote.gif
This is much better than the porta pro.

What is that?
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defective- how do they sound?
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My first headphones were my father's Sennheiser HD-424's. I remember the yellow pads disintegrated, so i made some by cutting up bits of foam from elsewhere. The picture isn't of my pair, as they are in Australia.

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Akg k180 late 60s.

From the brochue.

"The SCS approach.

Subjectively controllable sound

This means: The acoustically effective auditory volume (ie the volume between the headphone driver and the eardrum) can be infinitely varied by a turn of the adjusting knobs; this feature allowing, for the first time, the individual selection of your "seat in the concert hall" and the adaptation of the sound to your individual physiological acoustic taste."

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