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Help me choose my next headphone!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by takato14, Apr 16, 2013.
  1. takato14
    Mainly looking for simple suggestions for my home rig. Final cost being $800 or less.
    Currently in consideration are the following:
    --KOSS ESP/950
    --Fostex TH600
    --HiFiMAN HE-500
    --Sennheiser HD600
    I also have the opportunity to get a Sansui SS-100 if someone will vouch that it's worth it.
    Anything up to $800 is a worthwhile suggestion. Thanks. Only looking for headphones at this point.
  2. squallkiercosa
    Don't take my words in a bad way, but you should be able to define better what you want or need. The Fostex are closed for example,you might need a good amp for the HE-500 (which is highly praised here). For some, Koss EP950 is not up the price tag and there's a lot of information concerning the HD600 around the web. 
  3. takato14
    I don't feel a need to specify my tastes because I just want to know every option in the <=$800 price range, research them myself, and choose from that.
    But meh. I like warm, lush cans with smooth treble, expansive if possible, that exhibit a lot of clarity and control. Good mids are a necessity. Impact is a plus but is not essential. I'm a nut for detail and speed. If an amp is needed, I'll accomodate.
  4. HalidePisces
  5. takato14
    I've been keeping my eyes peeled for one.. but balanced only makes them useless to me, Id need to get an amp.
    The MA900 is being considered, but as far as sony cans go I really want to hear it first.
    I've heard that AT's house sound is very M50-esque... and I don't like the M50 anymore.

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