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Jul 2, 2018
Jan 10, 2011
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Headphoneus Supremus

~Thanks.. But I can see a massive pixel loss... :( Suppose it looks a bit more like film now :) Apr 27, 2017

LugBug1 was last seen:
Jul 2, 2018
  • About

    My kids, Music and Photography,
    Philosophy, Classical Music.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Have: HD800, GS1000e, Edition X v2 HD650, HD600, IE8, HE400i, LCD2, SR325e

    Sold: Senn HD800, HD700, HD650 (x3), HD600 (x4) HD595, Audeze LCD2.2, Hifiman Sundara, HE500, AKG K702 (x2) K701(x3) K601, K712, K550, Sony MDR MA900, Grado RS1i, RS2, SR225, SR225e, Beyer DT880, Denon D2000, Westone 2&3, Audio tecknica M50, AD900s HD280 pro, and others NWM
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Have: NAD - 3020i, 7130, 7125, 3225PE, LD MKII Beresford Capella

    Sold: Pioneer SX550, SA-508, Sansui AU-505, 551, Marantz 2220, 2216B, Technics SU-V3, SU-7300K, Akai AA-5500, QED 230, Audio gd C2.2, Rotel RA-712, Sony STR-6046a, Matrix M-stage(opa627 bias mod), Neco portable, Seimen's C3M OTL design, Schiit Asgard, Schitt Magni, Musical Fidelity Xcan V3 (Floyd modded) Xcan V2, Neco Soundlab Bossfet V2.1 Creek OBH21SE, OBH21, Little Dot MKI+ iBasso T3 and others NWM
    Source Inventory:
    Have: Audiolab Q-Dac, Technics SL-P550, Arcam Rdac, Arcam Delta Black Box (original),Beresford Caiman +, Project Box Dac E.

    Sold: Cambridge Audio Dacmagic, Musiland Monitor 01, HA info U2. Musical Fidelity V Dac, VDacII, Beresford TC7510 (mod21) Beresford Bushmaster, Lite Dac-Ah, Super pro 707,Marantz 5001
    Cable Inventory:
    Chord Chorus, Atlas Navigator, Atlas Equator, Van den hul D102 mkIII, The Name , The Bay, QED optical, lots of solid silver homemade jobs, Toxic Cables for headphones.
    Power-Related Components:
    Russ Andrews mains filter,Tacima filter, upgraded mains cables and power supplies
    Other Audio Equipment:
    ADC SS-215 Sound Shaper (70's equalizer)
    Music Preferences:
    Classical and Jazz mostly. Rock/Indie when I'm drunk and I don't mind good electronic stuff.
    Camera stuff. All Olympus apart from my Fuji X100.
    A bit silly at times...


    HD800, GS1000e, HEX-v2, HE400i, LCD2.1, HD600, HD650, SR325e and some amps and dacs :)
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