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Hifiman Ananda

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rutter, May 13, 2018.
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  1. rutter
    I don't know if I'm breaking "protocol" starting this thread but I'm desperate for information. I'm either buying the Hifiman Edition X version 2 or this upcoming headphone, but there is extremely little information on it. It's supposed to cost $999, on appearance it's half Sundara half HEX, that's about it (so of the new line-up [how different is it anyway?] seemingly referring to the HEX but with a price closer to the 560). No clue what it is supposed to be an update of (560 or HEX, maybe a consolidation of both?) or when it will be available. Any information would be greatly appreciated. The headphone is currently on display at a Munich show.
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  2. SilverEars
    Looked it up, and imaged on Reddit. The build looks like a breed of Sundara and Edition X.

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  3. rutter
  4. rutter

    Information is right there... *sigh*

    How long does it typically take for headphones to be available for purchase after a "reveal" like this anyway?
  5. XERO1
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  6. rutter
    The exact same specs as the HEXv2...
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  7. XERO1
    My guess is these are probably just the HEXv2 with a Sundara headband for $999.

    I think that the HEXv2 is a really good headphone, and the $1000 price point really hits the sweet spot for these.
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
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  8. rutter
    Is the Sundara headband more uncomfortable?
  9. abvolt
    Very cool I'd like to know more also..
  10. rutter

    Now available for purchase. Over in the Edition X v2 thread we're inclined to think it's literally an Edition X v2 with the Sundara headband. This is the most unceremonious release of a product we've ever seen, which indicates there's nothing new or even improved here. The specs are virtually identical too. If they continue to sell the HEXv2 it would even make you wonder what exactly this is as it's $200-300 cheaper. Impressions welcomed, especially comparative.
  11. buffalomatt
    Another difference between the HEX and the Ananda, it has been changed to 3.5 mm connectors rather than the old 2.5mm ones some people seemed to hate.

    I can't wait to see some comparisons between this and the HEX v2. Even if it is the same, I'd be happy with the price drop!
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  12. HeadAmpTeam
    We've been told by HIFIMAN that the Ananda features a "All new Ultra-thin Planar driver" compared to the Edition X V2. I did listen to the headphone briefly in a very loud show environment, so no conclusive comments.
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  13. rutter
    The diaphragm of the Edition X v2 was already described as "ultra-thin". So this one is supposed to be ultra-thinner? And they couldn't even be bothered with an announcement of some sort?
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  14. Philimon
    lol. Ultra-thinner-err-er
  15. rutter
    Thinnerest to really pique the interest.
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