1. Roger5

    FS: HiFiMan Ananda

    HiFiMan Ananda headphones. Excellent condition, original owner. Smoke-free and pet-free household. Includes original packaging, cables, and manual. Price includes PP fees.
  2. jim723

    FOUND [WTB] Ether Flow 1.1 Open or Hifiman Ananda

    I am looking for a pair of Mr. Speaker (Dan Clark Audio) Ether Flow 1.1 or Hifiman Ananda, in good condition. Shipping from CONUS. Please PM. Thanks.
  3. Johnsouter

    Hifiman Ananda For EU Sale

    Hi these are in fantastic condition, boxed just like new. EU only I'll cover PayPal if you cover postage. Pics to follow Cheers
  4. U2Edge

    SOLD: Flawless Hifiman Ananda open back planar magnetic headphones with add'l 3rd party cable

    I've had these Hifiman Ananda open back planar magnetic headphones for a few months, but only put a handful of hours on them since my wife doesn't like "hearing my music" through open back headphones and since my Fostex TH-X00 are my "go to" headphones for work and home. They are in flawless /...
  5. gatorjon

    Mono 788 to Su-8/sp200. Upgrade or crossgrade?

    I have the 788 and am still within the return window. After some research I found the SU-8+SP200 combo as a possible better option. My daily headphones are Hifiman Ananda, HD600, and Grado 325e. I do not use any of the features of the 788 and everything is running balanced xlr except the Grados...
  6. HIFIMAN Ananda BT

    HIFIMAN Ananda BT

    Using the latest in Bluetooth technology, Ananda BT captures the digital signal as it arrives for a level of audio quality never before heard in any Bluetooth headset. The signal is then processed through a 196/24 DAC over 900kbps allowing 96/24 over the Bluetooth band. The Ananda BT also has a...
  7. 1974

    WTB: Balanced XLR to 3.5mm cable for modern HiFiMan (HE-6SE, HE-5SE, Ananda, Sundara, Arya)

    Looking to buy a basic 4-pin XLR to dual 3.5mm plug balanced cable, nothing expensive. The 3.5mm plugs fit the HE-6SE, HE-5SE, Ananda, Sundara, and Arya. PM me, thanks!
  8. Phantaminum

    FS: Hifiman Ananda

    Selling my Hifiman Ananda $600 shipped. I’m the second owner of this headphone. There is a scratch on the right yoke ear cup which is included in the picture. The rest of the headphone doesn’t have any other blemish. Ananda comes with the original box, paperwork, cables, and a Periapt 2.5mm to...
  9. bogginhead

    Interest check: (WTT) (US-AL) HIFIMAN Sundara / HE5se for Ananda or Sundara /Fiio A5 For Audese iSine 20 (W) PayPal

    Mint condition Sundara and HE5se; both come with everything they come with when purchased new. A5 is practically new as well, and comes with the same. If wanted, the A5 could be switched with a mint set of Toneking Shockwave III. If any interest, I'll post pics immediately.
  10. jaker782

    **SOLD**: Hifiman Ananda

    I am selling my Hifiman Ananda and Edition X V2 (HEXv2) headphones, which are both in excellent condition. I recently acquired them both used from Head-fi and only auditioned them indoors in a smoke-free home. Both headphones sound great, I am only selling due to a fit issue. Neither give me a...
  11. Tex Irie

    For Sale or Trade: Hifiman Ananda [SOLD]

    I'm looking to sell (1) Hifiman Ananda with original packaging and accessories as well as a balanced 4 pin xlr cable Everything is in excellent condition. I will update the post with photos. Please PM me to make an offer. I am open to trades for the following closed back headphones: Focal...
  12. bogginhead

    (WTB or WTTF) (US-AL) Hifiman Ananda or Edition X v2 (W) PayPal

    Either of these is wanted. I have a very, very new (only 5 weeks) set of HE5se w / ZMF Ori Pads I'd be willing to use as part of a cash + trade deal, as well as a brand new pair of Audeze Sine DX. Both are in perfect shape. The DX also has an Audeze travel case.
  13. neogeosnk

    SOLD: Hifiman Ananda

    SOLD! Up for sale a minty Hifiman Ananda. Comes with everything pictured, also throwing in a Balanced 6 foot cable. $650 /pp fees and conus shipping included. Sorry no trades, trying to get rid of gear. Pics
  14. Mrpolobrown

    Better DAC/AMP for Sundara and/or Ananda? Ifi Micro Black Label or Schiit MultiBit/Cavalli Tube CTH

    Hi, I currently have a Q701 paired with numark ican ido. I am thinking of upgrading and going to Ananda(s), or Sundara(s). I am thinking of pairing with the Ifi Micro Label or get both a Schiit Multibit DAC and Alex Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp (CTH). Any thoughts on if this is a good upgrade...
  15. gonzalo1004es

    QUAD ERA-1

    Hi! I'm selling my Quad ERA-1, bought two months ago as stock-B (from a return). They came new, and they are in like new condition. Price includes shipping and paypal costs. I'm also selling a Violectric V281 headphone amp (, if someone is...
  16. TeamHiFiMAN

    Ananda Loaner Tour

    Here at HIFIMAN we want to try to give back to the community and it is with this goal in mind that are initiating a series of Loaner Tours. We want to put select products in the hands of those members of the community to experience HIFIMAN gear in the forum that matters most and thus is the most...
  17. bottleHunter

    Advises on Hifiman HE-1000 vs edition X vs Ananda vs Arya

    Hi Guys. I'm looking around to buy full-sized planar from Hifiman. Interested in top models like Hifiman HE-1000 v2, edition X v2, Ananda, Arya. Searching for more or less neutral sound, not too bright, with well-extended lows, punchy but not overwhelming bass. I'm not a bass-head but I prefer...
  18. Pabro

    [SOLD] Hifiman Ananda in like new condition

    I'm selling one Hifiman Ananda that I bought from Headamp in November. The headphone has been used for very little time, and has still 9 month left in the warranty. Will upload photo soon. The price includes Con US shipping and Paypal fee. 100% positive feedback and 7 year Head-fi member, so...


    Efficient Planar Performance. Ananda is the culmination of years of development, lightweight, ultra-fine planar drivers at their heart sing with unmatched agility and power sensitivity. High sensitivity. Allows use with virtually any smartphone or portable audio device. Low distortion and...
  20. Todd

    HiFiMan's new Ananda in stock and LOANER program!

    Hi All, We received our shipment of the new HiFiMan Ananda today! Order yours now and get a Meridian Explorer2 free! We are also doing a loaner program with the new Ananda. You can sign up now. The headphones will ship out next week after we have our fun playing with them! Please follow the...
  21. SilverEars

    Hifiman Ananda

    Looked it up, and imaged on Reddit. The build looks like a breed of Sundara and Edition X.