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Woo Audio 22 or Audio GD Phoenix to pair with my LCD-2's?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by pinkflag, May 8, 2011.
  1. PinkFlag
    For those who have experienced listening to the LCD-2 through both amp's, which do you prefer coupled with it and why?
  2. Darwin258
    Why not response you think to such a perfectly good question?
    I am having hard time whether want the LCD-2 and certainly not the HE6 and fact need lot of power--just not interested in battling that, if word "battling" is correct.
    Any case, I just bought from Channel Island Audio in Port Hueneme, CA (easily Googled) their VHP-2 headphone amp and VAC-1 power supply for $650 to my front door with insane tax rates in California.
    According to Channel Island, a gentleman in Ventura county makes the wood ear pieces for Audeze people. He says the equipment referenced above is the best for use with the LCD-2.
    As a supporter of the CIA equipment, I suggest checking out their offerings.
  3. BrucYSN
    I have WA22 although my friend helps me moded with blackgates and I love it both stock and moded version. The mod version gives it more dynamic response which is the weakest link in WA22. WA22 is every euphonic and phoenix suppose to be very neutral it depends on  your taste. 
    Although WA22 is much more expensive giving its tube design, finding NOS matched pair tubes would cost both time and a lot money, i spent some where around $1k on my tube collection. 
  4. MacedonianHero Contributor

    I wouldn't call the Phoenix overly neutral. I consider it slightly a "dark" sounding amp with the treble that's pushed back (I actually find the Concerto more "neutral"). It is one great SS amp for sure, but in the end, I'm a tube guy and thus the WA22 in my rack. :wink:
  5. BrucYSN


    [​IMG] for W22!
    On a side note, W22 has somewhat more stand out mids, it's not like a boost at the freq response but rather more.... hmmm what was the word..... "obvious"? I don't know, you just have to try it out yourself. However it's nice to see there are people interested in the made in China gears instead of just considering them as a disappointment lol. But if the Audio-gd is recessed at highs, I'm not sure how would it turn out when paired with similar headphone such as LCD-2....... you might wanna search around who had em both and just shoot em a PM. If you decided to go with W22 make sure you have the balanced source. 
    Good Luck!!!
  6. Currawong Contributor
    I have to totally disagree here about the Phoenix, having now had the chance to compare it to a number of other solid state and tube amps. Because of the heavy power filtering built in, the usual haze-like distortion one gets throughout the treble with a lot of gear isn't present, so it can give the impression of a darker presentation in comparison.  [​IMG]
    I would say though, choose an amp that gives a wide soundstage regardless. That, IMO, is the ticket to getting the best out of them.
  7. MacedonianHero Contributor

    The Phoenix is a great amp and one of the very best SS amps I've heard. But my thoughts still stand...it did seem a little on the darker side. Not sure about the "haze-like" distortion, but those were my experiences. :smile: As great and powerful amp the Phoenix is, I still find the Concerto closer to what I consider "neutral". Though the Phoenix has power in spades over the Concerto with the LCD-2s.

    There are some incredible Chinese audio manufacturers, audio-gd and Hifiman to name a few.
  8. SP Wild
    I don't know if the Phoenix is dark or not.  I have a few amps that are brighter than the Phoenix and I have a few amps that are warmer than the Phoenix.  The Concerto from memory sounded like a better version of my Lehman Black Cube Linear, but less analytical.  Otherwise neither black cube nor concerto was in the same class as the Phoenix.
    Problem with WA22 is the price and the output to headphone is not differential like the Phoenix and B22.  However, the B22 is unable to reject common mode noise interference, where the WA22 and Phoenix can.  Technically speaking.
  9. BrucYSN


    Ye the power out put of Phoniex was insane, If wasn't the V200 i might consider the phoniex too lol 
  10. BrucYSN

    Oh ye the price.. The tubes surly cost a lot. I wonder when would jack make a WA22+ with separate PSU lol 
    EDIT: I think we lost OP lol

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