1. Alchemy_

    6SN7 and Octal Equivalents Reference Thread

    ~6SN7 and Octal Equivalents Reference Thread~ THIS THREAD IS BEING BUILT AT THE MOMENT My original plan was to start with a very complete thread, but I kept running into inconsistencies with my findings. Over the next few days I still plan to add a large amount of scraped data, but with...
  2. Giraku

    Astell&Kern Desktop DAC/Amp Prototype: ACRO L1000

    I found this info on several website reporting the Canjam (kind of) in Japan happening right now. It is called ACRO L1000, a prototype unit of a desktop DAC/Amp. And it is designed to be placed on the left side so that users can use mouse on the right side. Headphone jacks are on the left side...
  3. S

    Has anyone put a *really* good 12AU7 tube into the Bravo Ocean?

    I'm wondering if it's worth the money for maybe a $100+ Mullard or would I be better off putting that into a better amp in the future? Like if I add a $100 tube to this $100 amp will I get a $200 amp or is that too much makeup on the pig? Has anyone done this and was it worth the money? I...
  4. Napalmhardcore

    Schiit Magni too powerful for IEMs

    Hi, I currently have a Schiit Magni 2 Uber, a Little Dot Mkiii and a Sound Blaster Omni (USB sound card). My Upgrade path so far has been from a budget USB gaming headset, then the Sound Blaster with various headphones and most recently the Little Dot and Magni. While I'm finding the Little...
  5. LookTopHats

    Beyerdynamic DT990 250 Ohm VS 32 Ohm in Sound Quality

    I have a small dilemma. I will most likely be purchasing a Focusrite Saffire 6 soon in order to have an interface that I can track guitars and MIDI into from my desk at university. However I read some calculations that suggest a MAXIMUM of 240 Ohm cans for this amp. If I was to purchase the 32...
  6. 343 Grenadier

    Obscure tube amps.

    Greetings. I'm an American who resides in the People's Republic of China, at least for the time being, and am considering acquiring a HiFiMan HE-560 as it's significantly cheaper out here than it is elsewhere. I've also elected to try out a tube amp. Now I'm not interested in picking up...
  7. Joeybgood

    DAC vs AMP

    When a person auditions an amp, they, of course, have it paired with a DAC. How does one know that what they are hearing thru their cans is due to the amp vs the Dac? Speaking of that, what percentage of the sound that comes flowing into your headphones is due to the Dac vs the Amp in your...
  8. R Giskard

    Pass Labs introduces their new headphone amplifier at CES 2015

    Hi folks!   The moment I have waited for years has finally arrived and Pass Laboratories have just introduced their new headphone amplifier at CES.   Some of you may be familiar with Pass Laboratories. The company was founded by Nelson Pass, a world-renowned audio designer and virtually a...
  9. leftside

    GoldenWave AMBER MK2

    Anyone heard of this headphone amp or even have one? It looks really nice with a separate power supply. It's from China and I'm having a hard time finding an English language review.   The specs look pretty good.   Product Description: AMBER Amber is truly fully balanced design headphone...
  10. fjhuerta

    Coffman Labs H1-A. Holy.... what a piece of gear

    Hello all.   I was looking for a preamp and a friend of mine sold me something I had never heard about... a Coffman Labs H1-A.   He showed me pics. I fell in love.    Now that I have it, I'm speechless. It's a hunk of aluminum. A huge hunk of it. It's heavy. It's beautiful. And I can't...
  11. Dubstep Girl

    The Lambert "Play It By Ear" Headphone Amplifier - (DG Review) + Impressions Thread

    The Lambert "Play It By Ear" Headphone Amplifier         The “Play It By Ear” is a headphone amplifier from The Lambert Company and part of their new “Small Wonder” line of products. Lambert’s newest products aim to be simple and musical, yet affordable and high quality. The “Play It By...
  12. miziq

    NEW Thomas Mayer Headphone Amplifier

         NEW Thomas Mayer Headphone Amplifier:
  13. dirtrat

    HAFLER HA75 Tube Headphone Amplifier     Any thoughts on this amplifier? I was actually an early adopter of a 120 watt Hafler amp when I was in my teens and bought it in a kit and put it together. Output specifications on this are very vague. Hopefully more details to come.
  14. dunkyboy

    Combined DAC+amp needed - tubes for under $600?

    I need a combined DAC + headphone amp for my desk at work, to drive my MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs.  I’m a tube-o-phile.  My budget is in the $5-600 range.  Am I stuck?    The only ones I can see are the HifiMan amps (which don’t seem to be well-liked?) and then higher up the Woo Fireflies (too...
  15. MacDEF

    Head-Fi Amp Guide -- Submissions

    The purpose of this thread is to gather specific, objective, information on headphones amps for an "amp guide." The idea is to gather as much info as possible on as many amps as possible (both current and out-of-production models). As discussed in another thread, the guide will not include...
  16. sacd lover

    The Extreme has arrived!

    My wonderful USPS delivery person showed up at 8:30 am with the amp. I have never got a package that early before. I have had the amp playing for close to three hours now and this amp just plain rocks. The sound has body and tone but the amp is very fast. Maybe most noteable, this amp has a...
  17. NakulM

    Great Portable/Desktop Amp and DAC/SoundCard for Sennheiser HD 558s

    Hey Guys,   This is my first forum post on head-fi so please excuse me if I've made a mistake! I just ordered some Sennheiser HD 558s, which I will be using for gaming as well as music and movies on my desktop PC. I've read several threads on the site, and have come to the conclusion that the...
  18. DougofTheAbaci

    Neutral Desktop Headphone AMP for Heir Audio 4.A CIEM?

    I have a pair of Heir Audio 4.A's currently running out of my Leckerton UHA-6SII (which I love) but I want to be able to leave that at the office rather than shifting it back and forth every day.   I like the neutral sound and would like something that kept that relatively similar. However...
  19. Kzkzas

    HifiMan HE-6 and Speaker Amps

    I recently purchased a pair of HifiMan He-6 headphones with the intention of going for a Schiit Lyr/Bifrost setup, however I've been reading a lot about how these can be driven out of a Speaker Amp. This is the first time I've done anything like this, so my questions will probably sound really...
  20. takato14

    Looking for a powerful speaker amp for Piezoelectric headphones

    I recently bought a pair of Pioneer SE-500s, a power-hungry piezoelectric beast. Nothing I have has anywhere close to the output power needed to drive these things properly. I need a good speaker amp that will put out enough power for these headphones. They're most likely equally or harder to...
  21. sygyzy

    Best Solid State (SS) desktop amp under $350

    Hi,   What are the current players in the solid state desktop amp market? It seemed like before there were more SS choices. Besides the Schiit Asgard ($250), what other choices are there?   How does the Asgard rank compared the M^3, PPA, PPA2, Beta 22, etc?   Thanks.
  22. WiR3D

    [LIST][OPINION] Amp recommendations for Fostex/Denon Headphones.

    This is gonna be  bit of a rant here but I feel it needs to be done. If your easily offended leave now or just skip the rant section.   NB Trying for yourself is not always possible, although its the most desirable situation. This is aimed to guide people along what lines they must think...
  23. GhostKage

    Using the FiiO E11 as a desktop computer amplifier?

    Hello! I'm brand new to these forums, and I'm highly interested in high quality audio, and have been for awhile. I just discovered this site while searching for information on the FiiO E11, and it looks like this is the place to ask my question. Primarily I use my computer for gaming, and...
  24. autumnholy

    Govibe Peak

    Just wanna ask you, have you tried using the Govibe Peak before?   My exposure to desktop amp is very limited. Wanna ask what's your comment about that particular amp, the sound signature, how it pairs well with which headphones, and so on.   Thanks!
  25. mcmalden

    Main fuse blown

    Dear fellow Head-Fiers,   Yesterday the main fuse of my Classé cap-101 blew right away on start-up. I replaced the T3,15A for a T2,5A which also blew right away. I have been using this amp for quiet a while now and nothing extraordinary has happend which could lead to the problem as far as...