1. WiR3D

    [LIST][OPINION] Amp recommendations for Fostex/Denon Headphones.

    This is gonna be  bit of a rant here but I feel it needs to be done. If your easily offended leave now or just skip the rant section.   NB Trying for yourself is not always possible, although its the most desirable situation. This is aimed to guide people along what lines they must think...
  2. GhostKage

    Using the FiiO E11 as a desktop computer amplifier?

    Hello! I'm brand new to these forums, and I'm highly interested in high quality audio, and have been for awhile. I just discovered this site while searching for information on the FiiO E11, and it looks like this is the place to ask my question. Primarily I use my computer for gaming, and...
  3. autumnholy

    Govibe Peak

    Just wanna ask you, have you tried using the Govibe Peak before?   My exposure to desktop amp is very limited. Wanna ask what's your comment about that particular amp, the sound signature, how it pairs well with which headphones, and so on.   Thanks!
  4. mcmalden

    Main fuse blown

    Dear fellow Head-Fiers,   Yesterday the main fuse of my Classé cap-101 blew right away on start-up. I replaced the T3,15A for a T2,5A which also blew right away. I have been using this amp for quiet a while now and nothing extraordinary has happend which could lead to the problem as far as...
  5. JeffA

    Apex Peak/Volcano vs. Zana Deux

    Does anyone have experience comparing these two amps head to head? I'm considering pairing one of these amps with Sennheiser HD800 headphones.I would appreciate any feedback you can provide.
  6. ardilla

    The Beauty and the Beast... Woo WA2 vs WA22

    THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST WOO AUDIO - WA2 vs WA22 [I have had the privilege of having these two beautiful amplifiers side by side for a couple of months now. I assume I am not the only one who has been wondering about which one to get, so I've tried to contribute with a...
  7. Utopia

    Amp upgrade for AH-D5000

    Long time lurker and very recent member here. My current rig consists of the Xonar Essence ST, Matrix M-Stage, and Denon AH-D5000, a combination I got after extensive head-fi reading and have been very happy with.    Still I've got the feeling that the D5000 could use both a better amp and...
  8. buddy39914

    Upgrading Amp, need help.

    I was considering upgrading my HD650's for some HD700's LCD-2's or quite possible HD800's. But decided it's not time yet. However I am now considering upgrading my Amplifier/DAC. I currently have the Headroom Desktop Amp/DAC. Any suggestions to a good/better AMP/DAC or Amp and DAC?    Don't...
  9. eimis

    YJ A1 headphone amplifier on eBay, has anyone heard it?

    Hi, has anyone heard it? Could you compare it to other amps, etc.? It looks interesting...   Listings: 1 2        
  10. JeffA

    Fosgate Headphone Amp

    Has anyone heard this new amplifier? It appears to be shipping. It got some good advance publicity from Stereophile and The Absolute Sound. Fosgate is a respected engineer, and it is a nice looking unit. It is a hybrid, with surround and bass boost controls.  
  11. cactus_farmer

    Tube amps with a 'cold'/'bright' sound?

    Usually tube amps are said to sound warm/dark/mellow...etc...   Are there any that buck this trend by offering an analytical/cold/bright almost solid-state sounding presentation?   I heard that Apex Audio may do this, but have yet to hear it.
  12. missleman101

    Millet starving student hybrid amp/Fiio e9 questions

    so recently i bought a a starving student hybrid amp and just had some questions about it.    1. does anyone have any official tech specs, more specifically, the headphone ohm range that it can drive?   2. also have a Fiio E9 / E7 combo. If i use this as a pre-amp to the starving...
  13. Appslapper

    Schiit Valhalla Review

    First off, a little history on why i got the Valhalla. As some of you may know, I bought a Schiit Lyr last month, and loved it to pieces. Unfortunately, it decided to blow it's brains out shortly after... HOWEVER, I called Jason at Schiit, and he was BEYOND helpful! I shipped the Lyr back the...
  14. mindsight1

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Desktop Amplifiers for $300-$400

    Hi Guys    I Am a new head-fier from the UK looking to setup a Bedroom Studio and i am having trouble finding a good amp within this price range (but slightly out in okay). for recording purposes I am looking for a more analytical setup; an amplifier with a good synergy with the pro 900...
  15. mrAdrian

    Full sized amps with low output impedance

    Besides the O2, and all Meier Corda amps, what other amps have low output impedances?
  16. DanPluck

    Need a new Headphone Amp £200 budget.

    I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands since my Aurex System which I had used as a headphone amp with my PC died.   Traditionally my headphone of choice has either been a Grado sr125i or an Alessandro MS2i and I enjoy them very much.  While attempting to broaden my horizons I have purchase a...
  17. darren700

    New Audio-GD NFB-6 Balanced Amplifier

    Looks like Audio-gd is getting ready to release several new products including this new Amplifier.   Looks great to me, plenty of Class A power, and tons of inputs/outputs, its like a supercharged balanced C2.2 (which i did love) Kingwa claims "NFB-6 have Neutral and monitor sound , don't...
  18. Hero Kid

    New Balanced Schiit Amps? The information and anticipation thread.

    So it is hardly any secret that Schiit is bringing out new balanced amps. These new amps will be in conjunction with Schiit's new and upcoming DACs, two of which will be balanced. If you want more information about these DACs please visit this thread.   Jason has been active involving...
  19. RazorJack

    Shanling PH100

    Thought I'd create a new thread, since "the" PH100 thread has been deleted (wouldn't have thought you guys would go that far...) Anyway, I've had my Shanling PCD300 and PH100 for about a month now, and I'm very happy. Just got a couple more n00b questions. - Is it a bad idea to place...
  20. GeorgeL

    HELP! Burson HA-160DS hum/noise problem

      Hello, I´m a long time reader but this is the first thread I start. I apologize beforehand for my writing/spelling, english isn´t my native language. My setup is: Macbook pro---Burson HA-160DS----Sennheiser HD650 or AKG Q701.   My HA-160DS arrived yesterday, bought it directly from...
  21. c540

    All Aluminum Bottlehead Amp....

     I © 2012   I know there is a big thread about the Bottle Head Amp. I thought I would post this one, it's the last project I made before I became too ill with what a neuromuscular problem, so it may be my last project like this. I already had the board from another Bottle Head Crack with...
  22. scootermafia

    Rockhopper M^3 - The Review

    EDIT: NOW THE M3 OP AMP ROLLING THREAD LOL Well, my M^3 came today, and I probably would have hugged the mailman if he weren't so creepy looking. UPDATE - 2/19/09 - Some updated info/removing of outdated bits. UPDATE - 1/12/09 - OPAs are here, see page 2 for full review. Yeah, they're...
  23. ardilla

    SOLVED: Cary Xciter - transformator humming 230V/50Hz issue??

    edit:   PROBLEM SOLVED   An early batch of the Xciter lacked some output resistors. Thanks to 563 for helping out.      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       Hi!   I have been trying to...
  24. Uncle Hank

    Stax SRM-T1 & tubes

    Hi, I want some advise about 'the best' replacement tubes of the Stax SRM-T1. Please tell me why I 'must have' the tubes you advise. Regards, Hank
  25. psryan

    Singlepower ES-1 crackling on one channel - could it be wall power problem?

    My Singlepower ES-1 Amp (with HE-90) crackles only in one channel with or without source and it is intermittent.  Actually it comes and goes for days at a time and is very hard to duplicate on demand.  If I unplug the power supply for a day it will usually behave for a few days.   I know...