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HAFLER HA75 Tube Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dirtrat, Feb 7, 2015.
  1. dirtrat
    Any thoughts on this amplifier? I was actually an early adopter of a 120 watt Hafler amp when I was in my teens and bought it in a kit and put it together. Output specifications on this are very vague. Hopefully more details to come.
  2. Mr Rick
    Interesting concept. The Feedback Control and Focus Control might be fun to play with.[​IMG]
  3. Jodet
    The wall-wart kind of kills it for me.   Unless it gets amazing reviews. 
    Saw an ad for this in the new Stereophile yesterday. 
  4. Mr Rick
    That's a very strange looking connector for a wall-wart.
  5. lugnut
    Here is a review of the Hafler HA75 Tube Headphone Amp $999.00. They also have a solid state headphone amp $449.00.
    The HA75 has some nice features, however for that price I would have to hear it, first. I would still lean to the Schiit Mjolnir2 for $849.00 !
    They have also brought back a new version of the famous ST-70 tube amp and a very nice tube preamp with lots of features including headphone outs !
  6. jonathane40
    Does it hiss with sensitive IEMs like the CA Andromeda? I'm thinking about getting the Hafler of the RME ADI-2. The RME is also a DAC so I am aware that the Hafler would need a dac.
  7. Dawnrazor
    Got mine today. I am really digging it right out of the box. Its got lots of drive. Though the current version doesnt have the feedback. That has been replaced with an impedence selector.

    Not over tuby but not sterile. A good balance and solid bass.
  8. Waavv
    I’m thinking about getting the Hafler too. Any further impressions now that you’ve had some time with it? Any idea how it would pair with the Audeze LCD Rev 2? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  9. Dawnrazor
    I am guessing there because I never heard the LCD Rev 2 but on my M1060 the Hafler has a slight warmth that I appreciate but has drive and the bass is the best I have heard from these cans. The vox switch is nice. Never thought I would use it but damn man it adds just a bit to the bass. I love the focus feature. I always come back to it.

    For me it gets me singing along, but is still detailed. If you read the Amazon reviews I say they are spot on. Worth an audition.
  10. Dawnrazor
    Forgot to mention, that this amp puts meat on the bones. Its very 3d. Its a tube sound but doesn't hit you over the head with it....
  11. Waavv
    Thanks for that Razor. I am one step closer to pulling the trigger.
    Dawnrazor likes this.
  12. Dawnrazor
    Had some more time to enjoy this this weekend. I don't think I will ever buy another amp without the focus feature. Maybe I am the only one, but I like speakers better than cans because of the imaging. For my bias (vocals) its just way better with the focus option engaged. I know it makes it louder, but turning it off and adjust the vc, it still sounds better engaged. Like it shines a light on things.
  13. Waavv
    Thanks again for your feedback DR. I put an offer in on a used one and will here back in the next couple of days. I'm only open to paying a certain amount because there is no way I can audition and a return is out of the question. I will let you know if my offer comes through and give you my impressions if I do get it. It sounds like you are having fun with the flexibility it offers. Do you have the newer model with the impedance dial?
  14. Dawnrazor
    Yep its the new one with the impedance dial, vox, and focus.

    Hope you get it.
  15. BrentwoodWest
    Interested in this amp as well. Only seem to be able to find the older V1 model for sale. Wonder if anyone knows where to find the newer version? Also wondering if I'd be better off obtaining the older model?

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