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M1060 mod

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dawnrazor, Jan 30, 2019.
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  1. Veldrid
    Monoprice is running a 1 day 20% off sale so I just picked up a pair of M1060 that I plan to 3D print fa,ers and grills for. Also picked up some M1060C that I want to convert to open back.
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  2. Veldrid
    Have a set of Dekoni pads on order too.
  3. Dawnrazor
    Thats great man! glad you are testing these things.

    I may get around to the fazor and other things but without the grills and a few strips of dynamat it just sounds so good that I am afraid to mess with it! What did the fazor do? And the grill change and the Thermolam? How does that compare with no grills?
  4. DrSchnickistein
    Without the nautilus grilles, subbass is weaker. The combination of fazor and dynamat makes the sound signature significantly behaved while at the same time eeking out plenty of texture. Thermolam adds volume and atmosphere. Really glad with my experiment :)

    It's like turning a Mustang into a Thoroughbred

    Go over the main thread for more details. Note that I'm using my own fazor design rather than the older ones.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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  5. Veldrid
    I would be curious to see the fazer. I was looking to print the v4.1 that was posted on here.
  6. Dawnrazor
    I searched but could only find post after post of people selling the M1060s. Can you post a link to the main thread?
  7. DrSchnickistein
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  8. Veldrid
    Awesome. Thanks.
  9. Dawnrazor
    7D5B7D03-885C-4CFC-8512-C834C196A28D.jpeg 1E126393-98C0-4BA3-8556-4300CB0B76AD.jpeg Doesnt sound too bad with the grill and paper towel back in place. But better and wider without the grill
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
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  10. DrSchnickistein
    Hmmm... interesting choice of color :wink:

    though I must say... the left one is giving me OCD. lol
  11. Dawnrazor
    yeah. I bet. Its plastidip. I think that helps with some vibes and also a bit of diffusion. Its not going to be perfect and well it needs many more coats to be even greener. Also the paper towel could be snug and uniform...but since I plan to leave it out and not use the grills anyhow (maybe just make them detachable) I am not worried about the looks. And well its a work in progress. If the dynamat stays I will replace it with a solid black piece that will be impossible to see if the grills are on.

    Is there a pill you can take :)
  12. Dawnrazor
    4BC4F062-1740-415E-B6E9-F8604F1536C9.jpeg 4BC4F062-1740-415E-B6E9-F8604F1536C9.jpeg 4092B6B8-7A46-497C-A63C-82B0E90C59E4.jpeg 60CCA421-0B2C-406F-B2A7-537379C84820.jpeg So I revisited this with other material. Any dampening seems to work at cross purposes. It focuses and improves the resolution and cleans everything up. At the same time it quickens the bass making it have less slam but more resolution. Trick is to do both. Gave up some slam but the resolution and listenability is way up. M1060 has some slam to give up. You could ditch the 3m and get some flabby bass back. Slam isnt exactly the right word. Its more like body. Like the weight loss commercials before and afters. Or when a microscope is out of focus and the image is bigger and you focus it and its smaller but you see everything.

    Used 3m dampening sheets and cork. Easier to work with vs dynamat and well the ocd police might not be as offended.

    This is a winner and doubt I will do anything else to this headphone.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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  13. Dawnrazor
    2 and a half months with the grills totally off and no issues. So my plan to make the grills easy to remove for listening is shelved.
  14. Dawnrazor
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  15. DrSchnickistein
    Hey man. Just to let you know, I'm currently working on a quick detach grille system :wink:
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