Transformative M1060 and M1060c mod for $5 plus shipping.
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Dec 22, 2017
I will be doing this too with the M1060c.

Basically I got around to treating the front of the driver and just treated the front of the driver with some 3m dampening sheets. Damn. This is a fantastic and easy mod. The sound is soo much clearer. I knew the resolution would increase but the SOUNDSTAGE!! Its sooo much BIGGER. Like the speaker itself is disappearing. The theory is that the front and back of the driver are metal and function as the magnets. So if the metal vibrates or rings the driver moves and messes up the resolution. This mod minimizes the vibration so the driver moves less and that cleans up the sound. The bass resolution is better and it seems more extended too.

The 3m sheets are basically a constrained layer dampening sheet and they are metal with a blue coating. So they are magnetic which helps keep them in place along with the adhesive.

They are hard to cut with scissors but you could get by. I use a cutter that works on kevlar string

I Also used the 3m sheets are super thin and shouldnt affect the airflow. You could try something else I suppose since people didn't see to care about the airflow with the fazors and fuzzors.

Protip: The sheets as mentioned are slightly magnetic so do be careful not to let them fall in the gaps or use anykind of metal too to flatten the strips.

Get them here

So glad I did this finally and man why did i wait so long. This is fantastic and super easy.
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FWIW if someone tries this, do note that you can over do it. I suggest start with 2 strips in the center. Then 2 on the outer rows and so on. Basically the bass gets over damped and at some point it will lose some punch in favor of resolution. I can get away with it because I have the Hafler amp which has a vox or bass boost switch and I also have the BBE sonic maximizer which also has some bass adjustment. With the mod and the ability to adjust, I get the bass thump and extension as well as the resolution. OMG the bass is pounding and resolving at the same time! EQ would probably work too. FWIW I do recommend the BBE. Its cheap and really helps the sound. And if you like you can adjust easily for every recording as you see fit...
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Made the same difference on the M1060c. its sooo simple and easy and damn it improves things a ton.
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Here is how my M1060 ended up on the back. Man it really transforms these cans. 610F8F56-2757-47AA-8AF0-11C159E2B102.jpeg

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