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SPL Phonitor or Violectric V200 for Sennheiser HD 800

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aegean, May 5, 2011.
  1. aegean
    I am new to the club but have been reading all the reviews in regards to different amplifiers for quite a few months. Finally, shortlisted the two -  Phonitor or V200. Seeking help and advice on which way to go. I would appreciate any help in making this decision. Phonitor is more expensive but I know with all the features it carries, etc, I can empty out my wallet if its worth the price in terms of SQ.
    As far as V200 goes, I read that its a good amp but for some how it doesn't look good to me, means the face plate design is not really attactive at all but if it sounds better than Phonitor I can definitely compromise on that and can get V200.
    So any recommendations would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  2. revenge
    Funny enough, although I have the Phonitor and HD-800 I have never tested them together because I have them in different places. But I did test extensively (and loved) Phonitor with Edition 8.
    If the look is important to you, there is no match. Phonitor is a beauty, one of the most impressive designs I've seen in years. Its wealth of features is equally impressive, the crossfeed working wonders with Edition 8. It also happens to be the only SS amplifier I can use for hours without ear fatigue. But I wouldn't say it's the most transparent or detailed amplifier, especially if you activate the crossfeed. The sound is very natural, involving, easy on the ears but it's not the ultimate word in pure fidelity. On certain music tracks, especially high resolution formats, I definitely prefer to set most crossfeed options to off because there is a subtle but to me obvious penalty in SQ. 
    I have had V200 for a couple of months and used it extensively with HD800. They are certainly a good match together but, again, not the ultimate word in resolution, detail retrieval or soundstage. Once Weiss DAC202 was in the house, V200 went on sale. Comparing V200 fed from the DAC202's output to Weiss' own headphone amplifier, Violectric was deficient in soundstage, resolution, air but maybe offered a slightly better bass extension and a warmer signature. Trying Edition 8 on both, I definitely prefer the Phonitor. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about HD800 on Phonitor. 
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  3. aegean
    Thanks for the information. I am glad that I made the right decision. Phonitor is already in transit with DHL. 
    Actually, after doing an extensive research, as well as my friend who does lots of professional recordings in studios, owns all sorts of amps sent me a message after reading my post. He's got Phonitor, Woo Audio WA5 LE, Graham Slee Solo with LCD-2, HD 800 and HE-6, and puts Phonitor on top in solid state amps. He said the same thing for HD 800 that its a great match, especially bass, soundstage, less fatigue for longer hours and full control of sound.
    I had shortlisted many tubes and solid state amps and but decided to go solid state. Yes beauty is very important to me; beauty in sound and beauty in look - balances out well :)
  4. dadab12
    I have an SPL Auditor and I'm about to get an HD800, wouldn't it be wiser to spend on a balanced AMP such as the WA22? Since I was told that the HD800 benefit alot from balanced signal?
  5. ShihChen
    May I ask where you order the SPL Phonitor?  Does this shop ship the oversea order?  thx
  6. aegean
    Yes, I am in Canada and I bought it online at
    I've got in black. I actually wanted the old stock but they only have newer stocks. The old ones have yellow light in vu meter (which I prefer), the new ones have bluish white. You would have to order an additional power cable if you're in North America as the one comes from Germany is different one. Also, a supported fuse. 
    But great customer service and I was impressed the way they packed it up in the box. So far I am very happy with the results as its now completely broken in. I have it attached to my RME ADI-2. 
  7. aegean
    Correct. Both WA22 and Phonitor are considered to be good match for HD800.

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