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The best $200 tube-SS hybrid transportable amp you've never heard of ....

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by estreeter, May 21, 2012.
  1. estreeter
    - 12AU7 as input stage
    - Solidstate power output stage
    - AC(cap coupled) and DC (directly coupled) dual line input
    - High and low impedance dual output
    - Capable of driving 2 headphones
    - Beautiful aluminum enclosure
    - Built-in power supply
    - 110V and 220V available
    - Input sensistivity: 1V
    - Max output power: 1000mW
    - Input impedance: >100Ω
    - Frequency response: 10Hz-50KHz
    - Driving impedance: 32Ω - 600Ω
    - SNR: >92dB
    - Net weight: 2.5kg
    all that and not a single mention on Head-Fi - we are slipping, lads. 
  2. WiR3D
    1 what is it?
    2 is it diy?
    3 output impedance? 
  3. estreeter
    No, its not DiY and I have no idea beyond the specs I've copied and pasted. You can find  the amp on E-Bay - the fact that no-one has done so makes me wonder if the amp has known issues - even so, that would normally be discussed in a thread here somewhere. 
  4. WiR3D
    Name brand?!?!
  5. Brooko Contributor
  6. estreeter
    My Tosh laptop is 2.5kg and 'needs power' - I have taken my E9 overseas when I knew I would be gone for 2 weeks or so. Compared to the vast majority of tube amps, and many fullsize SS amps, this is transportable. I guess there are people out there who would pack a Woo WA2 into a suitcase, but they are braver than moi. 
    I have one issue with the PortaTube - price. This amp, by contrast, is a cheap introduction to hybrid amps - whether it actually sounds good is difficult to gauge given that this appears to be the first time anyone other than a vendor has dedicated any keystrokes to it. Happy to hear otherwise. 
  7. zest
    I'm interested in this amp, but couldn't find a review. I wonder if changing the chinese tubes with some better ones should improve the sound.
  8. richierich
    I just got the Sense G5 hybrid amp a few days ago and after an hour of listening there's a high-pitched whine coming through both headphone ports regardless of volume. It's the same constant sound. Do you guys think it's a ground loop issue? Anyways, this amp sounds awesome with my Hot Audio Dac Extasy. I prefer it to the E17, E09K, and O2 amps. Got mine for $~150 with EMS shipping from this seller:
  9. JonnyN
    Looks similar to the Bravo V2 Amp.
  10. JonnyN
  11. moodyrn
    I don't know how you came to that conclusion. Looking at the internals, they aren't even remotely similar. Just because they use the same type of input tube(s) don't make them similar. Don't know which one would sound better. I haven't listened to either, but they definitely are not the same or even close to the same. I do find the internals of the g5 to be impressive for the price.
  12. zest
    I prefer the G5 over the Indeed G2/G3, Indeed sounds good to me with a russian 6n23p tube, but G5 gives a more refined sound. And yes, they have not the same design, Bravo/Indeed use one 6V or 12V tube (Sijosae amp), G5 a pair of 12AU7 in the preamp stage. My G5 was more expensive, I ordered it from SiliconRay.
  13. richierich
    All I gotta say is my setup sounds so good. Man the Sense G5 powers the HE-400s so nicely.
  14. Kawai_man
    I prefer pure class A amps,but thats 
  15. richierich
    Ok so I got some new GE 3S4 tubes in from eBay and so far so good! Whining was probably due to the crappy Chinese 2P2 stock tubes after warming up.

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