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LCD-3's and Woo WA22....WOW!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by z06_pilot, Nov 26, 2013.
  1. Z06_Pilot
    Hi folks,
    I know this pairing has been spoken about before but I just had to post on this.  After pondering and posturing for quite awhile now, I bit the bullet and got the LCD-3's, and have had them for about a week.  Big shout out to Todd at Vinyl Junkie Headquarters.  Wonderful folks to deal with.
    I am just simply blown away by this combination. I wanted phones that would compliment my HD800's, something with a very different sound signature, and boy did I find them.
    Small, intimate soundstage, wonderful bass extension without being sloppy or muddy, and someone please tell me if there is a better mid-range on the planet.  So much air, and everything is just so tight: stand-up bass, snare drums, and acoustic guitars on Patricia Barber's new release are just incredible, imaging is fantastic, as would be expected with planer technology.
    A more "relaxed" listening experience than with the HD800's.  Don't get me wrong, I love everything about the Senn's, but their all-encompassing accuracy can make listening sessions feel like work!
    The WA22 gives the LCD-3's such a warm wonderful sound.
    Aesthetically, I really like that the zebrano wood trim matches my ML Montis speakers.  A very nice finishing touch.  The lambskin cups are incredibly comfortable and in my case, no discomfort or "ear sweating" even after 2 hour listening sessions.
    Eyeing a Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 cable once the wallet is replenished....
    Thoroughly enjoying the HD Tracks release of Rumours as I write this [​IMG]
  2. DarknightDK
    I have the same combo and indeed the WA22 makes the LCD-3 (and HD800) sing. What tubes are you using in your WA22? The WA22 is particularly sensitive to tube rolling. With the right tubes, prepared to be blown away.
  3. Z06_Pilot
    Hey DK, check my sig.
    I have the recommended Woo upgrade tubes from Jack.  As I have not tube-rolled with this unit other than these, I really have no other reference point.....
    I am afraid I will awaken a latent OCD behavior if I start participating in that sport :)
  4. Androb
    I am going to get the LCD-3 soon aswell :) I was looking into Wa22 or the little dot mkvi+, still not 100 percent sure of what amp to go with :p
  5. ubs28
    If these headphones have a small soundstage, what's the advantage against high end IEM such as a Shure SE846 which supposedly has an excellent mid range and bass too? (probably custom IEM are better than the Shure SE846?)
  6. Z06_Pilot
    Perhaps I should have been more specific.  Small soundstage compared to the HD800's(but then everything is when compared to them! ).
    I have what I consider pretty good IEM's in the JH-16's, and I would never compare them at all to full size cans such as the LCD-3 and HD800....A completely, totally different sound signature and purpose,IMO.
  7. britneedadvice
    I like where this threads going and already there appears some worthy contributors.I've nothing to add at the moment but posting this as I want to be kept up to date with this thread.Thanks
  8. britneedadvice
    I would like to here from anybody in the UK with a WA22
    Thanks David
  9. ardilla
    Chiming in to join the crowd, the LCD3 is really stellar with WA22. The Woo gives the upper mids a slight push, and it is just perfect for the Audeze =)
  10. talmlikeabalm
    Which tubes are you guys using?
  11. Frank I
    Leesure is liking the lCDX with the WA22 also. i will be using the LCDX ont he WA22 this weekend and next week. I was waiting for my upgraded tubes today but Fedex did not send their trucks out soi Monday it will be. I will change the driver and Rectifier tomorrow morning and the tungsol arrive on Monday,
  12. Z06_Pilot
    my upgrade tube options I ordered the WA22 with are listed in my sig.  I just picked up a USAF 596 rectifier from DubStep Girl's tube sell-off, but don't have a lot of time on it yet...
  13. Frank I
    The 596 is in use in my WA5 now and I have one other backup pair so been saving those and using RCA 5U4G in the other amps now.
    The 596 is and excellent rectifier though and would love to pick up some more but they are too pricey now if you can find them. But ZO6 your WA 22 has fantastic tubes in use and should make you smile for a bunch of years.
  14. jhljhl
    Old thread but...
    Here's a comment from another thread I'll repost here:
    Anyone try the LCD3-f with the WA22- it's not as mentioned a combination. I understand that they are known to be really good with hd800 and I think the pairing is excellent but I'm impressed with the LCD3f- it's not as resolving as the LAu but I think it has it's merits in presenting a wide sound stage.

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