Dec 25, 2012
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Work at school for kids with special needs.

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    Work at school for kids with special needs.
    Music (ofc), gaming and having some beer with the mates :)
    Beer, gaming and driving cars, (on the winter I go to the frozen lake and drifts some rwd volvo with my brother hehe)
    gaming editing (check out my channel
    Headphone Inventory:
    *Headphones I own atm*
    Sennheiser Momentum
    Koss ur40
    Koss porta pro
    Sennheiser Hd 650
    Audeze Lcd-3
    Superlux HD660
    Takstar pro-80
    TTPOD t1
    Supra Nitro

    *Headphones I sold*
    Akg Q701
    Ath w1000x
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Diy copy of black cube
    Little dot mk III
    Luxman lv110 speaker amp
    Little Dot MKVI+
    Fiio e12 portable
    ifi idsd micro
    Source Inventory:
    Asus xonar essence stx
    Hegel HD20
    Dual 505-2 lp
    ifi idsd micro
    Cable Inventory:
    Cardas Parsec XLR
    TCI Habu RCA
    Forza Audioworks SPC hd650 XLR
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Guitar amps, Guitars (favourite is my Hagström viking)
    Music Preferences:
    Almost everything that isnt hip hop or rnb :) Fav artists gotta be Pink floyd, Thåström, Kent, In flames, Gojira, Laleh, Darkside, Daft punk, James blake.
    My custom built pc :)
    Not much to say here except that I love music!


    IEMs: Supra Nitro
    HPs: HD650 with Forza SPC copper | Momentum | Audeze LCD-3 | Takstar Pro-80 | Superlux HD660
    DACs/Amps: E12 | ifi iDSD micro | Little dot MK III / MKVI+ | DIY Copy Lehmann BCL | Hegel HD20 | LG G2 | A few turntables
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