1. Eyedea

    Vinyl use with Headphones

    Hey everyone. For the past year or so I have been listening to high quality music with my Sennheiser HD 650's. My setup is currently the HD 650's paired with the Schiit Bifrost DAC w/ usb and the Schiit Valhalla Tube Amp. I have my DAC plugged into my laptop with a usb cable where I play my...
  2. MadJukes

    Recommendation for Tube Amp

    Hi guys,   I recently got into the over-ear cans and bought myself a HD600 and HD650 for christmas. Since this was my first foray into higher end headphones, I got myself started with a Fiio E09K and Fiio E17 as a good starting point DAC/Amp. After listening to both of them I decided I liked...
  3. Dgiant

    Step above mid fi

    Hi, I have finally gotten the funds to upgrade from my Denon D5000s. My budget is 2000 dollars for both amp/DAC and headphones. I would like a can that does the denons better. Better bass(quality not thump), better mid range and better imaging. I'm using a fiio e9+schiit modi combo.
  4. Bugler

    closed can sonically similar to HD650

    Most of my listening is with speakers but I do listen quite a bit with my HD650 & Valhalla amp. Mostly jazz, classical, and classic rock. I am very happy with the 650/Valhalla combo. Looking for a similar set of cans with closed back for those times I need to block out noise around me (tv, wife...
  5. nkrueger

    What Headphones to buy for probable use with Schiit Vahala or Magni

    Hi everyone,   I am new to this site and am looking into getting a decent pair of headphones.  I have a small DAC / AMP combo and I like the sound, however after using my DAC with my coworkers ~500$ headphone AMP, I realize I need a better amp.   I am probably going to get either the Schiit...
  6. acidtripwow

    Pioneer SE-DJ5000 Headphone

    I've been listening to a lot of closed headphones lately and have recently picked up a set of the Pioneer SE-DJ5000 headphones. I picked these thinking they are DJ headphones so they probably have a lot of slam and bass for Rock music. After listening for a few days I think they are quite the...
  7. N

    The new color of Schiit. The BLACK Valhalla amp!!

    I am fairly new to this site, and I just joined in mainly because I wanted to inform everyone here that a new amp from Schiit just came out. Well, not really new, but it is different in appearance. Its in gorgeous BLACK!!   Check out the amp and the new...
  8. terrapin13

    Headphone Amp with Bookshelf Speaker outputs

    At work I love my schiit vahalla/bifrost 650 setup.  I would like to set up something similar for music listening at home.  I have some Klipsch bookshelf speakers that I would like to use in addition to headphones.  I was excited by the McIntosh mha100 product until I saw the price of $4,500.  ...
  9. Rusty143

    Valhalla 2 review coming soon!

    I have just purchased a Schiit Valhalla 2 amp to power my Sennheiser HD 600 headphones. I am currently running the headphones through an iPhone 5. Yup, high end stuff! I have a good speaker based system and am just growing into headphones. If you are like me, and have read endlessly on these...
  10. 18inch

    Schiit Valhalla 2 for IEM & low Ω anyone?

    Just saw the description of the new Valhalla. The Valhalla 2.    Seems that you can now actually use it with low-impedance headphones... although only 180mW in 50Ω, what about 32Ω? You guys think it would still be powerful enough even if the output is somehow below standard (i find its usually...
  11. Vitalstatistix

    Interconnect recommendations for Valhalla 2 and NAD c542

    G'day audiophiles! It's been a long time since I posted and I've been quite out of touch with the audio world (been happily using my gear the last 6 years). I recently purchased a Schiit Valhalla 2 to pair up with my NAD c542 source and my trusty Sennheiser HD650 (with original cable).   My...
  12. Themorganlett85

    Schiit Valhalla Vs. Woo WA6SE.

    The name says it all, I'm torn between the two amps for my first tube amp. I know Schiit is pretty reasonable in price and I hear a lot of good things about it but I also hear a lot of good things about the WA6SE. I've tried to find any kind of comparison between the two before I started this...
  13. dannie01

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Hi buddy, I wonder to start this thread earlier when I received my amp and searched that there is no such tiltle so I start it. Please also state what headphone/s you're pairing with and how do you love the combo. My WA6SE arrived by mid-March this year. I ordered a Sophia Princess 274B and...
  14. joespride

    What can I expect with a better amp on planers

    Recently bought the HiFi Man HE-500 and have been impressed with the sound running out of my 2 amps   amp 1) Schiit Valhalla   amp 2) Ampsandsound SE84   Both amps drive the phones to listening levels at 30% or less on the volume knob, and unbearable levels at 1/2 volume.   Schiit says...
  15. cornelius80

    Desktop Setup with Speakers

    Hi Everyone,   I have a Valhalla and BiFrost setup in my office paired with a HD650. Simply Audio Euphoria! =-)   However, I have a question, is it possible to setup bookshelf speakers with my current rig? I understand that I might have to include a preamp section somewhere in the chain...
  16. joespride

    computer as source issues ??

    i'm using my laptop sony vaio with 750GB hard  drive as my source, runs thru a Schiit Modi DAC, and a Valhalla amp, According to the hardrive properties i have about 120 gb of free space.   seems everytime i play music at some point on various songs i get a skip its completely random, I've...
  17. Paulo83

    Amp advice - Crack vs LD Mkiii vs Valhalla

    Hi all,   I could really use some help here, I seem to change my mind at least 3 time a day at the minute! I have a set of HD650s and am looking for a tube based home amp, I think I've narrowed it down to either the crack, mkiii or valhalla but as I can't audition any of them am at a loss as...
  18. Simo123

    Schiit Stack vs Woo Audio 7

    Which would pair better with a set of Sennheiser HD 700's? Bifrost/Lyr     vs     Bifrost/Valhalla      vs      Bifrost/Asgrad 2     vs Woo Audio 7
  19. joespride

    Pulled the trigger on some SCHIIT

    Yep I said HE#$ with it and pulled the trigger on the Valhalla,  and as soon as the $$$$$$ loosens up a bit next will be the Bifrost.  Ive been reading the reviews and info here on the forums, and it seems like I can"t go wrong with Schiit.  This will be my first purchase of BRAND NEW gear in...
  20. shorty11

    AMP - Meier Concerto, Meier Classic or Schiit Valhalla

    Hi All,   I am interested in purchasing one of the three above to be a dedicated desktop amp for my Westone 4R's.   I am a noob... so I do not know which one would be best or if these are even ideally suited for the 4R's...So which one should I choose?   Any suggestions would be greatly...
  21. DaggothReborn

    Looking for a player that has a line out to my DAC, supports FLAC, and has either expandable media or Network Access.

    Hey guys,   I'm removing my PC from my setup. My Current setup was: PC>>Schiit Bifrost DAC>>Schiit Valhalla>>Headphoens. Now, I am looking for a method of playing my FLAC Files. I want it to have a true dedicated Line Out to either via Optical or Coaxial.   Thoughts?
  22. NguyenAdam

    Schiit Magni vs Vali. Which is better?

    I'm looking to get an amp really soon and I'm looking at these two. I can see these two amps are receiving pretty good reviews as of late, but I haven't read anyone comparing the two. Can anyone list some pros and con's for each with my particular setup? All I have as of now is the DT 990 and...
  23. Sir Tmotts III

    Has Schiit ever mentioned an update on the Valhalla in the future?

    Hey all, I've had the opportunity to listen to the Schiit Asgard , the Valhalla, and own a Modi DAC. I like their stuff (not too surprising),  and I'd like to buy my first Tube amp. Right now, my sights are set on either the Little dot MK III, or the Valhalla. But I'm curious if Schiit plans on...
  24. NguyenAdam

    Amp for my DT 990s?

    Looking to get a decently priced amp at the moment. It is going to be used solely at my computer and its not going to move anywhere. Will get a DAC later down the road, but first and foremost I need an amp. Price range is going to be in the ~$120 range. Can be a little flexible.
  25. LFF

    NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

    Well...the cat is out of the bag!!   Quote from Purrin:   The initial review is that it's "the best amp under $1650.00!!!" from another old member I really trust.  The best thing's only $120.00!!!!   It's definitely nice to see a company push the envelope in terms of performance...