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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. LFF
    Well...the cat is out of the bag!!
    Quote from Purrin:
    The initial review is that it's "the best amp under $1650.00!!!" from another old member I really trust.  The best thing is...it's only $120.00!!!!
    It's definitely nice to see a company push the envelope in terms of performance AND price. Hat's off the people at Schiit. This is definitely going on my list of
    "New Things To Try"!
    Anyone else have any impressions or demo units?!
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  2. shipsupt
    I was just reading the release about this thing!  Looks VERY promising!  Insert Schitt joke here!  
    The few guys I know who heard it say it's something special.
  3. LFF
    Same here. From everything I read, it looks to be extremely promising, especially because the people who are raving about it actually have good ears. Might have to drive on down to Purrin's place to listen to it soon.
  4. LFF
    Jude...any input on this amp?
    Does anyone know if Mike Mercer has one for review?
  5. zerodeefex
    I'm guessing we'll be hearing from them and the other usual suspects! I'm really excited to hear impressions.
  6. moriez
    Ehm, how about that!? [​IMG]
  7. shipsupt
    I have not had a chance to watch the new full movie length RMAF video release from Jude, but I'm sure it must be mentioned in there?
  8. LFF

    I don't think it was.... [​IMG]
  9. zerodeefex
    I'm guessing it might have been since it was almost an hour long. Has anyone watched the whole thing?
  10. Jmstrmbn
    Watched the whole video, no mention of any new Schiit products.
  11. blueangel2323
    Can't wait 'til more impressions and reviews start rolling in!
  12. TMRaven
    I just expected this to be kept under wraps until RMAF, but LFF broke the news to the masses just now!
  13. I've heard this new amp is hyper-realistic, to the point where it actually makes listening to music uncomfortable to many listeners.  This affect is being termed as "The Uncanny Vali" by some early beta testers.  Any word on this effect?
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  14. TMRaven
    It's an exciting little Schiit!
  15. burnspbesq
    I'm not a tube guy, but this is very very interesting.

    Any word on whether there will be one at the SD meet?
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