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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Contrails
    Has anyone used 6su7gty tubes on WA22 with 5998/7236 tubes? A review would be very helpful.

  2. bonesnv
    So put in the 596 and the 6em7's I got from Woo, but they coming off a little loud/punchy for my taste though, at least with first impressions.  This seems to be what most say around here but you never know until you try yourself. 
    Appeared to have lost some clarity and separation of the instruments, which was really noticeable on Bob Marley Legends and Dub Colossus albums.  Going to probably put back in the stock 6de7's tomorrow after I listen tonight a bit more, still waiting on 6ew7 and 6fd7's unfortunately, because UPS sucks.
    Haven't tried the S/P yet; with the 596 and GZ32, it may be a while before I get to rolling it in, since these already sound amazing.
  3. joseph69
    I tried the 6GL7/6EM7 3 times due to getting different rectifier tube as time went on... and returned them no matter which rectifier tube I used with them! I felt they were so overpowering with an all around bass presence, they drowned everything else right out!
  4. kazsud
    Well the Tung Sol 7236s came :)

  5. magiccabbage
    You like them? 
  6. bonesnv
    That is the perfect description I was looking for, all you seem to hear is the punch.  Doubt I will return them but I am envisioning a very limited use case for them, maybe the occasional N.W.A. or Wu Tang moment lol
  7. jc9394
    If your GZ32 is CV 593, you do not need to get the S/P.  The CV593 walk all over the princess...
  8. jc9394
    Try GEC 6080, it is much much better pairing with HD800.
  9. bonesnv
    It is, but I already ordered the S/P prior to ordering my GZ32.  So, I have it for down the road testing for fun.
    Sometimes you got to try things for yourself, at least I do, all of our ears are different and my OCD works in strange ways.  With that said, I loved the GZ32 as soon as I first heard it.
  10. joseph69
    I couldn't see keeping 6GL7/6EM7's for anything I listened too, and Woo's site really pumps them up as to how great they are??? And you need the adapters, and neither are inexpensive, at all!!!
    Also I have more than a few different sort after rectifier tubes, and the S/P is just as good as all of them IMO, just different sounding, like everything else.
  11. bonesnv
    Definitely overhyped but you live and learn, that's what makes life fun. 
    The 596 is walking all over the GZ32 on Clapton Unplugged, one of my go to albums to zone out to after work.  I don't possibly see how the S/P could do better that what I'm hearing but willing to try it out at some point.
    I'm in love, I may have to call in sick for work tomorrow actually...
  12. Dubstep Girl
    i love the CV 593, using it in WA5 right now.
  13. joseph69
    I think in different combinations/headphones/genres all these different types of rectifier tubes are very good depending...
    If you don't already have the 6FD7, try them, they have great clarity/detail/separation and are very crisp and alive too my ears.
    Glad to hear your enjoying your new tubes/amp!
    I tried the 6DR7 and in a lot of ways  enjoy it very much, especially the warmth. They remind me of the 6SN7 (which I can no longer use). And I never even bothered trying the 6EW7-6DE7 tubes which came with the 6/6-SE because they were stock tubes, and no one really says much good about them…but you were 100% right with these tubes, they're really satisfying too my ears. Thanks!
  14. joseph69
    Sorry about the incorrect recommendation to bonesnv, I meant the 6FD7's.
    This tube rolling can get confusing remembering all the different numbers/letters.
  15. bonesnv
    No problem, knew what yah meant. They should be here next week, there was a UPS mishap or I'd have them today with the rest.  Looking forward to them after the reviews of their sound signature.
    Really my only improvement at this point I think I am recognizably going to be able to get are with some open back cans, I like the T1's my uncle has; a little higher end DAC (Schiit Ygg when it's released) and of course a fully upgraded WA5....I can dream....lol

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