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Mar 25, 2019
May 15, 2013
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Headphoneus Supremus

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Mar 25, 2019
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Noble Audio Kaiser wizard
    1964Ears V8 / 64Audio A8
    Audeze LCD 3
    Sennheiser HD 25
    Sennheiser PX100
    Sennheiser HD800
    Fitear ToGo334
    Etymotic ER4S
    Aurisonics ASG-2 Nickel
    Tralucent 1plus2
    JH13PRO FP
    AKG N20
    T-Peos H-200
    FAD Heaven IV
    Hifiman HE6
    Hifiman RE600
    Hifiman RE400
    Westone 4R
    Sony XBA4ip
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Audio-gd NFB-28
    Woo Audio WA22
    Power:Bendix 6080 / GE JAN-6080WC / Chatham 2399 / Tung Sol 5998
    Driver: Sylvania 6SN7GT metal base / Sylvania 6SN7GTB / Sylvania VT-231
    Rectifier: NU JAN-CNU 5U4G / Shu Guang 274B / Sophia Princess Mesh Plate 274B / USAF-596
    Source Inventory:
    Chord Hugo / Mojo / Qutest
    Audio-gd NFB-28
    AK240 / AK380 / SP1000m
    Hifiman HM-901 /w balanced/discrete/angel/minibox/IEM/classic/standard amp boards
    Auralic Aries
    iPad Pro 10.5
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    Cable Inventory:
    Norne Audio
    Labkabel Takuma balanced IEM cable for AK
    Music Heaven AE701 Silver plated copper balanced IEM cable
    Whiplash TWag v3 8-conductor IEM cable
    UE balanced IEM cable
    Tralucent Gold/Silver cable
    Tralucent Silver cable
    Fiio RC-WT1 SPC cable
    ALO SXC 24 SPC cable
    Norse Audio Reign-24 Balanced Cable
    Viablue AWG-12 speaker cable for HD800/LCD3


    A wise man once said: "Your mind is simply not in sync with your heart...resistance is futile.  Bottom line - if you're happy, buy. If you're sad, buy. If you're undecided, buy. If you're angry, buy. If you're bored, buy."
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