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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. lojay
    I have, in my 15 minute audition at a local hifi shop, the WA5 (and by parity of reasoning, the WA5-LE) is in a different league from the Studio Six with the right tube combination. I felt it sounded closed-in and lacked exquisite details in the nuances which the WA5 delivers in spades. The WA5 sounded warmer and was more 'delicate'. The Studio Six was more solid statey. Might be a bit of an unfair comparison because the Studio Six may also sound better with upgraded tubes. 
    If you buy Woo amps you better be aware of this. The WA5 stock tubes I had were bottom of the line Shuguang 300Bs and 5U4Gs with a horribly microphonic GE 6SN7. Some say (jokingly) that Woo includes these tubes just to let you know the amp works. I understand why Woo does this though - a company cannot give any warranty on NOS tubes and unfortunately for the tubes Woo selects for most of its amps, NOS vintage tubes sound much better than modern production ones. It has to balance reliability with reasonably decent sound. But I agree with DG that Woo should put in some top end NOS tubes in its amps during meets. 
  2. wongtonypr
    Can u plz compare the wa5 and studio six in stock tubes?
    I am thinking to purchase either one of them but the studio six is a little bit out of my budget..
    Also, do u think the chord hugo can pair nicely with the wa5?
    I tried to pair the hugo with the ss but it seems to be a bad combination..
  3. Dubstep Girl
    im gonna have to agree with his comparison, from people i trust, i've heard mixed things about Studio Six, whereas I hear alot of praise for WA5 and I believe it now. I don't think any upgraded tubes would help the Studio Six out that much, and the Wa5 sounds a tons better with upgraded tubes.
    If you are buying WA5 or considering it but can't afford upgraded tubes (at least $500-600 for mid-level tubes, not necessary to spend thousands on ultra premium NOS tubes), you might be better off with a WA22 or WA2 and some nice NOS tubes.
    BTW just rolled in my pair of Mullard CV593 into the WA5, omg I keep getting more and more impressed by this tube. Honestly, its 95% of the way to the U52, the sound is pretty much the same, beautiful euphonic tonal balance and great all around at everything else, those "delicate nuances" come out a little more on the U52, but this is no worse anywhere else.
    the bass is really nice too, just enough and clean enough
  4. wongtonypr
    I think I will switch tubes after pairing the dac.
    Any suggestions on dac to pair with the WA5 and hd800?
  5. Dubstep Girl
    no as i haven't even heard WA5 and HD 800 myself, gotta buy an Hd 800 in the coming weeks, hopefully i can wait another month since i'm working afternoons midnights the next couple weeks and them i'm on shift for like 2 weeks straight, it can wait
  6. joseph69
    I'm sure many here on this thread have owned the WA6 then upgraded to the 6-S/E…has anyone found the WA6 to have a more tube like sound compared to the 6-S/E regardless of the tubes, just the amps sound itself. Thanks.
  7. TontNZ
    Thanks for the information on how the different tubes type (driver//power/rectifier) affect the different aspects of the sound.  When I get round to tube rolling, I'll focus on the driver tubes first.
    I've lived with valve amps before, driving speakers rather than headphones (a Conrad Johnson MV50 and an Esoteric Audio Research E.A.R. 519 by
    Tim de Paravacini (awesome amp currently in storage)).  So it will be nice to get to know some new old friends.
    Thanks again for your input - Peter
  8. bonesnv
    WIN_20140601_141049.jpg WIN_20140601_141137.jpg
    Decided on a new setup at home after getting this black cabinet from a friend who was moving, I think all the black looks sleek.  Unfortunately, no more Woo at work, but I'll get to enjoy this setup much more, without interruptions from people.  Listening to Eric Clapton Unplugged as I write this... so relaxing.
    "Mighty" 596 on the way as well (impulse buy, it looks awesome, lol) so I should have all of my drivers, adapters and rectifiers arriving next week, going to make for a fun weekend rolling tubes.
  9. Redcarmoose
    I upgraded to the option 1-300b Globe Mesh Plate.
    I have spent some time at a meet with the HD 800 and Woo 5 LE. The HD 800s were nice. I'm not really a HD 800 guy so maybe not the member to respond here. I did also try the HD 800s with an after market cord. There was actually a slight improvement. I didn't think an extra $500 cord price was worth it.lol
    The Woo 5 LE and HD 800 is a very, very clear and analytical presentation. I maybe should try it again as that is the new sound signature I am moving towards. Getting away from warm and going to a ruler flat frequency response which the combo guarantees. 
  10. prosperone
    Brothers and Sisters of the Woo,  I am saddened to say that I am parting with my mint condition maxed WA5. All of his many glass accouterments will also be accompanying him.   Please help find him a good home [​IMG]
  11. jc9394
    Surprised no taker yet, if I have as much time as last year it is mine...
  12. koiloco
    +1.  Well said DSG!
    I was one of those people.
  13. Silent One
    I've long understood the WooAudio value price based model. It allows customer affordable entry. And for those with "jc9394's Toy budget" [​IMG] those members can take their desires to the next level. 
  14. Silent One
    [​IMG] I never understood this. Formerly worked in the trade and Winter/Summer CES shows where companies want put their best foot forward. Show what's possible and bring it!
  15. Clayton SF
    My gosh, if a builder wants to sell their amps at a premium, then for gosh sakes, sell your amp with premium tubes and make those your stock tubes. Showcase your amp with tubes that make you proud of your design efforts and nothing less.
    Lamborghini doesn't outfit their "Lamborghini Huracan," with sub-par wheels on it. Their stock wheels are the car as well. The same should be with amps and their stock tubes.
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