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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Frank I
    cool- one of the best ams Jack makes
  2. kazsud

    Can't wait to acquire some tubes.
    Doesn't sound harsh at all like the stock ones I heard a while ago.
  3. magiccabbage
    See if you can get some GEC 6As7g's with amperex bugle boys - supposed to be amazing with HD800! Never got to try it myself and i don't think I will take the plunge before I sell mine. 
  4. magiccabbage
    Kazud - Do you own a Stratus? 
  5. Clayton SF
    I think that the best amp I've heard in the WooWorld has to be the WA4. That's my current bed-side setup. :)
    With Black Gate caps and V-Caps. Yummy!
    P1020658.jpg P1010771.jpg
    P1010878.jpg P1010774.jpg
  6. joseph69
    That is awesome!!!
    P1020658.jpg P1010771.jpg
    P1010878.jpg P1010774.jpg
  7. Silent One
    Woo-tastic? [​IMG]
  8. punit
    So there is a or used to be a WA4, I used to wonder why they skipped the no.4 in the Woo line up & went from 3 to 5. What kind of amp is it , what tubes, etc ?
  9. Nic Rhodes
  10. Dubstep Girl
    they only made a few WA4 didn't they?
  11. kazsud

    Nope only heard it.
  12. lojay
    Funny, I think I have a noisy pair of Tungsol BGRP that is quite microphonic. I can't hear it with the HE6 (K1K out) or SR009 (Speaker out). But it becomes quite apparent when I use the HD800 with the high impedance out.
    Important question that would really help me: do you think it is better than the Stratus you've heard? How about some other top flight amps? 
    I think I agree with your observations but I have not had a chance to listen to other amps in the same price range. I think the WA5 is very transparent but I do not know if it is the last word for resolution or imaging.  
    What I do know is that with the U52 + Sophia Royal Princess 300Bs, the soundstage is as wide as it can be. It becomes a touch wider if I swap out the Tungsol BGRPs for the Sylvania 6SN7GTW, sacrificing bass response and airiness at the top end. I can't imagine my HD800s possibly sounding any wider than that. It is already completely out of my head. It even seems unnatural on some tracks. I did find the soundstage to be rather small when I had my stock 300Bs and rectifiers. So small that the WA5 sounded unimpressive - just a bit better than my Little Dot MkIV (for at least 6x the price). No kidding.
    I still think the bass quantity is lacking compared to say the HE6 driven by the EF 6. Or maybe that was bass bloom I was experiencing? But it is very tight and controlled, plenty of slam with the HE6, and picks up the low notes extremely well.
    Btw I haven't listened to the HD800 and HE6 much these days. The SR009 + WA5 combo is really supreme. 
  13. magiccabbage
    You mean Wes? Oh I see you have an converter for WA5, whats that like with 009?
    I don't think she has heard she Stratus yet. 
  14. Dubstep Girl
  15. jc9394
    DG on a roll again?

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