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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. MickeyVee
    Congrates to both! 
    Own and love the WA6. (once pic!)
    WA2 in target site! Room for both someday.
  2. joseph69
    Tonight I put the 596/6FD7's in the 6-S/E…not too thrilled with the mid to high frequencies…sounds a little too veiled for me, hmmm? 
  3. Dubstep Girl
    what kind of 6FD7?
    6FD7 / 596 was the absolute most neutral i could get the WA6-SE to sound.
  4. joseph69
    GE-6FD7 (big bottle) from Woo, with the PS1K.
  5. Dubstep Girl
  6. Silent One
    I found both the EML 5U4G & USAF-596 to respond very well in the 6 Special Edition.
  7. joseph69
    I think it is more the 6FD7 rather than the 596. I'm liked the sound of the 596/6SN7's with the WA6…so I think tonight I'll try the 596/6DE7's because according to Woo, the 6DE7 is similar to the 6SN7…plus the 6-S/E only has about 20+hrs on it, but I'll see how this combo works out.
  8. bbophead
    Did you like the 6FD7/596 combo in the WA6?  Cause I sure do.
  9. joseph69
    I really didn't use the 6FD7 much at all with the 596, I used the 6SN7's. Also the PS1K's have some bass to them, so I felt the 596/6FD7 combo didn't keep the bass as well controlled as the WA6/596/6SN7…but the "stock tubes controlled the bass nicely with the 6-S/E and this headphone, but lacked in sound-stage/depth/warmth, (but still the amp is new), so I'll just keep rolling and burning-in until I find the right combo for my liking.
  10. bfreedma

    I was never able to find a tube combination with the 596 that worked for me with the PS1Ks. Usually use the SP/6EW7 with the Grados

    Looking forward to seeing what you settle on.
  11. joseph69
    I also have the 6EW7's, so I will try them too.
    I also have the S/P, but I may end up trying the Phillips Miniwatt GZ34 or the thinner sounding New Production Mullard 5V4G/GZ32. The PS1K's seem too be very picky with tubes in reference to having too much bass for me, but first I'm going to leave the 596 in and roll the driver/power tubes, then if I have to I'll change the rectifier tube for the PS1K's. Funny thing, but I liked the sound of the "stock" tubes with the PS1K's in reference to the mids/highs, but like I said they lacked in other areas.
  12. kazsud
    So this came today. Sounds silky smooth and musical compared to my Nuforce Dac-100.
    Liking it a lot so far!!
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  13. magiccabbage
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  14. joseph69
    Very nice!

  15. joseph69
    So I'm using the 596 with the 6DE7 in the 6-S/E and its a really nice combo for me, even though the 6DE7 is the "stock" tube. The mid-bass is less prominent, the mid-range is more forward and the high frequencies have a nice brilliance too them. I like this combo for the PS1K's due too6FD7's having too much mid-bass,which too me drowns out the mids/highs too much…everything sound nice and even. I would still like to purchase a pair of 6DR7's to hear with the 596 and PS1k's. 

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