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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. lojay
    The tubes really matter. I might be getting a pair of AVVT 32Bs which might bring a different sound to the WA5.

    I do find the bass satisfying enough with the SR009 and HD800. The bass of the HE6 was great with the WA5 until I bought the Toxic Cable Silver Poison. Where did the bass go? Might have to try the HE6 via speaker out or with pure copper cables.

    The Woo WEE doesn't seem to add a flavour of its own. The WA5 driving the SR009 still sounds like the WA5. Sound changes after tube swaps are noticeable via the WEE. But I do find the imaging and soundstaging less impressive and natural with the SR009 compared to HD800 I surmise because this is still not a perfect pairing. I'm awaiting my BHSE just for that.

    DG I take it that you like the WA5 a lot more than your previous Woo amps? Would love to know how it compares with the Stratus (when you get it/ hear it)

    Happy listening :))
  2. kazsud

    They are on my very short list. I just bought vintage brimar ez80
  3. bonesnv
    Well, the NOS Mullard GZ32 came in today from Upscale and I have been listening to it for a few hours now with the stock 6DE7's, what a difference between the Shug stock rectifier.  Everything DG said about was pretty spot on, it added that sound of what I consider "tube" when I think tube sound.  I don't know enough of the fancy lingo just yet to describe the sound exactly, but for reference I compare tube sound to my old tube guitar amps that I had growing up, it's just something you seem to recognize when you hear it but never quite been able to put my finger on the best way to describe it.  For the cost, planning on buying another 1-2 for backup purposes.
    Now to wait for my driver tube orders and try some different combinations out; but more importantly, time to enjoy some music.... [​IMG] 
  4. bigshuse
  5. Dubstep Girl

    Ah ok, yeah was just curious on the wee/wa5 for stats, seems interesting, i know ive seen it reviewed on here a while ago too.

    Lol Stratus purchase is a while away, gotta rebuy headphones, but I think I'll get an opportunity to listen to it soon. The WA5 right now is on another level over all the other woos. it sounds like a woo, but at that same time it "woos" me away with how good it sounds! its transparent, something the other woos lack, and it just seems to do alot of things right, i hope i am just as satisfied with t1/ hd 800 combination, otherwise, its stratus or a wa2 again.

    Im waiting for a pair of these as well, for my wa5. price will eventually go up on these, as they already have. upscale audio doesn't realize how many sales they've made on them cause of me. LOL, their 5r4gy they advertise so much is garbage however...
  6. bonesnv
    I had one of those in the shopping cart until I read yours and several other reviews about them and that they didn't quite meet those glowing expectations that he set with his comments.  Sometimes the hype-o-meter needs to be toned back just a bit, because they came off as to good to be true honestly with what they were being compared against.
  7. Fugue
    Oh my, the Woo WA6 arrived today, and man is it sweet! It has a far richer overall tone, more detail, and a wider/deeper sound stage compared to the Oppo's output. I'm quite a happy camper!
  8. bpcans
    Fugue, congratulations and welcome to the WA6 owners club.
  9. musicman59
    They used to sell the Brimar 5R4GY and those are very good. I bought a pair of those from them and before the 596 they were my favorite but I have not seen them in their site for sometime.
  10. magiccabbage
    welcome to the woo family  [​IMG] 
  11. MickeyVee
    Ditto & congrats!  Stock tubes? Love my WA6!
  12. Fugue
    Thanks, everyone, and yes, I'm using the stock tubes. Maybe I'll request the Sophia Princess for my birthday in November!
  13. bbophead
    Welcome new Wooian!  Listen long and prosper.
  14. joseph69
    Congratulations on your WA6, enjoy!
  15. Dubstep Girl
    out of all the 5R4GY i've tried, the Brimar is by far the best and the definitive version of the 5R4GY tube type.  (I do not like RCA or Philips 5R4GY).
    Its too slow sounding for me, but its actually a very nice tube.

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