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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. joseph69
    IMO, with the WA6 the GZ32 is thin sounding but very detailed, so I liked the 6SN7's with this rectifier tube…but I understand you don't want to use them in the 6-S/E just yet. If you e-mailed Jack about using them in the 6-S/E he is going to tell you what he told me.
    1st e-mail- "the 6SN7's shouldn't be used with the 6-S/E"
    2nd e-mail- " you would have to downgrade the 6-S/E to a 6 to use the 6SN7's"
    I believe  it is Elmo, but don't quote me on that, who is using the 6SN7's with no issues in his 6-S/E…but I'm still a bit concerned about putting them in my 6-S/E being this is what Jack said after 2 e-mails asking him if I could use them, or if there is any way at all if I could use them with the 6-S/E, so I'm just going to forget about them and use my 6FD7's and 6EW7's, and order some 6DR7 tubes in the future. I would just feel better not using them, or even trying to use them. Please keep us posted on his response to your e-mail. Thanks. I had asked 2359glenn who makes "adapters" for the 596 tube, while he was on the forum last night just out of curiosity being he is a "Member of the Trade" if he had an opinion or any input on this, but he did not respond to my question. I'm just trying to see how many people have tried this and do use them in the 6-S/E without issue, thats all.
  2. Silent One
    As covered by 2359glenn last night, one would need a special adapter. He fabricated my adapters to use 6SN7 series tubes for my Black WooAudio WA 6 Special Edition shown on the previous page.
  3. Dubstep Girl
    2359Glenn used to make a special adapter to allow the use of 6SN7 for the WA6-SE, it wasn't just a simple repin though, it had a capacitor and a resistor to protect the 6SN7 tubes from being burned out. 
    I tried them myself and it worked ok, but I still encountered some issues with the amount of power i was getting, maybe not all WA6-SE are built the same since others found them to work alot better in their amps. or maybe it was cause at the time, it was the treasure CV181z i tried and not the regular 6sn7. oh well.
    from the start, Jack Wu has frowned against the use of 6SN7 for WA6-SE and has said its not compatible, only the WA6 is. No real reason has ever really been given.
    last time i checked, there was quite a bit of debate regarding all this, so he stopped making the adapters. I'm not even sure if he will still make adapters for woo amps (596, 6F8G, etc), except maybe for a few people.
    for WA6-SE fans, fear not! I think a Sylvania 6FD7 will still be better than all but the best of 6SN7 on the WA6-SE
  4. Silent One
    I showed the Syl 6FD7 the door early; got a refund from WA. I enjoyed the 6SN7 experience from mid-tier to the top! 
    On a side note, if I may, I don't see the value of mentioning my guy being attacked. That's laundry that's better served being kept in the back on the PM side. [​IMG]
  5. bonesnv
    Interesting, wonder why the hesitation to provide the reasoning for the decision.  Oh well, will look around at the 6FD7's and see what I come up with.  Thanks for the info.
  6. Glam Bash
    My approach with the WA6SE has been to find driver tubes that mate well with the headphones and then dial it in the rest of the way with the rectifier. The 6DE7 or 6FD7 that I like with the HE-500 were a no go with the Grados. The 6DR7 that work well with the Grados made the TH-600 sound closed in...BTW if you have 6GL7 adapters I would try the 6EM7, but you will need a rectifier that can tame that bass. I have a pair of japanese made Samsung 6EM7 that I like a lot. I haven't found any 6GL7 that I like(yet) either.
  7. joseph69
    I didn't realize it was your WA6-S/E, I thought it was Elmo who posted, and I also didn't know they where special adapter made by 2359glenn for the 6SN7's, I thought they where regular 6SN7>6DE7 adapters which where made by him instead of Woo.
  8. Silent One
    I guess I could have been a little more specific...[​IMG]
  9. Feedbacker
    Now at about 22 hours with my WA6-SE, and I've just rolled in the EML 5U4G and 6FD7s, and this thing is coming alive. The tubes have had about an hour, and already I can't believe the sound. I can't get the volume past 9 o'clock either without my K801s jumping off my head.
    I can hear every instrument and voice in the mix of Fleet Foxes first album...
    Everyone's talking about 596s. Am I right that they require an adapter for the 6SE?
  10. Feedbacker
    Yep, I see they do, from the posts above!
  11. -kent-
    First pic of my new WA6 :)
    (better pics will follow later this week)
    Fallen completely in love with them!
  12. Rem0o
    Best WA6 picture I've seen yet.
  13. bbophead
    Nice pic, very clear!  Looks like a Princess.  What are the driver/power tubes?
  14. -kent-
    @Rem0o - wow, what I nice compliment! Thank you! :)
    @bbophead - It's the Sophia Princess with two of the standard 6DE7 (I will upgrade them sometime, but for now they are all I need)
  15. kazsud
    Just pulled the trigger on WA2 from the boards.
    Can't wait to get fully equated w/ it :) 

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