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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. punit
    Infact when I decided to move up from the WA6, the one thing that was a deal breaker for me regarding the WA6 SE was that I couldn't use my 6SN7 tubes.
  2. bbophead
    @ DG:  Bling on, bay-bay! [​IMG] 
  3. Dubstep Girl
    mostly I find its hard to find good 6SN7, on most of the amps i have tried, they introduce noise and microphonics, the tubes themselves are more sensitive overall.
    im happy to say though that the WA5 right now doesn't seem to have any issues with the 6SN7/6F8G, dead silent, its amazing it can do that, the Wa22 sucked at doing that.
  4. punit

    Hmm.. I never had a problem with 6sn7 noise on my WA22 except when with one Ken Rad VT 231, but the tube itself was bad & has noise in all amps I tried it with.
    Did you try the HE 6 on the WA5 yet ?
  5. Frank I
    Told you they were excellent tubes in the WA5. Glad you having a blast with the amp and tubes.
  6. joseph69
    So you didn't buy it?
    I realize this after I ordered my amp…but it wouldn't have been a deal breaker for me anyway.
    Oh, so the issue was just noise with that particular amp, I see.
    Glad too hear you don't have this issue with the new amp, because I think they sound really good, but unfortunately I can't use mine any more.
  7. snapple10
    ^ curious how 6DR7 compares to 6DE7  and to  6EM7
    I am under  the impression 6EM7 is an upgrade 
    gotta love the activities on the woo thread :)
  8. joseph69
    The 6GL7/6EM7 are the same tubes. I tried them from Woo and found they had way too much bass for my taste and drowned out all of the detail/clarity, IMO. Despite it is an upgrade according to Woo's site, I felt it was a downgrade for me
  9. snapple10
    good for me , I enjoy fun bass
    My Grados does not seem as bright as I remember them on the woo or maybe am not as sensitive to brightness
  10. bfreedma

    I find that the 6FD7s have all of the "goodness" of the 6GL7s without the bass bloat the GLs have with a lot of combinations of rectifiers and headphones. It took me a while to get past my own bias that the more expensive tubes had to be better and transition to the FDs as my primary tubes.

    596 + 6FD7 + LCD3 = :) for me.
  11. Feedbacker
    About 10 hours into my new WA6-SE, and it sounds good to me. It feels like I'm in a big room inside my K701s, and I've never heard anything quite like it. My first tube amp, so I've only got solid state to compare it with, but I'm liking the journey so far. The next couple of hundred hours should be interesting!
    Planning to go with the stock tubes up to 20 hours, then switch to the upgrades. Gonna have to dust it soon, too!
  12. joseph69
    I have the 6FD7's also, and can't wait to take out the stock tubes in the 6-S/E and hear the 596/6FD7 combo…I think I'll do it in about another 10hrs or so. But I must say, even with the stock tubes the 6-S/E sound nice.
    Agreed, it sounds great right out of the box…where in the same boat waiting to change the tubes! 
    I tried listening to mtg Adcom GFP-710 (SS) pre-amp after using my WA6 for about 4-5 months exclusively, and I couldn't believe the difference…I sold the Adcom the next day!
  13. bbophead
    FD for me!
  14. Feedbacker
    Waiting for my DAC fund to reach a level that will allow for further expenditure, and then more headphones... Oh, and tubes, obv...!
  15. GalaxyGuy
    My WA22 is pretty quiet with 6F8Gs.  The transformers are not quiet, but the tubes definitely are.

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