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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. joseph69
    Do the adapters say "Woo Audio 6SN7>6DE7" on them?
  2. bfreedma

    If those are 6sn7s, you should take them out f the 6SE. They are definitely not compatible.
  3. snapple10
    Other side
  4. joseph69
    I misunderstood the compatibility chart, it does say WA6 only!
    I thought it said the adapters where (not) needed for the 6-S/E, but needed for the 6... sorry.
  5. bfreedma

    Those are 6em7/6gl7s and are compatible with the 6SE. I love them with the 596 but didn't like them at all with any other rectifier I tried.

    Sorry about the confusion.
  6. bfreedma

    No problem and after seeing the pictures, these are compatible with the 6SE as they aren't 6SN7s after all.

    If you look at where the alternate tubes are listed for the 6, a number of them are specifically called out as incompatible with the 6SE. I agree with you that the compatibility chart isn't entirely clear.

    Glad you're enjoying your new amp!
  7. Dubstep Girl
    yeah TS 6F8G, i agree, i need to get regular BGRP 6SN7 or ideally CV181, but yeah they're very expensive, it'll be a while before i buy any better tubes. a pair of 422A or u52 would also be nice.
  8. joseph69
    Yeah, the tubes themselves looked like my 6SN7's. I had the 6GL7's and they looked a bit shorter I thought.
    Thanks for  clearing this up and posting the pic's of the adapters.
  9. joseph69
    Thank you. And it is a little confusing!
    For WA6 only. A 8-pin to 9-pin adapter is needed.

    For WA6 only. A 8-pin to 9-pin adapter is needed.

  10. snapple10

    Got some 6SN7s on Oppo though , they do look similar

    Glad that got cleared up
  11. joseph69
    Dubstep Girl, I thought when I posted about waiting for my 6SN7's to arrive, you said you didn't like them?
     BTW, Your welcome for the compliment on your new amp.
  12. punit

    I think she meant on the WA6. Tube's sound diff from amp to amp.
  13. joseph69
     I thought in general she just didn't like the sound of them.
    So the sound of the tubes can vary that much from amp to amp? Thanks.
  14. punit

    I really liked some of the 6sn7's , especially the Sophia 6sn7, on the WA6. Time to change your profile pic Joseph [​IMG] 
  15. joseph69
    I also really liked the Sylvania 6SN7 WGTA that I used…but can't anymore, unfortunately.
    Yes, I will change the avatar, but first I have some nice plans for the 6-S/E, which will take a little time though. Thanks!

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