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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. jc9394

    Oh, Frank I spent a little too much in the glasses like I did earlier this year. When is my next trip to Chicago? Mental note to myself, check calendar on Tuesday.
  2. joseph69
    Hi, I would assume you are Glenn who makes the "Glenn adapters" which I use with my 596 (nice build quality). 
    Do you have any opinion on using the 6SN7's with the 6SN7>6DE7 adapters for the WA6-S/E? Thank you. 
  3. Silent One
    Good point and thanks for adding clarity! I did mention having adapters from yours truly in my attempt. [​IMG]
  4. bonesnv
    Damn it, I have more tubes to look up now, lol. 
    By the way, DG, that rectifier thread was incredibly helpful.  Have the S/P coming already from Woo, but ordered up a Mullard GZ32 from Upscale Audio as well based on your comments and others regarding its sound.
    Not to the point of the U52 just yet, plus have to make sure I know much more than I do now of what to really look for before I invest that much.
  5. Dubstep Girl
    i just ordered a pair of the GZ32 for my WA5 as well. They're almost as good as the U52, same sound overall, its good for now since i don't wanna spent $800 + on double U52's.
  6. Khragon
    Thanks for that bit of info, I'm was pulling my hair out wondering why some of my tubes have a low hum to them.  After your comment,  I came to the realization recently that it's probably the amp.  I was going nut asking tube sellers if they're tubes are silent.  Look like WA5 is going to be on my radar in the near future.
  7. Dubstep Girl
    im surprised how good of a job it does with he-6 too
  8. jc9394
    you are not helping here, especially for a person that ran out of toy budget for this year already.
  9. GloryUprising
    Anyone know what design changes occurred for the wa6-se in 2010 that allowed more tube options?

    I could never find exactly what changed....
  10. Dubstep Girl
    like i'm so glad i chose this over the Stratus. it sounds incredible. much better than the other woos! [​IMG] 
    Im impressed by how good HE-6 sounds out of it too.
  11. Khragon
    Can you tell us how it compared to the WA22 given similar tube setup?
  12. Dubstep Girl
    well so far its definitely a step above the other Woos, the WA6-SE, WA2, and WA22, which I have owned aren't as good, even all maxed out with the best tubes you can get.
    it still shares the same woo sound but its different like all the other woos. it fixes the problems the WA22 had. 
    like this amp is very transparent, unlike the other woos, theres no doubt that this one has top level performance. its dynamic, but at the same time, soft and relaxed, not slow, but rather less PRaT, though the amp is actually quite fast as far as transients go, separation is great, no congestion. it images very well, lots of depth soundstage is natural, more rounded than lets say a WA2, the mids are soft and presented slightly forward but they arent aggressive. bass is similar to GSX, neutral, very well textured and natural. very detailed, similar to the other woos.
    not as aggressive as a WA6-SE but similar detail and dynamics, this amp is tubier sounding. more euphonic, tonality is balanced, its not super dreamy silky goodness like a WA2 though, not as colored or warm or as lush as a WA22, more neutral, faster, but at the same time more relaxed. WA6-SE had bigger soundstage than WA5 but not as much depth, separation, or imaging. similar size to WA2 soundstage, just more rounded out. nothing like the huge soundstage the WA22 had.  the mids are well present and detailed,, but they aren't as forward as the WA22, has more bass than the WA22, almost as much as WA2, less bloom and decay but very tight very clean and textured. the bass is actually very good.
    noise is very low, kinda like WA2, slightly more quiet until louder volumes. more quiet than WA6-SE background and definitely alot more than WA22, which is noisy woo amp.
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  13. Frank I
    For anyone interested I will be putting thes eon Ebay so i wanted to make one last attempot to sell at a lower price to some members. This is what i ahve
    RCA 5U4G 1 pair - 35.00 each or 65.00  for the pair- 5.00 shipping
    Tungsol  Black Glass glass flat plate 1942 matched pair NOS Army Signal Corps tubes  $200. 00 shipped 6F8Gi     I will sell the two pairs of TS 6f8G for 300.00  shipped CONUS
    Sylvania VT 99(6F8G)  matched pairs and very close in sound to the tungsol BGP  95.00 pair  NOS- 2 PAIRS
    These are really priced rite for quick sale but will be auction on ebay- If you want these let me know today as I am in the process of putting them up for sale on ebay. If somebody wants them whole lot I will work out a better deal.
    JC your right I spent 5K on glass and 2K  on my second Nikon D610..
  14. Frank I
    Glass and camera took 7K .  I know you spent around the same but only one more piece of glass to go and that will be it for me. Two prips and done for a long while with glass.
  15. jc9394

    I spent way more, the holy trinity cost that alone. I also have all the 1.4 primes and couple Zeiss.

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