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Nov 20, 2019 at 11:29 AM
Sep 29, 2010
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Headphoneus Supremus, Female

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Nov 20, 2019 at 11:29 AM
  • About

    family, friends, music, books
    Enjoy watching movies
    Headphone Inventory:
    -Aurisonics rockets
    -Cyber Lab C6iem
    -1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear
    -Sony XBAH3
    -Tralucent ref.1
    -Westone W4 W60

    -BeyerDynamic T90 Jubilee 90th Ann. Ed. T1
    -Denon D7000 Lawton LA 7000
    -Fostex TH900
    -Grado HF1 HF2 PS500e (re-terminated with a 4 pin XLR ) PS1000
    GH1 SR80e, Bushmills
    -Hifiman HE6 w/dual mono 3-pin XLR cable by Aphrodite Cu29, with WireWorld terminations. HE 500, HE400i
    -JVC DX1000 x 2
    -Mr. Speakers Mad Dog 3.2 (Custom Red)
    -Sennheiser HD 580 HD650
    -Ultrasone Ed.9
    -Sony MDR-1A, Sony MDR-Z7, Sony MDR-Z1R
    -ZMF Atticus Padauk

    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    -Balanced CK²III with a Gold Point Stepped Attenuator by Ying at YBM
    -Glenn OTL
    -HeadAmp GS-X MK2 w/ DACT
    -Woo WA6SE -silver
    -Oppo HA-1

    -Centrance HiFi-M8 for Apple
    -Ray Samuels Audio "The Shadow"
    -RSA Samuel SR71A
    -Pico Power -black
    -Portaphile Micro amp OPA627
    -Fostex HP-P1
    Source Inventory:
    -Anedio D2
    -John Kenny Ciunas DAC
    -John Kenny Ciunas Converter
    - PS Audio DL III with Cullen Stage 4 mods
    -Twisted Pair Buffalo III DAC http://pbandjaudio.blogspot.com
    --Yamaha CD-S2100

    -AK 120 Titan
    -Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo (original)-black
    -Ibasso DX90
    -Sony NWZ-A15, Sony ZX2
    -Ipod Nano
    -Ipod Classic

    Cable Inventory:
    -Sennheiser HD800 5 ft Blue Dragon balanced cable
    -Siltech balanced dual 3-pin Neutrik( pigtail terminates into a single ended 1/4" for D7k
    - 5.5' w/22awg Jena Copper Queen terminating to Furtech 1/4 (LA7k)
    -Silver Dragon V3 - Dual Furutech 3-pin XLR + 3-pin XLR to 1/4 Rhodium (LA 900)- sold
    - Hardwired Hp1 with Norse Audio Cables
    - Hardwired HE6 w/ 6ft Copper OCC cu by Robert at aprhodities cu29
    -Double Helix Hifiman Cables Complement 2
    - Sennheiser 6xx Stefan Audio Endorphin 4 pin XLR
    Power-Related Components:
    Panamax M5100-PM 11 Outlet Clean Power Level 3
    TC Electronic Level Pilot
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Denon S-52
    Emotiva USP-1,UPA-1
    MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Amarra 3.0
    Audirvana Plus
    JRiver MC 20

    Music Preferences:
    rock,pop, reggae, jazz , blues mostly but I tolerate most


    Life is short enjoy the ride

    “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” 
    ― Maya Angelou

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