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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. jc9394
    Wow, you took no time to get this...did you get any optional upgrades?  At the very least the Teflon sockets is a must have.
  2. Silent One
    OK, time for a former fellow Woozie to get in there! Just woke up - hey, I went to bed after sunrise [​IMG] - and saw a haze surrounding 6SN7 tubes and the WA 6 Special Edition.
    Behold: My Black Special Edition with Tung-Sol Black Glass Round Plates (Oval micas) VT-231 (6SN7GT); USAF-596 (The Mighty 596!) Adapters for both drive tubes and rectifier from 2359glenn|studio.
    Running 6SN7 series in the SE is something Jack never preferred. I recall a few owners that did had issues with their pre-April 2010 models. Though, mine was a 2010 midsummer release, it's still not something WooAudio is comfortable with. 
    One of the first things I did was make the switch to 6SN7 series rather than roll down the compatibility chart. [​IMG] I received my Woo on "9 July 2010." I noticed it ran hot out the box and summertime wasn't helping. The first thing I noticed after making the switch was the amp ran as cool as the other side of the pillow...all day, baby! Further, a handful of times I pushed past the recommended 8 hour run-time limit, going 20 consecutive hours. STILL ran cool! [​IMG]
    I'm not advising anyone to follow my lead, I'm merely providing examples of my personal experience and explorations. Now, where can I find Brunch? [​IMG] 
  3. bbophead
    Nice black, Jack!
  4. joseph69
    So you can run the 6SN7's (with adapters) in the 6-S/E???
    Are you saying Jack didn't recommend them due too heat issues?
    But as long as you are running cool, it is not a problem (for you)?
    I totally understand that you are NOT saying to do/try this…its just that you have/had no issues with it.
  5. Silent One
    1. Yes, but WooAudio does not recommend this.
    2. I did not specify the reason nor did Jack when I asked him.
    3. "Running cool" was just an aside. Amps can sound great nice and toasty! 
    4. Correct! I've yet to learn the specific reason. Time for someone to resurrect this inquiry.
    Note: Simply found more selection and refinement among 6SN7 series tubes than the standard offerings. And many many different 6SN7s exists for one to try. 
  6. Silent One
    DG was no joking, baby...got right to it! May have to send her a reminder to eat dinner. 
  7. kazsud

  8. Sko0byDoo
    You do get much lower output gain, right? on the 6SN7's.  Have to turn mine to two or three o'clock position for a decent volume.  
    Did my own adapters per Glenn's suggestion using Woo 6GL7 > 6DE7.     
  9. jc9394

    Dinner is over rated. Hum, not a bad idea. I will ask my wife if I can buy a WA5 if I skip dinner for the next couple months.
  10. Problem
    It was different when I had my WA6-SE and the 6SN7 adapters, normally the 6GL7 would get loud around 7-8 o'clock for me, but it was around 8-9 o'clock position when using 6SN7's.
    Had similar results as SO, runs much cooler but had an extremely microphonic RCA grey glass 6SN7's but makes it annoying to listen
  11. Silent One
    Exact same experience with you regarding the volume pot. Standard tubes 7-8 o'clock, 8-9 o'clock for 6SN7s, with gain still to be had for those fav drive-by passages in songs. [​IMG] 
    However, my RCA Grey glass were not extremely microphonic.
  12. Silent One
    [​IMG] NO NO, in your case it's less about the food and more about your spending quality fam time at the table! 
  13. joseph69
    Thanks for answering my questions in order like that, very good communication.
    As long as there are no problems with damaging the amp, I'm considering trying them, but I'm still little scared.
    Anyway, I'm in no rush, I'm still burning-in the 6-S/E with the stock tubes at this point. Thanks again.
  14. 2359glenn

    SO you should tell them you had special adapters.  If you use 6GL7 adapters you will burn up 6SN7s
  15. Dubstep Girl
    nope, base WA5.
    it was the one Frank I used to own.

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