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Looks to be a reference to the Bob Marley song "Three Little Birds"...and there is a collection of Bob Marley headphones.
That's my guess. 
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three little birds is a bob marley song.  Maybe its the marley set.
edit - beat me to it while i was looking around.
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Just saw Amazon's deal of the day is the "Stir it up". Unfortunately that;s the one that Tyll really disliked:

"Unfortunatly, these too have a fatal flaw: the high frequencies are for the most part missing. There's simply not enough treble response to hear the whole of the music, and there's no fixing that. I can't recommend them."

The House of Marley Stir it Up Over Ear Headphone - Freedom Collection - Three-Button Apple Mic

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Hi peeps.  Im new and I hope i can post a comment here:). But im so getting atleast two of these coppers.  I love my coppers!
Now, ill have three:).  
One for Monday, tues, and even Wednesday????
This is too cheap to pass on.   Now i know how much FShop really pays for these.   
I guess i could send one to a stranger in the US?  Maybe.  :)

You so deserve to be
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Actually, I'm pretty sure the 12% is the tax we have to pay in Canada
Flipping is flipping.  More than covering S&H is not doing it "just to help you guys out" - you're doing it for a profit.  Specifically, a 12% profit margin.  Just because it doesn't "make you rich" doesn't mean it's not flipping, the same way that stealing something cheap doesn't make it not stealing.  
Please drop it.

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You so deserve to be

with that logic so many people were flipping TF10s on headfi a month ago also. if he was actually going to do something nice for the community, sell a copper to a US headfi member who couldnt otherwise go to canada and snatch up the great deal, now he won't even consider it anymore and he probably is going to go on eBay and actually flip it
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So when does Boxing Day sales start for Future Shop?
I read here that it starts 12/24/11 9PM?

Dec.24th 8PM EST. That's for the online sale. 
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I don't think anyone posted this yet. If so, it is now posted again
MEElectronics has their CC51P on sale for $29.99
Use coupon code CC51P_WOW
They have favorable reviews even at the $90 normal price.
Unfortunately, only the white ones are on sale

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