1. chickentender

    Super.Fi love remains... but do you prefer it still?

    Hey all... Well, I've lurked here for, well, years actually very off and on. Just got a ridiculously great deal on a pair of barely used triple.fis and have to pose a question here. I've listened to a few other higher end sets of IEMs but was always ridiculously happy with my 5 Pros...
  2. arielelf

    Replacement for TripleFi10

    My 3rd set of cords for my triplefi10's just broke and I discovered that replacements run close to $70 now. I bought the FiiO cable and really do not like them at all. They are gigantic and weigh down the buds and make them come unsealed very frequently.   I think I would like to try a new...
  3. donileo

    Superfi5 Pros Reshell

    Ok So Ive had the Superfi 5 Pros essentially since they came out and to this day I havent found a better Overall sounding headphone. Thats almost 10years I believe which is crazy. Ive tried Monster Turbine Coppers, The Westone4, The UE triple fi and sorry But No..Overall the Super fis are the...
  4. marcan

    Multi drivers IEM? I don't get it!

    One of the benefits of headphones is the ability to produce a sufficient acoustic pressure on the full spectrum with ONE driver. If you start with multi drivers speakers (I’m talking about different drivers for different frequencies), you will have phase and time issues between the different...
  5. music065

    Are High-End Headphones Addictive?

    Is the interaction of quality headphones/iems and the human body kind of like drugs, in that our body quickly develops a tolerance to it, and it keeps taking more and more to give us that "high?" Anyone else had the experience that: you used to feel so great listening to your low-end...
  6. bossnass15

    Vote: Do you have sibilance issues with your westone 3?

    Starting of a poll to generally determine if this is a universal problem and what percentage of westone 3 owners actually have sibilance issues to an otherwise great IEM. Vote only if you're a westone 3 owner (or ex) to keep this poll as accurate as it can be.
  7. Tiop

    Why am I not satisfied with my IEM's?

    Okay so I usually just lurk here but I decided to go ahead and make an account and ask. I don't have much experience in the headphone world but I do consider myself to be very picky about how my music sounds. I'm big on my home theater setup but I've just really never had a set of good IEM's...
  8. 8lias

    Modified usage of 5pro

    (Flip Flop), attached the removeable "left" wire to the "right" driver, and vice versa for the other one. There's a "tiny" bump at the end of the wire and the driver unit, make sure they line up with each other to avoid out of phase sound, wear them like the pictures show. Advantages: flat...
  9. slate

    New IEMs, 100-300$ range, coming from UM2

    Hello,   I'm currently in the market for some new IEM's because my Westone UM2s cable broke just recently and now I'm looking for some recommendations   What I prefer:   - very good isolation - good fit, I liked the UM2 a lot, I've just the 5 pro as reference and those were...
  10. HeadphoneAddict

    Synergy between Portable Amps and IEMs - 9 IEM compared with 9 portable amps = 81 chances to mess up!

    [See the end for an update on 8/2/08] PROLOGUE: The other day I was re-listening to the 5 pro that I originally got for my daughter, which she had traded back to me for my JVC FX66 Air Cushions. The sounded much worse than I remembered from the last time I listened. I...
  11. Tarheelvolvo

    Good headphones for Guitar Practice

    I have combed through the past 5+years of Head-fi posts and have found some great suggestions, of course that leads to more questions. I went to the closest Guitar Center to try out a few phones and wanted to elicit opinions and what might be the best option for me since some of the headphones...
  12. sergiup

    Replacing Super.Fi 5 jack

    Hello all! My UE Super.Fi 5 have a pretty much dead connection to one of the buds, traced to the cable literally at or just before the jack. They've long been replaced by a pair of Triple.Fi 10, but for sentimental reasons and because I love fiddling I'm looking to fix them anyway.   Now...
  13. Amar1990

    Budget IEM Recommendation?

    Hey all, my girlfriend has recently asked me to help her pick a new pair of headphones for use with her iPod nano. In the past, she has had nothing but the stock Apple Earbuds, which obviously leave much to be desired. She's finally let me convince her to use something better.  *EDIT* I...
  14. EPcnD

    In need of repair service

    I've got two IEMs I need some simple work on, I would like to try the repairs myself but I don't have the time or tools (I'm on a deployment in Afghanistan).  If anyone can help me with these I can pay with paypal or dwolla.   1)  Altec Lansing inMotion iM716 The first set of buds works...
  15. chongy5

    Superfi 5s on eBay UK

    Evening everyone!   I've been using a pair of budget UE MetroFi 220s that I have been very happy with - they have been durable, I like their sound signature and they fit and isolate well. I've wanted to jump up just a little bit and considered staying with Ultimate Ears, perhaps a pair of...
  16. tripleflange

    Reviews on Ultimate Ears 500vi and 600vi?

    I can't find many reviews on the 500vi and 600vi.  Is anyone using either of these?  I'm guessing the 600vi is supposed to have better audio because of the top-fire armature?  And presumably the 500vi doesn't stick out from your ears as much and might have a better cord?
  17. Rydo1888

    Just Upgraded from UE Superfi 5 Pro to Shure SE535................ Thoughts............

    Hello all, I have only posted a couple of times on here after first coming across the site when I was looking to upgrade from my Denon AH-C551 earphones which replaced my stock Apple buds.   After looking at a multitude of reviews I eventually went for a set of Superfi 5 Pros, and as the...
  18. Currawong

    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    I keep seeing these "Deal Alert" threads popping up frequently, so I reckon we're due for a single thread for them.      Here's what you should post:   The model and price. The link! LOCATION! For example, if you're in the EU and it's an EU store, make sure you say this, as people will...
  19. RaZrReD

    SuperFi 5 EB on Amazon?

    Hey guys   As you all know I am in search some some major,earth-shaking IEMs. I have read some erally good things about the SuperFi 5 EB, but I realized that they are not being made anymore.   After doing some searching on Amazon, I found out that they are still on sale for about $100...
  20. 021311

    Will Westone cable fit my Ultimate Ears? I did search the forum but reading different things which confused me, some claim that just have to trim a little, some claim should purchase from some web sites. My superfi 5 pro and triplefi 10 pro have been using mod...
  21. showa60

    Advice on IEM's that will be complementary to the RE0's

    Hello everyone,   First of all, this site is the bomb. In my search for a new pair of iem's, 90% of the time I've come back to The community is large and dedicated and friendly, and the reviews are excellent.   My descent into IEM madness began after I'd gone through about 5...
  22. Anthonym

    Superfi 5pro DEAL

    Ok I'm not sure if it is a good deal but, I saw this on gizmodo blog and thought I should post it for anyone who is interested. They are selling it for $129.99  
  23. batphink

    BARGAIN ALERT: SuperFi 5 for $60 with coupon

    Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Noise Isolating Earphones (dented box) $59.99 Free Shipping   Logitech has the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Noise Isolating Earphones for a low $59.99 Free Shipping after Coupon Code: logi_sf5_92410 (Exp 9/30, normally $159.99). Tax in CA, MA, NY, TN.
  24. Poksao

    New UE18pro's Problem

    I have had ue super fi 5 pro's for years and love them. I just recently got a pair of ue18's and it seems like something is missing. They are a very comfortable fit but the sound just isn't as "fun" as my super fi 5's. I started re-ripping my music into FLAC and have noticed an improvement, but...
  25. ProjectDenz

    In a bit of a dilemma - RE0 vs Super Fi5

    Hey guys I am in a bit of a dilemma, I bought a pair of RE0s and a pair of Super Fi5s and received them both just now, the Re0s were used, albeit 3 weeks old, and the Super Fi5s are brand new in box. I love the sound of the re0s and will be using this as my primary headphone. My problem now...