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The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

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  1. Currawong Contributor
    I keep seeing these "Deal Alert" threads popping up frequently, so I reckon we're due for a single thread for them.   
    Here's what you should post:
    1. The model and price.
    2. The link!
    3. LOCATION! For example, if you're in the EU and it's an EU store, make sure you say this, as people will think you're posting a crazy price not realizing you're in a heavily taxed country and not the USA.
    4. When the deal ends, eg: a date or "Until sold out" or whatever.
    5. Any shipping costs, promo codes required and any other requirements.
    NO CHAT unless you're correcting someone's error or adding useful info, though please do not turn it into a discussion. You can always PM someone who has posted a deal and discuss it with them instead.
    Please keep your posts in the format above so it's easy for people to see if a deal has expired or not quickly.  Sorry I can't sticky the thread.
    PM me any suggestions, requests etc. rather than posting them in here so the thread doesn't become cluttered.
    NO REFERRAL LINKS. As we don't allow advertising posts (for profit) from companies, neither do we allow referral links (for profit/discounts).
    NO GROUP BUYS OR GROUP-BUY SITES.For the reason, read this article: http://www.head-fi.org/a/group-buys
  2. chrisjackson
  3. dziendobry
  4. TheGame21x
    Klipsch Image S4 (White) on sale for $49.99 at World Wide Stereo using the coupon code XJ423C with free ground shipping in the US. Don't know how long this will last but it seems like a pretty good deal to me.
  5. MINGF5
  6. Anaxilus
  7. batphink
    MEElectronics M6 (black only) for $18
    -don't know how long
    -Shipping is $1 CONUS (more elsewhere)
    Boxer757 likes this.
  8. MrFisherman
  9. dziendobry
    I won an auction on  the compuguys_2007 UE Super.fi 5's this week, I will let y'all know how that turns out.
  10. JoeyRusso
    Meelec is having another sitewide sale...
    Use code: SPECIAL_SAVINGS at checkout for surprise savings and code: SHIPPING_COUPON for $2.95 shipping...
  11. jarrett
  12. controlmajortom
    Are those UEs real?....
  13. aleki
    I suppose I should add to this. 10% coupon code: 152096
    *taken fom slickdeals


  14. dziendobry
    The UE Super.fi 5's that I received from Compuguys_2007 through Ebay are genuine and I am very happy with the transaction, I say grab em before they are gone!
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