1. GOTFrog

    iems with inline mic

    I'm looking to buy iems withvan inline mic, I have a Samsung Note 2, music control is not a must budjet is 150. Those I'm looking at now are Westone TS1 Klipsch s4a ii android Beyerdynamic MMX 101 ei Shure Se215 with inline mic cord I like a well balanced sound no big bass no shrill highs.
  2. WonDerBr34D

    Help with a $100 budget on new IEMs

    I'm fairly settled on the Shure se215, Westone 1, or the HiFiMAN RE-400. I have used the ATH M50's for the past year and love their sound signature. The summer is simply too hot to be wearing them around so I decided on a pair of IEMs. I listen to rock, metal and classical. Any advice would be...
  3. robin0627

    Westone 1 or Westone 2 or IE60

    Hi, I am a new member of this forum and my pair of se215 has been broken recently. This is my second pair of shure earphones, which was broken because of the wire issues. I will not consider buying another set of IEM from shure due to the durability of the wires.   Recently, I went to a...
  4. TurbinePro

    Westone W1/2/3/4/5/6-0 Impression thread

    I haven't found one, so here it is.   I personally have the W40 and pair it up with the Fiio X3. What an enjoyable pair of headphones. I also like how they are so discreet and humble on the outside. 
  5. dmbphan041

    Good first custom fit IEM?

    Looking to spend around $300. What else should I be looking at besides the Westone CR1?   Thanks in advance!
  6. patthebaker17

    getting back into iem's for around $100

    I know theres a million threads about people asking what iem to get especially for around 100. I've done my research and as with many audio enthusiast its hard to make a decision based on reviews/ impressions alone.  I haven't kept up with iem's for about 2 years and as I grow older i need...
  7. Milkk2013

    Good sleeping in ear headphones?

    Can any one recommend good headphones that you use for sleep, around $100. (Extra details) I can only sleep on my stomach with my head facing towards my right or left and my ear on the mattress. My favorite in ear headphones (ckm500) stick out too much and they hurt my ears. Only using one...
  8. Caliax

    Westone-1 vs Westone UM1 vs Shure SE215

    Out of all 3, which one has the warmest, most "fun" sound signature?  I'm going to be using this for casual listening for long periods of time so I think I'd prefer that sound signature.     Also, all 3 are over the ear design so which one will be more comfortable for walking, running, and...
  9. Zankes

    Looking for first pair of IEMs

    I am looking for first pair of IEMS, any recommendations? I don't know anything about IEMS, so I need some serious advices...   I currently have Ultrasone pro 900 and I love them and I listen to jpop/electro pop.     My budget is about 100 usd or something, because I won't use iems so...
  10. AsdLogic

    Earphone help!!!

    Hi there, this is my first post so here it goes:)   I am planning on getting a new earphone for my daily music dosage but i am having some difficulties choosing between brands.   1) Etymotic HF5 2) Shure SE215 3) Westone 1 4) Westone UM1 5) Ultimate Ears 700   These are the...
  11. captainlol

    Westone 1 defective

    My pair of Westone 1's were working fine up until today, when I noticed that the left earbud was significantly quieter than the right. I tried opening up the buds, but noticed nothing out the ordinary. Now when I put them back together, the volume issue seems to be fixed but now there is a...
  12. softrally

    Westone 2s... Worth the extra $130 compared to the Westone 1s?

    Hi, I've been lurking around head-fi.org for the last few weeksand this is my fist post here. I currently own a pair of UE600s, UE350s, Ety MC5s, and Meelectronics M9s. I am looking forwardto buying either the Westone 1 or the Westone 2. As what I have read, the W1's have a small soundstage...
  13. stinkysbsc

    Earsonic SM3 alternative?

    I went to Jaben to check out some IEMs, and the service was fantastic and I got to try out a bunch of IEMs! The setup and music is in my signature... I auditioned the following IEMs, and here are my opinions... Westone 1- Really comfortable, but the sound was a little too thick for my liking...
  14. Music3nthusi3st

    Conflicting results, really need help.

    Hello,   I am looking for the right iem for me. I love vocals and a lot of details and I also like decent bass for dubstep. I love all music and I am simply trying to find an iem that sounds good with every genre. I cannot spend more than 100$ so that's also complicating. I was originally...
  15. Currawong

    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    I keep seeing these "Deal Alert" threads popping up frequently, so I reckon we're due for a single thread for them.      Here's what you should post:   The model and price. The link! LOCATION! For example, if you're in the EU and it's an EU store, make sure you say this, as people will...
  16. tubstick123

    Shure Se215 or Westone 1 or phenok audeo pfe 012??

    hey i recently posted this on the wrong thread :0 and im back , hopefully on the right one. well i have narrowed my options to these three - SHure se215 , westone 1 and phonak audeo pfe 012. i like listening to rnb ,hip hop ,pop ,rap ,usually songs that are popular . so which one would be...
  17. tubstick123

    Shure Se215 or Westone 1 or phenok audeo pfe 012??

    im new to head fi . well im looking for a new pair of earphones and have narrowed my options to the shure se215 , westone 1 and phonak audeo pfe 012. i like listening to rnb music and rap ,so which of the three are best?
  18. PacoTaco9001

    Meelec A151 vs Westone 1

    Hi everyone, sorry to make a new thread about "which iems should i get," but I wasn't getting much assistance from the thread regarding that subject..   But anyway I'll just keep this short: Are there really any major differences between the Westone 1 and the Meelec A151? From what I've...
  19. Banshee77

    etymotic hf 5 vs hf3 vs westone 1

    Im looking at all of these buds and I would like to know which of the three would be best for bass since i listen to lots of dubstep but also which of them could handle music like mumford and sons passion pit mgmt death cab for cutie etc please help me
  20. dreamLRG

    Best I.E.Ms for working out?

    Hey guys what is the best IEM for working out that are also comfortable. My price range is about 100
  21. Cafofo

    Doubt in simple upgrade

    Hi guys, im new in the forum and wanna a suggestions   im using a CKM55 for 1 year and now i want to make an fist upgrade in my in-ear phone.   I was seein some models to buy at same price ( something about 100U$ ) and i got those names :   SONY EX510 , Shure SE215 , Westone UM1 and...
  22. Cloiselle

    IEM for drummer

    hey guys thanks for all the great , honest and informative reviews I've found on this site.   Although I've tried searching for several of the models I'm considering for IEM's, I have not been able to chose which way to go.   my equipment demands are excellent isolation, reproduction of...
  23. TrantaLocked

    Looking for trial IEMs ($15 each for 30 days)

      I have the IE7 and others are suggesting to understand how great they are and the clarity differences in sound sigs I should hear other headphones.   I'm looking to trial the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10s, Hifiman RE-0, any SE level Shure, IE8, any of the Westone series or Klipsch...
  24. John E Woven

    westone vs shure vs other ?

    I am looking to buy a headphone in the ~150 range, shipped.  the options i am looking at so far are - shure SE215 - westone 1 ???   I like the formfactor of the two (over-ear style).    help me pick. looking to get these within a day or two.
  25. BTFbossman

    Shure SE215 or Wetstone 1???

    Hey guys im looking to get either the Shure SE215 or the Wetstone 1..is the wetstone 1 worth the extra 20$?   Also is the monster turbine better or worse than either of these?   Thank you