1. 1TMF

    Help me pick my new IEM's!

    Hello all,   First, I would like to thank everyone for their reviews and input. I have been trolling a read a few threads - very helpful!   Here's my situation..   -looking to replace my vmoda bass freq's --yes, they had muddy bass and lacked definition. I've been through two...
  2. Bonobo

    First Custom IEM

    Unfortunately, my beloved Panasonic HJE900 have died. One channel doesn't work anymore. I've always had an eye on a custom IEM, but the search is difficult when you can't demo one. I liked the hje900 a lot as I said. Much better than the Klipsch S4 which went before it. I also have the Yamaha...
  3. dynamisoz

    Panasonic HJE900 - New updated cables from Sleek Audio

    Hi..  I know a lot of people are very frustrated with the cabling on their Pana HJE900 earphones.  My cable had been broken for quiet some time too, without a replacement.  In the past, had used the Sleek Audio cables, but those did not last long either.    But recently checked out Sleek Audio...
  4. urban maverick

    Yamaha EPH-100SL vs Panasonic RP-HJE900 vs Beyerdynamic DX 160 iE

    Okay down to the finals in my hunt for some new iem's and I have identified these three for my final choices. Can the head-fi community help me choose the victor? So basically here is all of my info and thanks to the head-fi community for getting me this far. B Budget: <$130 Source:Samsung...
  5. bakka


    Im sorry but i gotta start that thread since now im confused about which one i should get. now here is the deal , i could get gr8's for $125 and hje900's for $90. i listen most of time metal music (mostly death metal) and now i have one shot to get one of them which i never tried before so i...
  6. jankydude

    DUNU HEPHAES – Sub $100 Bass Kings (comparisons to HJE-900 and TD-100 II)

      Ladies and gentlemen… Your new FOTM IEM’s – and all for an attractive $100 price tag.   Warning. Long read.   So recently I ran into a quite a predicament. I was flying home from college, when I found out that I didn’t have my headphones. Needless to say the flight sucked without...
  7. TouchOfEvil

    Looking for a Upgrade from Panasonic hje900's

    I've been using the panasonic iems for a good while now and want to upgrade from them. I like the phones alot but wanna see what else is out there.   I listen to alot of everything....rock,metal,rap,r&b,techno,easy listening the list goes on. The hje's can sometimes be a bit bright. Not...
  8. HungryHippo

    HJE900 replacement cable [other than original/Sleek Audio]

    So the right side of the cord just gave up on me and I was wondering if there are any replacement cables other than the original (cable noise) or the Sleek Audio's (complaints of difference in sound quality). A mic would be nice but isn't a must and my budget is limited at $20.   Thanks
  9. Nimitz87

    Where to buy Panasonic RP-HJE900's

    looking to replace my now broken klipsch s4's been doing a ton of research and it seems the HJE900's are the best bang for the buck, however I can't find them anywhere ?   I've also just started to look into the Hippo Vb's which seem a great deal for the price.   Thanks   Chad
  10. Memo759

    i wanna get a new cord for my Panasonic HJE900

      the left side is breaking up and i must hold it or shake it a little bit to get it work   and i made sure that this issue is coming from the cord not the earbuds   I searched for the cord in some websites but i can't find it sold seperately   so an Amazon link or somthing like...
  11. takkaki

    Where can I buy Panasonic RP-HJE900 replacement cables?

    I can't seem to find them on the American market. Amazon only sells the cables in Japan. Moreover, I read iffy reviews on the sa6 cables, so I'm not sure if I should buy those. Does anyone have information on where I can purchase the originals or good quality alternatives?
  12. thrubovc

    Monster Turbine vs Panasonic RP-HJE900

    Hi everyone, I've been around for a while- observing and researching, I'd like to buy a new IEM. The only touch with relatively high sound quality have so far been my Sennheisers eH 150. I am willing to spend around $100 and I want good sound, but also some premium feel. A nice case will be a...
  13. eahea3174

    A few questions about the Panasonic HJE900

    These are available for $250 right now.    From reading the reviews of these on this site, I've gathered that these used to sell for $110~$120?    Were these discontinued? Is that why the cost doubled?    Would anybody still recommend them at their current selling price?
  14. menamesjames

    Replacement IEM for Panasonic HJE-900 Cable?

    The left ear piece on my HJE900 doesn't connect properly to either side of the cable so i'm looking for a left earpiece that fits the cable. Any ideas?
  15. ArmoredBear

    Panasonic HJE900 - vs Etymotic HF3 : An attempt to save my wallet

    Hi all, I've been lurking these forums for a few years -- and have just decided to post. I just got my Etymotic Hf3 in the mail. I also own the HJE900 - and while I can say I was happy with them, I wanted to try to get some more isolation, and iPhone controls.   The sounds are...
  16. mastershake2393

    Review Extravaganza! TF10 vs HJE900 vs ASG-1 vs D1001 vs Beats Pro

    Seeing as how I'm going to be in recovery for quite awhile after my surgery (May 25th), I figured I'll do a huge review with some of the IEMs and cans I have.   I don't yet have the ASG-1, so I'll start the TF10 and HJE900 review sometime tomorrow.   I'll do separate reviews and...
  17. PMAP

    Better replacement IEM cable (Pana HJE900/Sleek SA1 style)

    I'm looking for a better cable for my Xears XPA2Pro. It uses the same style as Panasonic HJE900 or Sleek SA1, i.e. barrel connectors which look like those on later Nokia chargers (1,5 mm) but shorter   Is there anything? The Xears one is crap and the Sleek one is also crap. One option would...
  18. pokpokgei

    Need advice for JVC HA-FX700 vs Panasonic RP-HJE900 (users who have listened to both extensively)

    Hi guys,   right now i am contemplating a purchase between the HJE900 and FX700. i will need all the details and advice i can get before i waste my money again.   background: i own the panasonic hje270 and i love the natural sounding mid bass that has adequate quantity, quality. love...
  19. ElChupaNibre

    HJE900 woes - replacement cable, or similar IEMs?

    Hello all,   A couple of years ago, after advice from this forum, I bought a pair of Panasonic HJE900s which were said to be brilliant for the price (£70). I loved them, but they broke a little over a year later, so I bought a new pair after (fortunately) finding them on offer for the same...
  20. rotter2142

    HJE900 replacement cables DIY

      This is the second time the Sleek Audio replacement SA6 cables gave away. I am fed up with their inferior quality cables that cost a bomb. They hardly last a month on me!   Just to receive a new pair of replacement cables I have to wait for months on an end for any of relatives to come...
  21. rotter2142

    How to repair HJE900 cable?

    My Panasonic HJE900 cables gave out. The connections inside the housing near the earphones(not near the jack) are a little loose. I have to adjust the cables to a specific position to make them working.   Is there any way I could open the housings and solder it?    
  22. loxxrider

    SS of SE215 or HJE900 with Better Soundstage?

    Per the title, I'm interested in your opinions on which earphone I should look at for a similar sound signature as my SE215 or HJE900, but with superior sound stage. I recently had a sound stage revelation when my friend let me listen to his GR07 (the width was incredible!) I never really knew...
  23. hauton

    HJE900 cable replacements - are Sleek Audio cables still useless?

    My original HJE900s are dying on the right side, was looking to replace but apparently the selection is slim pickings... Anyone know if Sleek Audio's cables have improved from the horror stories I've heard? Or other alternatives that for the HJE plugs?
  24. Rosloyoy5

    Help me decide, shure se315, UE triple fi 10, sennheiser ie6, or panasonic rp-hje900?

    Hello. Can you guys help me decide between the shure se315, Ultimate Ears triple fi 10, sennheiser ie6, or panasonic rp-hje900. They will mainly be used for listening to bass oriented music like rap and trance from an iPhone 4s, and with comply foam tips for a perfect seal. I already own monster...
  25. pokpokgei

    anyone out there still thinks that Panasonic RP-HJE900 is the best U shape sounding earphone?

    i think the 2 main attractions behind the panasonic hje900's uniqueness is it's dynamic and natural sounding bass and the overall well tuned decay/fade out.   feel free to share your views and whether you have come across another U shape sounding IEM that is better. :)