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    2015 October Version - added Bel CantoCD3t
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  3. seunghoyoum

    TF10.... and now what next?

    Owned the triple fi for a year, and I recently lost them. I was so pissed I was out of the head-fi community for a while but not I really can't stand average 10 dollar earphones anymore, I'm back to head-fi now :)   My first thought was to get an upgrade from TF10. I have done my research...
  4. Golila3

    Looking for the "Best" Universal IEM

    HELLO~~~~ HeAd Fi~~ I'm trying to get myself some really good high end Universal IEMs. I just don't feel like doing custom right now since my last JH-16 gave me a really hard time with fit issues.    I've owned/borrowed  a few IEMs in my until today and here's my ranking for SOUND...
  5. galaxygrrl

    Suggestions on Earphones

    Hi all,    So, I'm on the market for a new set of headphones given I just lost my IE 8s :(  And I thought I would ask people for suggestions of what to look at.     I loved my Shure 535's becasue they were good with the mids, not to heavy on the base and sounded great for Jazz, talk...
  6. Ragnarblade

    Review of Apollo Audio Lab's Viper 6 - 6 BA drivers universal in-ear monitor

    Hello guys.   last month, I pull the trigger and bought the Viper 6 in-ear monitor earphones from Apollo Audio Lab via their official online store , Their post purchase communication and shipping arrangments were fantastic. Parcel was delivered right to my doorstep by...
  7. jtai117

    Custom IEMs :D

    So! I've been running with a pair of Shure SE535 LTDs for a couple of years now (I actually have 2 pairs of 535s. Long story) and I've been really happy with the the clarity and the sound signature in general I guess. I tried out a universal pair of JH16 Pros at Jaben Audio and was blown away by...
  8. wakeride74

    If the PS500 was an IEM it would sound like...?

    After trying both the UE900 and Shure SE535 I'm yet to be satisfied searching for a fun universal IEM. The PS500 has a big fun factor, great in rendering vocals ( I use reversed bowls) and in an IEM that is what I want. Balance is for quite listening time, energy and fun factor is where it is at...
  9. ReNnxz

    Tf10/Universals remolded into universals, anyone interested?

    Have you hoped that your someday your tf10 is available in more fit friendly shell as you have been constantly annoyed by its fit issues?    Or are you holding on to a universal with damaged pins sockets or shell, could not do anything with it because of the concern that high cost of...
  10. music-meister

    Need In-Ear Recommendation:

    Greetings All,   First time poster here, but I've read through a number of threads regarding various IEM's.  Nevertheless, I'm hopeful some head-fi 'experts' can chime in and make a recommendation for me.   Our church worship team is about to move to Aviom's and we're all purchasing our...
  11. johntheman123

    Hybrid (Balanced and Dynamic) IEMs?

    Other than the Unique Miracle Merlins, what other universal and or custom IEM's out there have a hybrid Dynamic and Balanced setup?   Thanks!
  12. danielghofrani

    what are some top tier universal iems these days?

    Hey guys,  I am thinking about upgrading from Shure SE535. I listen to a lot of classical and opera. I need an IEM with good soundstage and seperation. the reason I don't want to venture to customs is because: 1- they seem quite expensive 2- the added costs of impressions and shipping...
  13. crazyguy306

    new headphone from shure or westone

    does anyone know if shure or westone is gonna release any new headphone to replace their 535 or 4r this year as both of the headphones have been out for almost three years. I'm thinking to buy one of the headphone but if they are gonna release a new one i would like to wait instead. thanks 
  14. madFloyd

    Stepped on my Shure 535se's....

    I snapped off the nozzle. :-( Anyone know if they can be sent back to Shure for repair?
  15. leungie

    Iphone 6 / Spotify / Audio Technica ES10 / Shure SE535

    Hi everyone!   I have been using my ES10 / ES535 for commute with my Iphone 6 for a while now and have always wanted to experiment adding an external amp to see if there would be a significant improvement in sound quality. Having said that, I must confess that I use Spotify (rnb / pop etc) for...
  16. rider4life

    Fixing IEMs?

    Hey All,   Just curious if anyone has any advice on fixing some broken IEMs. I've got a pair of Shure 530s that no longer play any sounds. First one ear died, then the other. Not sure what the issue is. They're no longer under warranty. I loved the sound I got from these and would like it if...
  17. arbitraryname

    Best IEM for classical music listener (my Shure 530 broke!)

    Hi Forum,   I'm looking to buy a new pair of IEMs after my Shure 530s gave out.   My first 530s cables cracked, exposing the copper wire underneath, and my (freely replaced) second pair is starting to break too (the  right earpiece cuts in and out). Unfortunately, I'm past the 2-year...
  18. BOBO Drum

    Shure E535 Vs Westone 4

    Hey Everyone,    I really need some advice im a Drummer and I've decided to upgrade my I.E.M's  im torn between Shure E535s and Westone 4 I play live every week and need something that I can hear the all the instruments clearly especially the bass ! Please help has anyone experience with...
  19. 1

    Shure 535 and bad/loose cables getting bad

    The sound is jumping in and out on the left channel and it's the cable that is beginning to get bad. It's the third one when using Shure in-ears and the second one on these particular phones. Is there anyway i can fix it? I am getting tired of Shure bad quality cables.
  20. MorAase

    Yellow forms

    I had my ear forms made on May 2nd. They were finished and sent to me by June 10th. Well over a month to hav custom sleeves made for my shure 535.  and - they didnt fit, they hade made them too big....   .. So, last week, I traveled to my ear specialist again, got new forms. We will try to...
  21. essential-oils

    Best headphones for electronic music (trance, progressive)?

      Sorry for the n00b post.  I've seen a few threads similar to mine, but my tastes vary a little from other users.   I've had the Shure se530's and 535's for 5 years now.  They've been amazing, truly stunning for electronic music, but I'm ready to upgrade to big boy headphones.  Looking...
  22. AlbertoDN

    IEM nozzle comparison

    Dear all,   I have recently purchased the Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10 IEM's including a pair of custom fit sleeves. The Triple-Fi's don't realy suit my hearing 'taste' and therefore I would like to change them for another pair. I would however like to keep using the custom tips without...
  23. dc-k

    What's your favourite Filter for the Shure 535 mod?

    There seem to be a good few people doing the swapping now, I think it's time to see what people favour.
  24. roggae


    so i've been into headphones since i was a tyke. 36 now.  i generally listen to IEMs (shure 215,535) but i also love my Grado RS 1s and my SR80s. i use a pono as my source 50% of the time and the other 50% i use a Little Dot MK3 tube headphone amp. i'm looking to start the process of researching...
  25. sunghlin

    where can I try IEMs in Bay Area, California?

    Hi all   I want to buy a IEM, and I want to try it before I buy it. However, I really don't know where I can do that in USA.    Currently, I am watching Westone 4r, um3x, Grado gr10 and Shure 535. Because of their high prices, I don't really want to buy the wrong one. (I don't think I...