If the PS500 was an IEM it would sound like...?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Apr 13, 2005
After trying both the UE900 and Shure SE535 I'm yet to be satisfied searching for a fun universal IEM. The PS500 has a big fun factor, great in rendering vocals ( I use reversed bowls) and in an IEM that is what I want. Balance is for quite listening time, energy and fun factor is where it is at for IEM's in my world. 
So if the PS500 or even LCD3 were and IEM what current productions IEM would it most resemble? I'm going to try the Westone 4 next but am open to suggestions. I will say I have a hard time getting a good seal in my right ear with anything other than the tripple flange. I liked the UE900 detail and PRaT but felt it lacked emotion and vocals, especially female, were a bit anemic. The SE535 were ok in the vocal department but otherwise sounded pretty terrible... like they'd been dipped in honey and the only frequencies able to push through the sappy goo were mids and lows. So far the SM3v2 have been my favorite so maybe it's best I just go back to those? 

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