1. dmbr

    How much of a difference does balancing headphones make?

    I'm thinking of getting my PS-500's balanced, but it's rather pricey... Would you all say balancing headphones makes a significant boost to SQ? How much and how so?
  2. wakeride74

    If the PS500 was an IEM it would sound like...?

    After trying both the UE900 and Shure SE535 I'm yet to be satisfied searching for a fun universal IEM. The PS500 has a big fun factor, great in rendering vocals ( I use reversed bowls) and in an IEM that is what I want. Balance is for quite listening time, energy and fun factor is where it is at...
  3. Bengkia369

    Seems like no point to buy Grado RS2i/e, what do u think?

    Would rather go for PS500 which had a more refined sound compared to RS2i/e or just get a SR325e for that fun sound.
  4. dmbr

    What would be the next step up from PS-500's in the Grado line?

    Looking to upgrade my headphones...currently using PS-500's but want to stick with Grados. What set of headphones would be considered an upgrade, in your opinion? Thanks :)
  5. dudeguy

    From HE400 to which Grado?

    I'm in love with my HE 400s (and also with my M50s, but as we say, it's a "different kind of love"). I'm curious, however, about Grados. I don't want to spend on something that doesn't really represent a level of quality in the Grado line comparable with my 400s, though. Gurus, what would be...
  6. Azgu

    Headphone recommendations for metal with a HK 3490 amp

    Hi   I recently bought a Harman/Kardon 3490 amp, which I chose mainly because I had heard it had good headphone amplification too (on top of all the other reasons I had). And indeed it greatly enhanced the sound quality with my ancient Sennheiser HD595 phones. I'd like to buy better...
  7. gmania

    New amp or new phones? Akg 702 with focusrite forte amp/DAC

    This is my first post as I hav been reading posts for a few weeks now Nd I can't find the info I'm looking for. I've never used a dedicated headphone amp, but I have owned some recording gear with what seem like powerful headphone amps (not sure about he quality). Anyhow, tried the akg 702s...
  8. GustavMahler

    PS1000 or PS500..?

    I fell in love with the ps1000e. What other grado headphones i should consider that are similiar and probably cheaper? And how does the ps1000e compare to the ps500? I wont be able to audition the ps500 so i have to know how it compare. Please give a detailed comparison. Thanks
  9. TheDarkKnight

    Need advice on making a purchase.

    Hello all, I've been in the market for new headphones for a week or two now.   I'm a singer, and will be recording stuff here soon, and I'd like to know what's considered a decent pair for recording? The only full-sized headphones I ever owned were the old Bose Tri-Ports, which I think are...
  10. Chics LI

    Amp Question

    I use an Apple iPod Classic and Grado PS500 . I am thinking about buying a PA2V2 portable amp. Am I wasting my money on this amp or should I go with something else, (not too expensive). My music tastes are all over the map.I am happy with my setup but an amp should make listening even more...
  11. prolong

    Headphone & amp question

    Hi everybody!   I'm going to buy myself a pair of headphones within the week and I'm wondering what kind of headphones I should go for. I've been suggested a lot of headphones and I've removed some of them because they don't seem to look comfortable enough (Grado PS500, Sennheiser 650 etc)...
  12. kvtaco17

    The pain of walking into a hifi store...

    So today I walked into a small shop in Minneapolis ( needle doctor) to pick up a pair of sr60i's for another modding project... And I ended up auditioning most of the grado line. I loved the rs1, the detail was simply awesome (love those mids and highs) the bass was very good compared to every...
  13. jaycee1

    Koss KSC-75: Better Than $600 Headphones???

    I re-read some of the comments in the ksc-75 thread, and they are quite disturbing. I love my koss headphones and tend to suspect that they get you 90% of the way along the road to the "holy grail" flagship headphones from sennheiser, grado and the like.    What's astonishing however is that...
  14. bassboysam

    Help with closed headphone recommendation.

    Currently all my headphones are Grados (80i, 225i, 325i). Plus i have some PS500s and semi-vintage RS1s on the way. I doubt i will keep all 5 and assuming i get rid of all the SR series i would be interested in getting a nice set of closed headphones. Looking to spend $300-$400 (used). I would...
  15. rajeevrn

    *****Review***** Grado PS500

    Pros: Vocal close to being intimate. Adapts to the song easily. Balanced and bass happy though not too happy to overwhelm in any way. EQ helps. Cons: Not very open, not such a big soundstage, highs could have been a bit better. Not for treble lovers. Departure from Grado sound. Intro: I got...
  16. EldradMustLive

    Quarter modded SR225 versus RS1 or PS500

    I have some 2006 Grado Sr225s with quarter-modded yellow 414 pads that have become my favorite headphone (formally DT880 250 ohm was my fave). I've seen an old thread here where someone said they preferred (I assume stock) SR225 to RS1. Anyone else here have the SR225 with the simple 414 quarter...
  17. epocs

    What you would consider the best ampless headphone setup

    I'm curious to hear your guys' opinions on what you guys would consider "the best" headphone you would own if you did not own an amp (or could not get one).    I'll start. I'm starting to think perhaps a high end Grado (PS500, RS1, PS1000) might be the best option?
  18. XLR8

    [Q]Which Grado has largest cup size?

    Simple really, of all Grado releases which has the largest cup volume?
  19. music101

    Non-Fatiguing Grado's?

    I'm facing a bit of a dilemma and am hoping my more experienced forum colleagues could help out a bit. I love hearing detail in my music, and I also enjoy 'fun' v shape response headphones. However, I do find headphones with a treble emphasis to be fatiguing and can't listen to these types of...
  20. weissshay

    Hard decicion between PS 500 vs SRH1840

    Hello Head-Fi headphone forum!   I wish to ask, I had and own many many headphones, amp's- portable and not. in-ear over the ear and more. currently i'm using the Shure se425 for in-ear and senn hd229 with Fiio e11 very happy with it. own also senn px 100ii and had the hd 800 with the lehman...
  21. dennnic

    Grado upgrade

    Hi folks, it's been a while since I've been here. I had been a happy owner of Grado sr325is for a few years. Yes, it's a great set of headphones. It'll give what most of user will seek, great details, dynamics, stunning vocals and mid-range and even some bass, you just can't get fatigued with...
  22. nw130d

    Grado PS500 vs Alessandro music series 2 MS2i

    Recently sold my Alessandro MS1i, looking to upgrade to something similar in sound signature. The logical choice is MS2i but read some good reviews on the PS500 and have demoed the PS500 recently. However it is not possible to demo the MS2i.   My questions is has anyone experience the PS500...
  23. goldtuba

    Dallas Grado sale

    Audio Concepts in Dallas is having a 25% off sale on all of their Grado products.  I think that the highest end Grado that they have is the PS500.. If you like Grado headphones, I recommend going to the shop.  The staff is extremely friendly, and knowledgeable. It can be fun just to wander the...
  24. Koerhijo

    RS1i vs. PS500 vs. MS Pro

    I am merely posting this thread to get opinions about these three headphones - the RS1i, the PS500, and the MS Pro. All of them are within the same price range, and all are Grado-like in some form or another. Yet, all of them have different sounds. Some background about myself - I currently...
  25. Asr

    April 2011 Giveaway - Phiaton PS500 headphones

    4/8 update: timeframe for entering into the giveaway is now over.   <April Fool's gag deleted> Up for a giveaway are a pair of Phiaton PS500 headphones! Yes, for free. The astute Head-Fi'er might be asking now how it's possible to get headphones for free, and what needs to be...