1. MKang25

    Are Shure SE535's No longer top tier / high end IEMs?

    It seems like from the threads that Im reading here the most people seem to prefer all the newer IEMS over the Shures, i.e Westone 3, SM3, FX700? Are Shures just really overpriced then since it does not fare well against these IEMs, or is my perception of the Shures just off?    And are...
  2. digitalid

    Shure SE535 or Westone 3 for best isolation?

    Hello, I want to buy some high quality earphones, but sound isolation is also an important factor. So am finally left with two choices. The SE535 and Westone 3. Based on the specs of the SE535, the earphones have "noise attenuation" of 37 dB Westone 3 earphones provide "up to 25 dB of...
  3. 2rooi123

    shure se535 or se425?

    which is better in terms of pure sq? i know both looks good but does is the price difference of 535 worth it?
  4. JPizzzle

    Beginner seeking advice-SE535

    Hi everyone, This is my first post in any type of audiophile forum-looking forward to learning a lot and getting to know you all.  I have always enjoyed music-and have been recently thinking of taking this pleasure to a higher level.  My situation is as follows: No lossless music- best I...
  5. shane55

    EarSonics SM3 or Shure SE535?

    Hi all. So here's my dilemma I have the UM2 and the E4c, and have for what seems a long while. I'm looking for an upgrade and these (SM3 or SE535) can run me about the same amount of money. So which one?   I listen to mostly acoustic music... Classical (early), Jazz (standards), folk...
  6. ajh16

    Shure SE535 vs Shure SCL5 / E5 / E5c

    I just got a new pair of SE535's back from Shure as a replacement for my broken E5s that were on back-order and thought I would post my comments here since I had read a lot of good information here prior to deciding to accept the upgrade replacement.  My background is that of a part...
  7. soyama

    So, I'm wondering, anyone still praise westone 3?

    They were soo hyped and praised at first.   But did they really hit that hard? The problem with IEMs I guess, is there are so many of them.. So many to try, so many different profiles, so many similar setups. How to go about choosing the right one for you.   When I was looking for a...
  8. Bish1989

    Love the Shure SE535!

    Hi!   I am new to premium earphones. However, I love my new Shure Se535s and am an ardent music lover. I am also deeply into details, whether it be video, audio, or anything else. I just wanted some advice on how I can take full advantage of these shures. In other words, how can I make my...
  9. jlbrach

    in praise of the new shure 535

    having owned the 530's I bought these new IEM's not quite knowing what to expect.....I always enjoyed the sound signature of the 530's but had a problem with the shape of the housing and the angle of the nozzle which kept me from achieving the kind of isolation that i look this point...
  10. Spyro

    Shure SE535: Reviews and First Impressions Thread

    Okay, I received my set today and have been listening for about an hour.  I kind of wanted the bronze but then I figured I already owned 2 pairs of bronze SE530's so I opted for the clear instead.  Also, I think the blue and red (L & R) indicators are cool.  Some non-audiophiles could see these...
  11. Totally Dubbed

    NEW - UM2 With DETACHABLE wire + Shure Se535

    So i went ahead and asked Hand held audio some questions, and got a email back from the director: (Blue bits are his)   -Will you stock them? As i plan in buying a pair of earphones from you guys. But not sure which ones to go for just yet. Yes we will. -Is there any chance you could...
  12. ibis99

    Shure SE535. Any Changes?

    Do these differ in anyway other than the detatchable cable. Wonder if SQ is same or improved over SE 530.
  13. hardtarget666

    New high end IEM from Shure! SE535!

    Not sure if this has been posted already but Shure have unveiled their high end replacement for the SE530. The SE420 are also getting replaced by the SE425. The SE535 is supposed to have removable cables as an obvious improvement from the SE530 and the author notes a slight improvement in...
  14. grapefruit

    Advantages to reshelling universals?

    I plan on entering the custom iem market for a set of entry level iems, and I've come along with some interesting alternative options.  Firstly, I see that many companies will reshell universal BA IEMS for something like 100 bucks.  Then I see that I can get something like the westone 4 or shure...
  15. ajc80

    Do I get Sennheiser ie8 or Shure 535 (or 535 limited edition)

    Hi All - I recently left my Sennheiser ie8's on a plane and have been unable to retrieve them. I've managed to claim on my insurance and so I'm on the hunt for some new ones.   I could be safe and get the Senns again, but I'm interested in the Shure 535 or even the 535 limited edition buds...
  16. gepardcv

    Shure SE535 or Westone W40 (or something else)?

    I had the Etymotic ER4S several years ago, and found them excellent in sound quality, but too uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I've recently been working in noisy environments, so I would now like to re-explore the world of IEMs. Ideally, I'd like something that can...
  17. Shure SE535-V Earphone

    Shure SE535-V Earphone

    The choice for discriminating professionals and audiophiles, the SE535 utilizes Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers for incredibly spacious sound with rich bass. Evolved from personal monitor technology road-tested by pro musicians and fine-tuned by Shure engineers, SE535 earphones deliver an...